Eco Skincare Gifts: Top 12 Natural Beauty Brands of 2021 *

Looking for natural beauty products to gift this holiday season?  Want to know which eco friendly skincare brands are the best?  Just browsing or curious about sustainable businesses?  This guide is for you!  I'm sharing my top twelve eco friendly beauty and skincare brands of 2021, so get ready to discover some incredible formulas...

rich yellow natural moisturising balm from Husk & Seed Skincare

It's that time of year again already, meaning many are deep in thought about gift giving, picking out the perfect present, and surprising friends and family with well chosen treats.  So I've decided to make your lives that little bit easier by sharing my top twelve picks for natural beauty brands in 2021.  These are some of my personal favourites, and each ethical business has wowed me with their passion and expertly crafted formulations.

If you are searching for a natural skincare gift for the holidays, this eco friendly gift guide is the perfect place to start!  From waterless products to plastic free goodness -- I've got a bit of everything covered here.  But I don't want you to think these are the only super stars - organic and natural brands like Terre Verdi, Awake Organics, Kiss the Moon and other favourites of mine are still at the top of my recommendations too.  Be sure to check out all my top picks for these green beauties in my past reviews once you are finished reading!

For today though, I really tried to keep this list focused on small businesses and highlight collections I have not featured previously in my holiday gift guides.  You will find a few familiar faces, but overall these twelve ideas are pretty fresh!  Let me know what you think...

Husk & Seed gift set full of vegan skincare

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Husk & Seed Skincare

About the Brand:  Husk & Seed has been a staple in my natural beauty routine for years now, and I think the brand is a must for anyone who loves a capsule collection or waterless beauty.  Handmade, ethical, and vegan friendly -- what's not to love?  The small business is run by friends Kelly and Wendy, and they aim to supply earth friendly products that are highly effective, gentle, and practical.  They've crafted delectable oils, balms, and weekly treatments, and the skincare makes a perfect gift or pick me up treat for a pamper. 

My Top Picks: Vitamin Rich Botanical Day Oil, Instant Hydration Body Balm, Hydration Boost Moisturising Face Balm

Gift Sets?: Yes

Offers: Grab 10% off your order using code SKYE

open jar of Rose Glow Clay Balm Mask from Love Absolute with a rich reddish brown texture

Love Absolute Skincare

About the Brand: This vegan friendly brand is fully focused on sustainability, and prioritizes bee and bug friendly ingredients.  They stole my heart a few years ago with all the fabulous formulations on offer.  Their founder Sarah is such a hardworking and thoughtful person, with a mission to make "holistically designed skincare, with every part working toward healing and supporting skin health," and that is just what their range of multi-tasking natural products has proven to do.

My Top Picks: Amoral Calm Blue Cleansing Balm, Soulful Spice Mask and Balm, Essential Purifying Hand Spray

Gift Sets?: Yes

Offers: 15% off first order using code LOVENATURE

Floragy eco friendly face masks on a white fluffy cotton


About the Brand: Last year I got to try out a selection from the Floragy range, and I was so pleased to explore their selections.  I think their eco friendly goodies would make a fantastic gift, and the fact that they are super affordable is like the icing on top of an already brilliant cake.  There is such a great mix of products available to choose from, all of which are vegan and created using ethically sourced ingredients.

My Top Picks: Radiant Mask, Clay Face Mask

Gift Sets?: Yes

Beauty Cleanse Skincare sustainable face mask all mixed up in a coconut bowl

Beauty Cleanse Skincare

About the Brand: Creating natural high-performance formulations that are kind to the planet while also being totally results driven, this is a dynamic capsule collection.  You won't find any hidden plastics or synthetic fillers here, and they have a 'cheat sheet' that lays out everything they promise not to include in their products, from phenoxyethonal (the bane of my existence) and silicones to artificial fragrance and EDTA.  They have truly committed to being totally transparent, and for that I was instantly on board!

My Top Picks: Nearly Everything Mask, Mean Green Superfood Drops

Gift Sets?: No


blue jelly texture cleanser and creamy white moisturiser from natural beauty brand Adaptology


About the Brand: Adaptology launched this year, but for fans of the old skincare line S5 this natural beauty brand wasn't a surprise.  With a 'whole person' approach to skincare, this vegan range is packed full of beneficial adaptogenic ingredients that offer solutions for targeted concerns.  Simply take their skin quiz and see which collection is best suited for your needs!

Top Product Picks: Red Avert Cleanser, Red Avert Moisturiser

Gift Sets?: No

Inlight Beauty organic skincare and haircare treatments lined up in a winter themed background with handmade snowflakes

Inlight Beauty

About the Brand: I was so lucky to try out Inlight Beauty while judging for last year's Beauty Shortlist Awards, and I was so impressed by their all natural and organic formulas that they quickly became a favourite in my routine.  This sustainable skincare range uses in house botanical extracts to produce their waterless treatments, and their policy of being "founded by scientific knowledge, guided by alchemy inspired by nature" is just so perfect.

Top Product Picks: Hair Elixir, Super Food Mask

Gift Sets?: Yes

candy cane pieces surrounding eco friendly skincare from Elan including oil cleanser and body butter

Elan Skincare

About the Brand: I had the absolute joy of discovering Elan Skincare while at an expo several years ago, and I have been constantly wowed by their luxurious products ever since then.  Founder Joanna is so giving and kind, and Elan Skincare is bursting with love - every formula just feels so thoughtful, and you can't help but become a fan after trying the results driven skincare.  Made by women for women, this is certainly a beauty brand to gift this year (and all year round!).

Top Product Picks: Pure Goodness Body Butter, Face Cleanser, Pure Hyaluronic Acid

Gift Sets?: Yes

handmade natural soaps from Soap Folk

Soap Folk

About the Brand: I've been indulging in the handmade goodies from Soap Folk for many years now, and I highly recommend them as a sustainable businesses to shop with this year.  This natural beauty brand is based in the market town of Stroud, and their founder Fiona has generated a lot of fans for her eco friendly products since launching in 2016.  The collection includes plastic free soaps, balms, body oil, beautiful greeting cards, and lots of lovely accessories.  All are ethically made, meaning you won't find any palm oil or synthetic ingredients here - everything in the supply chain is fully traceable, and everything has a low impact on the environment.

My Top Picks: Spiced Apple Soap, Calendula Soap

Gift Sets?: Yes

natural body butters from Ezape Naturals showing off the rich nourishing texture

Ezape Naturals

About the Brand: Founder Vanessa created Ezape Naturals after a journey to find a solution for her daughter's eczema, and you can feel the passion and drive in each handmade treatment.  This small business focuses on creating products that are suitable for sensitive skin, and the all natural formulations are certainly something to get excited about.  With a selection of bath salts, body butters, body balms, and body oils, this sustainable beauty brand is one that truly brings calm to skin and senses.

My Top Picks: Chamomile Body Butter, Ylang Ylang and Lavender Body Butter

Gift Sets?: Sample kits available

a selection of luxurious looking natural skincare products from Desavery


About the Brand: Last year I had the pleasure of discovering Desavery, a skinimalist brand with a mission to create products that boost skin health and mood with the power of plants.  The vegan friendly and organic treatments are produced in small batches in house, and you better believe they deliver a dose of plant based goodness with every drop.  Desavery focuses on responsible sourcing of ingredients, a simple but effective three step routine, and wellbeing benefits provided by natural essential oils.

My Top Picks: Pure Botanical Serum, Garrigue Body Oil

Gift Sets?: Yes

Bunch Skincare natural and organic oils lying on white fluffy cotton next to The Snow Child book

Bunch Skincare

About the Brand: You know I love gentle and effective products, so of course I was won over by Bunch Skincare last year.  Their ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' approach is ideal for all skin types, and it really helps you learn to appreciate a less is more mindset.  Bunch Skincare is a vegan and sustainable beauty brand that utilizes organic ingredients and eco friendly formulas to nourish and protect from top to toe, and it's one that is sure to turn heads during the holiday season this year.

My Top Picks: After Sun Body Organic Oil, Antioxidant Organic Face Oil

Gift Sets?: Yes

natural skincare from Five Dot Botanics all ready for gift giving season

Five Dot Botanics

About the Brand: With a focus on minimal ingredients and maximum results, Five Dot Botanics is a great natural beauty brand to share with your loved ones this year.  Defining themselves as 'low consumption beauty,' this ethical business is all about multi-tasking and long lasting formulas.  I love the attention they put on sustainable practices, and their products are nurturing and gentle too.  Five Dot Botanics is an eco friendly skincare brand that has really grabbed my attention in the last year, and so of course they land a spot in my top twelve!

My Top Picks: Facial Mist, Facial Serum

Gift Sets?: Yes

tiny snowman on a log

Of course there are so many other wonderful ethical beauty brands that I adore, but I didn't want to overload anyone as I know it's hard enough to decide already!  But, if anyone wanted a little bit more inspiration, consider looking up MokoshAsyva Beauty, L'abeille, Osco, or Freshly  -- these are just a few more of the gorgeous ethical brands I have tried in the last year or so, and they are all perfect picks for gifts this year.

For even more natural skincare goodness, check out my past skincare reviews.  You can also find my top recommendations for hair, makeup, aromatherapy, and more!  I have tried so many lovely products over the years, and I share my full thoughts on many of them here on The ecoLogical.

But for now, I want to hear which of these brands catch your eye.  Will you be shopping with any of them this holiday season?? xx

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