Jana Reinhardt Ethical Jewellery Review

Want a British made jewellery brand that is ethical, sustainable, and super stylish?  Look no further than Jana Reinhardt and their handcrafted necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets!  Discover the eco conscious business in today's review...

Jana Reinhardt ethical and sustainable jewellery unboxing with elegant white plastic free packaging

Ethical jewellery can be hard to come by, especially if you have a distinct style.  That's why I was so thrilled to discover Jana Reinhardt - not only are all the pieces absolutely stunning, but they are made with sustainability and craftmanship in mind.

Jana Reinhardt is run by duo Jana and Ross who between them have over fifty years experience in jewellery making.  They specialize in pieces made from recycled metals, and have a particular soft spot for animal designs which help raise money for charities like OVAID, The Vegan Society, Sea Shephard, and more.  This husband and wife team make all the jewellery by hand, from the initial wax carvings to the final polish - it's a true labour of love!

The British jewellery brand creates the handmade ethical pieces in their studio in West Sussex, but the designs they produce are inspired by far flung places.  You can see influences from the Amazon, Africa, and the Arctic, and creative reworkings from both fantasy and reality - it's a brilliant array of work, and I really think there is a perfect fit for every taste.

One of my favourite things about Jana Reinhardt though is the focus on sustainability:

"Sustainability and respect for the world’s natural resources are incredibly important to Ross and I. We are always trying to make our business greener. All Jana Reinhardt jewellery is made from recycled gold and silver. We no longer make gold plated pieces because the process is detrimental to the environment and because it's temporary. Instead, we make all our pieces in solid silver, platinum, 18ct and 9ct gold so that they'll never lose their luster or their value."

Like I mentioned before, all the jewellery is made using conflict free recycled materials and when I asked about the suppliers I was given a proper response (not just a copy paste email full of fluff like I too often am brushed off with!) that included a certificate from the casters.  I was reassured that all resources follow a strict system to ensure everything is fully traceable, and the suppliers are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council which requires regular third party auditing to achieve certification.

The packaging is also plastic free, making this an even more eco conscious choice when getting new jewellery.  They use boxes made from recycled card, cotton ribbons, and the tape is paper as well.  Fully recyclable, and no single use plastics that go to waste - it's just what I want in a business!

So not only do Jana Reinhardt claim to be sustainable, but they have the documentation and actions to back that up!  That's what I want from an ethical fashion brand, and what I love about this British jewellery maker.  But what about the accessories themselves??

cat necklace in recycled sustainable sterling silver from Jana Reinhardt laying on top of a texture white fabric with colourful marker pens below

Jana Reinhardt Tiny Cat Necklace Review:

Understated yet full of grace and charm, this simple and elegant necklace is seriously the perfect fit for me.  I am not super keen on large pieces as I find them overwhelming and they just don't suit my aesthetic, so when I saw how dainty this was (it's just 7mm) I couldn't help but be won over.

And as someone who loves animals and has a particular connection to cats, I was so excited by the kitty necklace - it's such a good match for me and I am so thankful I was gifted this to review!  I really think that fashion can help express bits of your personality and hint at your hobbies, interests, and passions.  That's why I find the animal collection such a great idea.

The cat is really sweet as it's curled up to fit the circle shape, and while it can look a bit abstract I really like the design.  It's delicate but sturdy, and it pairs so well with any outfit and for any occasion so you can dress it up for the office, glam it up for a night out, or wear it on a casual and comfy day.  This necklace is so lightweight, and I love how it works as an accent piece without feeling too over the top.  Jana Reinhardt really excel at producing timeless accessories.

The necklace itself has eight metal options, ranging from sterling silver to rose gold.  I love that you are offered such a large amount of choice as this means everyone can enjoy the jewellery as all preferences are catered to.  You can also pick from two chain lengths and an engraving service.  It's just so customizable, and I really appreciate the extra efforts taken to make this feel extra special.

I really love this sterling silver cat necklace, and I find the size, design, colour, and weight all so perfect.  Plus, the clasp is super easy to use and never gets caught or seizes up when I'm trying to put it on.  I really can't find any faults with this piece, and the fact that it is ethically made and sustainable makes it even more special.

cat necklace made with recycled metals from Jana Reinhardt curled up on a textured pale blue blanket

Jana Reinhardt has impressed me every step of the way, and I have worn my new cat necklace made with recycled metals every day since getting it - it's just that cute!  I respect their dedication to sustainable efforts in an industry that historically has not been very responsible or ethical in its practices, and they really are making a difference with their handmade pieces.  From donating to charities and raising awareness about animal welfare to choosing ethically sourced materials and reducing plastics - this British jewellery brand is paving the way to a better fashion future!

Do you think the cat necklace is as adorable as I do?  Which piece would you be tempted to get??  I would really like to know, as I am already thinking about which design I want to purchase.  Maybe a bracelet or stud earrings next time?  There are just so many fab things to choose from, I think I will have to save up and get a few! xx

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