Aromatherapy Skincare: The Rose Tree Review

Aromatherapy meets skincare in today's review of The Rose Tree!  Get ready for spa vibes, natural moisturizers, and more in this green beauty feature...

silky smooth texture of the natural hand balm from The Rose Tree
The Rose Tree Hand Balm

About The Rose Tree:

"Multiple award winning luxury British brand, The Rose Tree's focus in on sustainable luxury, and stunningly effective skincare made with the most potent, organic flower and plant essences.  The Rose Tree delivers a little piece of luxury for eco-conscious women who are always on the go and who want to look and feel amazing. Real skin care and body care with a British twist!"

The Rose Tree is a British beauty brand that is dedicated to designing products that are natural, organic, powerful, and transparent.  They care about the whole process, from ground to shelf, and promise ethical sourcing of ingredients, no animal cruelty, and good wholesome formulas.  On top of that, they guarantee "stunningly effective" skincare that is luxurious and designed for modern women.

With a collection ranging from bodycare and facial treatments to bath oils and rollerball perfumes, there is a formula for all skin types and preferences.  And as I have been lucky enough to try a wide selection, today I am sharing a bit of a taster session so you can get a flavour for the brand!

the Intensive Balm from The Rose Tree set against a light grey background
The Rose Tree Intensive Balm

The Rose Tree Review:

Soothing Hand Balm

One of my favourites from the skincare collection, this Soothing Hand Balm smells and feels incredible.  There are two versions: a juniper and grapefruit blend and one that contains geranium, cypress, and lavender.  I have the second one, and it is a delight.  Sweet geranium is the main fragrance note with a soft hint of calming lavender, and this lovely aroma transitions into a full rounded scent that works to ease your mind and restore your mood.  The Rose Tree balm is just so lush, melting into a perfectly smooth texture that is super spreadable and relatively lightweight despite the intensive moisture it offers.  Deeply moisturizing and restorative, the Soothing Hand Balm leaves skin silky as velvet and looking more radiant, plus over time fine line become less noticeable too!  This does contain coconut oil, so while ultra gentle you may find more congestion prone skin needs a break from time to time.

Intensive Balm

With a creamy texture that melts into a rich oil that nourishes the skin, this Intensive Balm is perfect for those wanting a multi-tasking treatment that soothes and replenishes.  If hydration is an issue or you just need some pampering that plumps and restores, this is a balm to try.  Marshmallow really mellows out the frangipani giving this a unique fragrance that is semi-sweet, juicy, and rounded.  It is on the heavier side, but I find it still absorbs well and leaves the skin feeling super soft.  Again, the formula does contain coconut oil so for those with acne prone skin you will want to avoid problem areas, but otherwise it makes a great all rounder!

trio of natural aromatherapy roller ball perfumes from The Rose Tree on a fluffy grey fabric
The Rose Tree Aromatherapy Roller Ball trio

Aromatherapy Roller Ball

There are three roller balls from The Rose Tree, and all have been formulated to provide a therapeutic grab and go solution that doubles as a natural perfume.  They are lightly moisturizing due to the oil content, and are super gentle on the skin.  De-Stress contains juniper and grapefruit, and it has a slightly sharp though energizing scent with herbal notes that fade in and out of the aroma.  This is the subtlest of the three rollerballs, and is ideal for those who want a timely treatment that does not linger all day long.  The Soothe blend has a mix of geranium, cypress, and lavender and has a sweetly floral and fresh fragrance that helps you relax during times of chaos.  The Calm version is also great for moments of peace, and the fusion of rose and ylang ylang give a romantic, sweetly floral, sunny, and delicate scent.

Deep Nourish Facial Essence

Like with all products from The Rose Tree, this moisturizing facial oil is beautifully designed and has a restorative formula that has total spa vibes.  While I am not overly keen on the smell of this blend of rose and blackcurrant, the earthy fragrance is certainly reassuring and puts your mind at ease.  This essence is super nourishing and works to replenish and heal, tackle dry patches, and soothe irritated skin.  I find just a drop or two is really all I need, as it is incredibly rich and any more makes my face look a bit shiny.  However this full bodied texture is what tackles dehydration so well and leads to a noticeable difference after application, with less tightness and skin looking and feeling softer and smoother.  This is definitely one for those with mature or dry skin types or who need a big dose of TLC.

heart shaped glass bottle containing bath oil from The Rose Tree with a pink and black card saying happy vibes next to it
The Rose Tree Bath Oil

Natural Luxury Candle

I had the joy of trying two candles from The Rose Tree - No. 5 Peace and No. 7 Calm.  These handmade candles come in a luxurious cardboard box and a glass votive that has a simple and classic design that will look stylish yet timeless on any shelf.  With a single wick you might worry this large candle would not burn evenly, however this is far from the truth.  The Rose Tree has no issues with tunneling, and these offer a stunning fragrance that slowly fills the room.  No. 5 has notes of citrus tinged with calming lavender and rosemary which inspires tranquil vibes and is great for winding down in the evening and promoting happy calm.  No. 7 on the other hand has relaxing ylang ylang and geranium notes that give a romantic, soothing atmosphere.  Both are brill, and now I am eying up the No. 12 Restore version for winter!

Bath Oil

I have reviewed the bath oils from The Rose Tree in the past, and I still can't help but rave about their beauty.  From the stunning bottles to the aromatherapeutic blends - everything about these is special.  There are three to choose from (Calming, Soothing, and De-Stress) and each has a non-greasy finish that makes them perfect for people who want a spa session without feeling slippery or slick afterwards.  Plus, the aroma is powerful and quickly fills the room as it is dispersed by steam.  My favourite has to be the Rose & Ylang Ylang which reminds me of a walk on a warm day through a sunny garden of roses.

white outer packaging of a luxury candle from The Rose Tree with a summer wide brimmed hat behind
The Rose Tree Luxury Candle

The Rose Tree is certainly bursting with essential oils and nurturing ingredients, and the aromatherapy element is perfect for times when you need a boost.  I love that they create body, face, and spa friendly treatments that fully pamper you, and each is truly made with craft, creativity, and love.

Have you tried any of these all natural products, and which one is your favourite from the range?  Let me know in the comments below xx

natural facial oil from The Rose Tree set against a light grey background
The Rose Tree Deep Nourish Facial Essence

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