7 Small Steps to Save the Planet

Looking to go green and not sure where to start?  I've shared loads of ideas for making sustainable swaps here on The ecoLogical, but today is about the small steps we can each take to protect the planet.  Welcome Lucy from The Pisces Vegan, and get ready to explore seven eco friendly changes with her!

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The smallest steps you can take to make the biggest difference to our planet

Oceans and forests are burning and we’re all trying our best, but our plastic straws don’t feel enough.

Here’s a quick guide with the smallest ways to make the biggest impact on our planet - one step is the most important of all.


Taking shorter showers is probably the simplest step you can take. Shortening your shower time by just 2 minutes can cut your water usage by 10 gallons.

The same goes for turning the tap off when brushing your teeth and even filling your sink up with water to wash your dishes rather than letting the water run. Dishwashers are actually the most sustainable option here as they save water and are more energy-efficient as well as cost friendly in the long run! If this is an available option for you it’s certainly something to look into.


With so many meat and dairy alternatives out there now, this is an even easier one to try in 2021! Not only is it easy, it’s the single biggest way to make an impact on our environment.

A great way to make a difference is to try meat and/or dairy free one day a week and see how you get on, most people find it easy and they can then reduce their consumption even further.

Even going meat and dairy free just once a week can give huge benefits; cutting out carcinogenic processed meats, preventing heart disease, and fighting world hunger. Not only all this but it can encourage you to get more creative in the kitchen, and in turn get more nutrients in your diet as you eat fruit and veg you might not normally use.

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There's a reason your parents would kick up a fuss when the lights were all left on in the house ("it's like blackpool illuminations in here" vibes) - it costs and it's bad for the planet. If they're not in use, you don't need them - switch them off!

The same goes for appliances - if they're not in use, turn them off by the switch to save electricity. You could even go a step further here and buy eco-friendly appliances such as USB-C chargers which use less energy as they charge your phone up within an hour. You can even buy biodegradable chargers now.


Washing your clothes at a lower temperature is something we can do at the click of a button. Most washing machines have an eco setting, or make sure it's 30 degrees as this cuts co2 emissions and saves energy. Also try to wait until you have a full load before putting on a wash to save even more energy.

Avoid tumble dryers where possible - they are the worst appliance for energy usage. Use a clothes rack or washing line if possible to save nearly half a tonne a year of CO2 emmisions.

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Becoming more mindful of how much plastic you use and where it can be avoided can make a huge difference here.

Taking your own coffee cup when buying coffee, avoiding plastic straws & using metal or paper straws instead, taking your own bag when shopping - the list is endless as there is so much plastic. Bamboo alternatives are brilliant too - they look super cute and are so eco-friendly. The most popular choices are bamboo toothbrushes and dish brushes. Sustainable and look great in your bathroom & kitchen!

There are also plenty of companies now that provide refill services for things like detergents, cleaning products and soaps so when buying your products really research and look out for these. A great example of this, apart from Lush who are well known for their refills, would be Beauty Kitchen who use the Return -Refill - Repeat scheme where you can drop off your “empties” and receive rewards! Find eco-friendly shops local to you who specialise in zero waste, there’s quite a few of them around and you’ll be able to fill up all your essentials from cleaning products to cereal!


Benefit the local economy and improve your carbon footprint by eating local. Local food hasn’t travelled thousands of miles to get to your plate, using lots of greenhouse gases and fossil fuels on the way.

You'd be surprised by how much healthier and fresher the food is, try visiting a market one weekend - good for your health and the environment. If you can walk there instead of driving, then even better. It's good for you, has huge mental health benefits and is such a simple way to help the planet. If you can't walk, then use public transport as it's so much better for the planet than driving.

Spending time outdoors can remind you of why you love our planet and really connect you with what matters. Spend some time walking, running, and even sitting with nature - journaling is a great way to connect with the outside world and remember why you’re doing this. You care, that’s why.

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Words taken from Dara McAnutly’s best selling book ‘Diary of a Young Naturalist’ really resonate with me here:

Should we be content with changing a little corner of our world? Showing one kid a conker isn’t going to change economics or the fossil-fuel industry or the other abuses of the planet’s resources. This churning in me, it’s got to go somewhere.’

Greta Thunberg has also recently spoken out about this as well - we can only do so much. Bamboo straws and washing at 30° can only go so far. It’s the governments and corporations we have to push. We need a system change - and if they don’t change, there is no change.

So how do we take the biggest step of all? We campaign, we write to our MPs, we petition and we march. We push for change.

Once we look at the bigger picture, only then will we start to see a bigger impact on our planet.


What can you do for the rest of 2021? A few examples would be to switch to a renewable energy supplier, avoiding fast fashion and trying a staycation instead of flying this year as well as writing a letter to your local MP or a corporation to push for change, vote a party that cares at the next election and even attend a peaceful protest.

Follow your instincts, you’re reading this article because you WANT to make a change so keep learning and stay hungry. Follow accounts that inspire you to make a change, watch documentaries that open your eyes, connect with like-minded individuals and groups that encourage you to speak out.

Whatever change you make, stick to it, and know your small change is making a huge difference to our planet.

Lucy Hird from The Pisces Vegan

Can you think of other ways to make a difference to our planet? I'd love to know, follow me on Instagram at @thepiscesvegan, a safe space for inclusivity and non-judgment when it comes to learning all about veganism.

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