Sustainable Underwear: Wuka Period Pants Review

Welcome Wuka, the sustainable fashion brand with a mission to make periods something to be proud of.  Get ready to discover their leak proof period underwear and to smash the taboo of the monthly visitor!

Wuka reusable period pants in Midi Brief and Bikini style stacked on top of each other

When sustainable fashion is talked about, the last thing on people's minds is probably periods - but that's part of why I love Wuka!  This eco friendly brand has taken steps towards making menstruation more manageable with their range of comfortable and ethically made period pants.

"WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass and from the very beginning we have been passionate about smashing taboos and innovation in sustainability and menstrual health."

Not only is WUKA taking a stand and talking about periods loud and proud, they have introduced a reusable product that cuts down on plastic waste.  They claim that a pair of their underwear prevents over 200 single use disposables from going to landfill.  Imagine if every person who menstruates chose to wear Wuka for even just a single day of their cycle - that's a big difference considering traditional pads and tampons can contain up to 90% plastic!

With six styles and four 'flow' choices to choose from, every step of the cycle should be covered.  Plus, this vegan friendly product is carbon neutral, made with GOTS organic cotton and Tencel modal, and is regularly donated by the business to those in need.  From charitable acts to plastic free packaging - it really is something to excited about.

Wuka reusable period pants with washing instructions shown on inside printed label

I'm a reusable pad user for the most part, so I was curious to see how these compared.  Would they be as comfortable?  As cost effective?  Are they comfortable?  Cute?  And how do they hold up to a washing machine?  I had a lot of questions, and I decided to hold off on a full review until I had time to truly put these period pants to the test.

Well, it's been almost a year since first wearing Wuka, and WOW I have to admit I am a convert because these are so so good! The material worried me at first as it feels a bit like a bathing suit and I was not convinced it would be uncomfortable.  I thought it might look or feel bulky, but luckily it proved me wrong - these period pants feel like normal underwear, and they are super discreet.  Wuka has made sure that there is no visible sign you're wearing period pants, so there are no loud sounds from the gusset layers or weird seams. 

I will say that both styles I tried (the Midi Brief in Light and Heavy, and the Bikini in Medium) are definitely on the smaller side due to the fabric.  I highly suggest sizing up to ensure a snug but comfortable fit.  There is a good amount of stretch to the pants, and the elastic waistband helps keep them in place nicely, so as long as you pick the right size you should be good to go!

Another thing I really like about the Wuka underwear is that they don't have any chemical coating.  This is something you want to avoid when it comes to 'down under' and unfortunately a lot of products designed for menstruation have yet to get the memo that health comes first.  From bleach and pesticides to parabens and triclosan - you would be SHOCKED at what has been found in traditional pads and tampons.  Wuka goes the natural route thankfully, and yet the period pants don't have any issues with odour.

Plus, after a year of use I can say with confidence that each style has really proven to be leak proof!  I can wear a pair for most of the day and be totally fine which was a pleasant surprise.  Even the light flow is impressive, and has shown to be much more effective than a panty liner or equivalent.  They're on par with the snap on reusable pads, but even more convenient as you just slip them on and then go about your day.

Wuka reusable period pants along with other Beauty Shortlist favourites like skincare from Gaia and Dafna's plus vegan nail polish from Nailkind
throwback to some of my BSL favourites from 2021's awards which included the Wuka period pants!

And in terms of cost, while they are more money upfront (£12 - £26 depending on style/flow) they end up saving a lot of money over time.  Even if you were to only purchase from Poundland, the average person would spend at least £30-£40 per year on disposable period products.  A packet usually has 12 pads, you change this every 4-8 hours, so 3-6 per day, and with the usual length of a period being 3-7 days that is 9-42 pads per period... If you're even in the middle of that range that means spending at least £3 per month or £36 per year!  A reusable is cheaper in the long run both for your wallet and the environment.

One thing I noticed was that while these are machine washable and can even be popped in the tumble drier from time to time (you're meant to air dry, but lets' be real - sometimes you forget or are in a rush!) I did find the printed on label wore down very quickly.  In fact, the words peeled away after a few washes ne one my pairs.  Other than this, they do last ages and while there is some loose threads the quality hasn't dipped since a year ago.

I also don't love that the full materials are not disclosed on the website listing.  I want full transparency at every stage!  That being said, you can find all the information on the printed label on the pants.

One final thing to mention is that despite their promise about body positivity, the brand as a whole has some room to grow.  Most styles (like the Midi Brief ) are great, with a size range going from 2XS to 6XL, but others only offer XS to 3XL.  There sizing is just all over the place, and it really needs to be standardized so every style and every flow is offered in every size.  That being said, they are still fantastic in terms of what they offer and I appreciate that they cater to all shapes, sizes, and cycles.

Wuka reusable period pants in Midi Brief style on top of a pink satin material with black polka dots

Overall I have been well impressed by Wuka and their range of period pants, and I will definitely be buying another pair or two in future when I need to.  They are so convenient, long lasting, and genuinely comfortable.  I now just need to hope that they start coming in more colours (or maybe even prints?!) as this would make them all the more perfect.

But what do you think?  Have you tried period pants before?  Are you a reusable user, or are you still testing the waters??  I would love to hear your thoughts, and feel free to ask any questions!  Remember - it's time to smash the stigma! xx

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