By Sarah London Organic Beauty Review

Looking for organic beauty products and fragrance free skincare that specialize in gentle and effective formulas?  By Sarah London is a great brand to check out!  Discover the natural range and see what stand outs I recommend in today's review!

a selection of organic skincare products from By Sarah London laid out on a brown wicker basket

By Sarah London is a British beauty brand that offers organic treatments that are driven by science and the power of sisterhood.  Lauren and Sarah started the business after a search for products that would be suitable for fragile, sensitive, and irritated skin.  When the mission to find a solution for her sister (who developed reactive skin when starting the road to recovery after being diagnosed with leukaemia) didn't reveal any leads, Sarah took matters into her own hands.

Handmade in the UK, this natural skincare brand now offers a selection of fragrance free formulas that repair and regenerate.  From face oils and masks to multi-tasking balms and hair heroes, By Sarah delivers a bit of everything for everyone.

Our skincare is formulated with the primary aim of supporting the skin's microbiome and overall skin health, through innovative plant oil formulas that deliver vital nutrients, enzymes, and lipids. Handmade in the UK and developed with the finest cold-pressed natural, organic and upcycled plant oils, every drop is there for your skin; from the omega-rich, upcycled raspberry seed oil to collagen-boosting organic pumpkin seed oil.

I have had the pleasure of trying out the majority of the By Sarah line over the years, and today I am excited to finally share some thoughts!

By Sarah Skincare Products:

Green Clay Face Mask:

By Sarah have crafted a fragrance free face mask that is simple yet full of intention.  This thoughtfully designed minimalist treatment contains just three ingredients: organic matcha green tea, organic moringa, and French green clay.  The stunning emerald shade is mesmerizing, and the very fine powder is smooth when dry and silky when activated making it easy to apply and ultra gentle on the skin.  This is a face mask that gives a deep detox and clarifies your complexion leaving it clear and renewed - and the glow you are left with after rinsing off will make you return again and again!  While the smell isn't my favourite (vegetal with grassy notes) and it does leave a green tinge to your skin if you don't thoroughly wash the product away, it's a great little weekly treatment.

green clay face mask from By Sarah London with vivid green powder next the the jar

Raspberry Seed Cleansing Oil:

One of the newest creations to join the By Sarah family, the Raspberry Seed Cleansing Oil is a celebration of sustainability.  With upcycled raspberry seed oil that reduces food waste, a minimalist ingredient list, and eco friendly packaging, this treatment is definitely a stand out.  It's so gentle, with a neutral aroma that works day or night, and the medium bodied oil is not overly rich so it does not trigger breakouts.  I find this great for removing makeup, and it soothes the skin too so is lovely for more sensitive types.  While it doesn't quite transform into a milk as promised and it does leave a bit of a residue, I appreciate that the blend of grape seed, raspberry seed, marula, olive squalane, and vitamin E offers a natural way to melt away daily grime and give a refresh.

Raspberry Seed Cleansing Oil from By Sarah London on a bookshelf surrounded by books and a vintage deck of playing cards

Organic Facial Oil:

A star in the range, the Organic Facial Oil is a rich and powerful product that replenishes the skin's barrier, balances sebum production, and leaves everything feeling soft and supple.  With six potent oils, the organic formula proves to be reparative, plus it does wonders for irritated or dry patches.  Sweet almond, pumpkin, apricot, argan, evening primrose, and vitamin E deliver nourishment, and whenever my face is experiencing sensitivity I have noticed this little bottle really helps reverse the damage.  It is slow to absorb, so unless you need a lot of moisture throughout the day it's probably best for evenings as an overnight treatment.  When you wake up, the plump and refreshed face that looks back in the mirror will be one that is ready to take on the day!

Organic Facial Oil from By Sarah London on a hanging shelf next to a spider plant

Organic Skin Balm:

I believe this is the only non vegan product in the By Sarah line.  The multi-tasking skin balm is ideal for those looking to help heal dry and cracked skin.  The trio of organic beeswax, organic coconut, and organic apricot eases irritation by offering a super nourishing barrier that protects against the environment while locking in needed moisture.  It's silky, not too slick or heavy, and smells so delicious with tropical vibes wrapped in a warm buttery blanket.  This is a treatment that works for lips, knees, elbows, and other areas that need some TLC, and since it is in a convenient size it works great on the go too.  What more can you ask from a multi-purpose product?

white creamy looking Organic Skin Balm from By Sarah London on a knit blanket

Organic Body Oil:

I admit this is a favourite of mine from the By Sarah range, as the soothing mix of organic sweet almond, organic apricot, organic jojoba, organic evening primrose, and vitamin E provides an all natural concoction that is a superstar when it comes to healing and replenishing the skin.  The body oil is rich yet surprisingly light, and applies like silk.  It practically glides across your arms and legs as you massage in the lush treatment, and it absorbs quickly so you can enjoy super soft and velvety skin without any slick or sticky residue.  I even found it gentle enough for my chest, back, and shoulders which often suffer from breakouts!  And despite the nutty scent (which isn't my ideal aroma for body products), it's soothing and offers an intensive dose of moisture that you can't help but love.

By Sarah London Organic Body Oil on a pastel pink white and grey patterned blanket

Organic Hair Oil:

Minimalist skincare shows the beauty of simplicity when done right, and By Sarah are certainly masters of this craft!  The three ingredient hair oil is practically odourless which is ideal for those sensitive to scents or who want to indulge in a perfume without worrying about clashing fragrance notes, plus the vegan formula is packed full of nurturing oils.  The blend of organic argan, sea buckthorn, and vitamin E offers protection, moisture, and shine without weighing down your locks too much - though go easy on how much you use as otherwise I found my thin hair could end up looking a bit oily.  Over time I noticed everything was softer and had more bounce, and the fact this doubles as a frizz tamer and styling treatment makes it all the better.

a pyramid of skincare products from By Sarah London stacked on top of one another

By Sarah is a brilliant natural beauty brand for those wanting a more minimalist ingredient list or who have sensitive skin, allergies, or specific conditions that require the gentlest touch.  With products that soothe, heal, and restore, this is a skincare range that will pamper you with eco friendly formulations.

Have you tried the line before?  I would love to know your favourites!  xx

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