Balmonds Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil Review

Gentle, cruelty free, and all natural - that's what Balmonds brings to the table with their fragrance free skincare solutions!  This green beauty brand is out to heal, and today's episode of The Snapshot Series examines the mission as well as the Omega Rich Cleansing Oil...

Balmonds Omega Rich Cleansing Oil on a white textured board surrounded by yellow flower accents. A few drops of the natural skincare are sitting on a plastic top next to the green labelled bottle.

About Balmonds:

Balmonds launched in 2007 and has been gaining momentum with their special range of skincare treatments ever since.  In 2017 they were acquired by Lush co-founder Andrew Gerrie, but the goal to help those suffering with irritated skin continued.

That's because this natural beauty brand is all about matching natural skin conditions and providing ultra gentle experiences that soothe, heal, and replenish.  And the story behind the brand shows that the mission has a whole lot of heart driving it:

"When Nathalie Balmond's one year old daughter, Lula, developed chronic eczema, she struggled to control her raging flare-ups with a variety of tactics. Nevertheless by the time she was 18 months she had to be wrapped from head to foot in bandages every night to protect her sore and bleeding skin.  //  Although steroids improved the skins condition, she knew that their long term use could lead to thinning of the skin and other side effects.  //  Finally she did some research and experimented in her own kitchen. She formulated a rich beeswax based salve using nourishing oils and traditional herbs and in a very short space of time Lula's skin improved dramatically.  //  From her kitchen she made one or two pots a week for Lula and close friends. As interest grew so did demand, now Pure Potions is used by thousands of eczema sufferers in the UK."

Balmonds is dedicated to creating formulas that have proven to work effectively for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and other conditions, but they also keep everything affordable which makes them stand out even more.  Their award winning products are much loved by those seeking fragrance free solutions or wanting a simple but results-driven routine, and since they have a good selection of vegan items available too they make it easy to shop all kinds of lifestyle needs!  Plus many of them are available from Love Lula which makes my restocks so much easier.

From body wash and haircare to intensive balms and sanitizers, Balmonds offers a little bit of everything making them great for a one stop shop.  And today it's time to take a closer look at one of their multi-taskers - the Omega Rich Cleansing Oil!

Balmonds natural skincare products lined up in a row
photo from Balmonds

Balmonds Omega Rich Cleansing Oil (200ml / £22):

The vegan friendly Omega Rich Cleansing Oil is a simple but effective formula that offers multi-tasking properties and a healing touch.  You can use this treatment as a cleanser, to remove makeup and daily grime, and to moisturize and soothe the skin - all in one bottle!  And because all of the ingredients are fragrance free and have a low comedogenic factor, this treatment is suitable for all skin types.  Whether your face is congestion prone, sensitive, oily, or dry, this blend should deliver the results you want.

"unlike most cleansers, our Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil contains absolutely no perfumes, preservatives or synthetics. We don't even use essential oils in this blend, to avoid the possibility of irritating the especially sensitive skin on the face. This means this lovely versatile product can also be used as an all-purpose oil for for anyone with sensitive skin, such as new mums or babies. Use it as a massage oil, a facial oil or as a body oil after bathing."

The anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of calendula aid healing, while vitamin and fatty acid rich rosehip delivers needed nourishment that can help delay the effects of aging.  Pair that with safflower, an oil that promotes soft supple skin, and sunflower (which works to eliminate free radicals and toxins), and what you get is a balanced formula that is designed to target all of the skin's needs.

Balmond's Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil has a subtle scent that is slightly sweet and earthy (like fresh seeds), and the natural aroma is actually pretty calming.  I like how pure it is, and find it refreshing.  And the delicate touch of this product doesn't stop there - the oil is so silky and glides easily across the face, and it doesn't feel overly heavy which is a plus.  While you do need a muslin or a second cleanse to fully remove this, you can actually rinse away and leave the excess oils on your skin if you are wanting a quick all-in-one treatment.  This method is especially good for mornings when I'm in a rush I find.

I definitely enjoyed testing out the cleansing oil from Balmonds, and it certainly matched my expectations for the brand.  I've had the joy of trying several other products, and this has the same soothing feel and gentle qualities - perfect for giving your skin a break or offering consistent TLC.

Balmonds Natural Skincare Omega Rich Cleansing Oil on a clear plastic top showing off the light colour and silky texture


Helianthus Annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, Carthamus Tinctorius (safflower) seed oil*, Rosa Canina (rosehip) fruit oil, Calendula Officianalis (calendula) flower oil*
*organic ingredients

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