Reef Safe: Kri Skincare SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen Review

Searching for a reef safe vegan sunscreen?  Protect yourself from burns and premature aging with the latest launch from Kri Skincare - the SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen!

glass jar of reef safe SPF30 mineral sunscreen from Kri Skincare held up in a hand outside in front of a bird table and trees

Kri Skincare has been a favourite in my beauty routine for a long time now, and the only thing really missing was an SPF formula.  Well, surprise - that gap has been filled!  This ethical brand released a new product recently that was very much welcomed, and it is one that I have been excited to share more about ever since I heard about it.

The SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen!

Sun protection is essential for healthy skin as it shields against damaging radiation from UV rays.  Not only does it help protect against skin cancer, it also prevents uncomfortable burns, stress that leads to wrinkles and fine lines, uneven complexion, hyperpigmentation, and collagen breakdown which can lead to sagging skin.  It's not just for sunny days, it's for always!

And as someone who is very fair and has red hair, daily SPF is all the more important, as some research shows that the gene that produces my copper locks is also one that creates a cancer causing pathway.  I was pretty terrible about applying sunscreen as a teen, so I'm definitely taking extra care now that I know the importance of preventative action.

But not all SPF is created equal.  As I've mentioned before in my Natural Reef Safe Sunscreen Guide, there are two types of treatment, multiple levels of protection, and growing concerns about the safety of the ingredients used in formulations.  That's why choosing a product that you can truly trust is so important.

red haired woman in black polka dot dress holding a glass jar of reef safe mineral sunscreen from Kri Skincare

Kri Skincare SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen:

Kri always prioritizes creating ethical products that are gentle, effective, and safe for the environment, so of course I was thrilled to hear they were developing a reef safe sunscreen that was vegan friendly and fragrance free.  I knew that this would probably be a super star, and I was excited to see how it performed.

The creation journey was long and not at all easy.  Speaking about the process, founder Rupa says:

"Over the years I’ve looked at so many products from brands that I guess KrÄ« is similarly aligned with. But questions and problems kept coming up. I wanted a mineral SPF that’s vegan, not sticky or greasy, doesn’t leave a horrible white cast including on my South Asian skin, doesn’t include essential oils even in the tiniest amounts, alcohol or phenoxyethanol (face hates them). // I couldn’t find that product anywhere. So of course, I came up with the hair-brained idea of formulating my own. I honestly had no idea what I was getting into. I also now have a better understanding of why those ingredients I avoid are often found in sunscreens, but it still didn’t deter me from finding a solution."

Despite the struggles, the payoff was certainly worthwhile!

a glass jar filled with white reef safe sunscreen held up in front of a jukebox. a small amount is applied to the hand holding the jar

I received the initial release which came in a recycled plastic bottle, but Kri Skincare quickly decided that this just wasn't the right fit for them.  The product is now packaged in a glass jar, and while it is a bit heavier than the previous version I find it much more in line with the ethos of the brand (and it also looks much prettier too!).

The sunscreen itself is initially rich and is on the thicker side, but it surprises you by feeling pretty lightweight once applied.  Yes, it starts out super white (what sun cream doesn't unless it's tinted??), but once properly massaged in you don't have any sheen or cast left behind.  The face definitely takes a bit more time to fully rub in, but once done I found my fair skin and Tim's more olive undertones were perfectly matched!  And better yet, there is no greasy residue that makes you look all shiny.  The texture dries down into a nice smooth, semi-matte finish so you can go about your day without looking like you are headed to the beach.

This is also a super gentle product, not causing any irritation or upset of any kind.  I didn't break out, I didn't experience flushed cheeks as there are zero essential oils, and it didn't dry out my skin either.  It really does tick all the boxes, and it was well worth the wait!

black cat laying on a purple yoga mat in the sunshine with a glass jar of reef safe vegan sunscreen from Kri Skincare in front of it

While I haven't been able to fully put this to the test in summer weather yet, so far I'm impressed.  I haven't had any sunburn, my skin is calm and responding well to the product, and the fact that I can rest easy knowing that the formulation is reef safe thanks to the biodegradable ingredients and non-nano zinc oxide makes me very happy.

This is definitely a great addition to my routine, and one I will be using every day (and probably multiple times a day when it gets warmer outside!).  It's pretty on par price wise with some of the other high quality SPF treatments I've used, though pricier than others obviously especially when considering the size, but I think that it is worth it for the benefits.

And if you're unsure about picking this up, Kri Skincare have introduced a mini size which is brilliant for testing it out or for keeping in your handbag.  Plus, if you need that extra little incentive to try some bits out, you can grab a discount too!  Just use code BRYANNASENTME and you'll get 20% off your first order over £25 - pretty great, yes??

With or without a discount, this is definitely one to try this year.  Overall, I'm loving the new SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen from Kri - my favourites roundup hit the nail on the head when I said this was going to be a new staple!  But what do you think?  Is this something you would be keen to have in your routine?? Let me know! xx

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