Sustainable Swaps: Plastic Free Plasters

Bandaids, plasters, patches - they are great if you accident prone or want an emergency kit just in case!  But did you know that these staples are full of wasteful plastic as well as dodgy adhesives??  That's why I'm sharing a sustainable solution in today's review!

Hopefully bandaids are not something you need too often, but when you do have an oopsie and need a plaster to patch yourself up then why not choose an eco friendly alternative to those packed full of plastic?  High street brands are made of synthetic materials, primarily plastics like polyurethane, polyethylene, and PVC, and all of that goes straight to landfill when you peel off the used product. 

Just think - just one brand alone in the US sold 42.1 million units in 2019.  That's a lot of plasters with a LOT of problems.  These products are not recyclable, don't degrade, and that weird smell they have gives away the fact that they have residual toxic chemicals that can leech into our environment when they've been thrown away.

An easy way to minimize this type of waste is to swap out the stinky smelling bandages for a low waste alternative that uses plant based materials, vegan friendly and non toxic adhesive, and is much kinder to both your body and the planet.  There are several options out there for low waste and zero waste bandages, but one that I keep coming back to is from Organii Everyday Organics.

vegan cotton bandage on arm with two boxes of the Organii plastic free plasters sitting above

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The Brand: Organii Everyday Organics

Budget friendly Organii Everyday Organics is a brand focused on providing greener alternatives that don't break the bank.  This is not a plastic free brand, but they do offer many low waste swaps which I have talked about here on The ecoLogical.  Organii is always stocked in our house somewhere, whether it be the beauty shelf or personal care cupboard.  This natural range offers a wide selection of products, from sunscreen and soap to nappy cream and mouthwash and I have always been impressed by the quality.

If you need large sizes, inexpensive prices, and quality ingredients, Organii is a great bet.  They have generous sized bottles, have a range specifically for fragrance free options if you have super sensitive skin, and are always thinking forward and developing products that people really have a need for.  These are especially good for families with little ones, or for those looking for a super affordable certified organic brand.

The Product: Organic Cotton Patches

The boxes of Organic Cotton Patches from Organii are some of my favourites as they are super affordable, lightweight, and breathable.  They don't feel at all uncomfortable on the skin, and have a good sticking power.  Plus I really appreciate that they are dermatologically tested!

Don't let the name confuse you - according to Organii, since they do not irradiate or disinfect the product, nor do they test on animals, "under current EU regulations we should not call them plasters. So, we call them patches."  They function in exactly the same way, but are of course a more sustainable and ethical choice than what you'll find in the likes of Boots.

There are two options available, a a medium size that is the standard rectangular plaster and a mixed case that comes with three sizes: large (perfect for scraped knees), medium (the standard version), and one that is just a little bit smaller than the standard.  The only thing missing for me is a small circle size - this addition would make this set ideal for emergency kits and on the go bags.  However, even without this I'm still a big fan of these patches.  

Made with an organic cotton backing, organic cotton pad, and vegan friendly adhesive, the patches stay on really well while still allowing to skin to breathe and heal.  Someone shared in a Facebook group I'm in that they noticed if they get too wet they can start to peel off a bit, though I have not had that experience in the few years I've been using them.  That said, I do change them pretty regularly as I'm a bit weird about germs!

The Organii Organic Cotton Patches have been a huge help for us, especially now that we have cats who sometimes miss their toys and give us a swat instead!  They absorb more than you'd expect (something we discovered when Ori did an Assassin's Creed jump through the air and landed on Tim instead of the ground...) and they don't hurt too much when it's time to pull them off.  They definitely come in handy, and are great for those unforseen moments where we need a quick patch up.  These are a must in our cupboard, and we never are without!

box of organic cotton plasters sitting on light blue throw blanket

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