Cabbage and Cranberry??: Beauty Cleanse Skincare Cleansing Oil Review

Cabbage skincare??  Sure, you may think this is some strange trend, but Beauty Cleanse Skincare knows the power of superfood ingredients and has harnessed this natural plant based goodness in their newest launch: the Anti-Pollution Deep Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover.  Discover more in today's review!

Beauty Cleanse Skincare Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover glass bottle next to a golden puddle of oil, surrounded by string of hearts plants

About Beauty Cleanse Skincare:

Beauty Cleanse Skincare was founded by the lovely Saman, and the naturally minded business creates high-performance formulations that are kind to the planet while also being totally results driven.  You won't find any hidden plastics or synthetic fillers here, and the brand even offers a 'cheat sheet' that lays out everything you WON'T find in their products, from phenoxyethonal (the bane of my existence) and silicones to artificial fragrance and EDTA.  They have truly committed to being totally transparent, and not only that but they have a really unique approach when it comes to skincare...

This natural skincare brand opts for a slow beauty approach, meaning instead of a range packed full of dozens of oils and creams they have created a curated capsule collection.  I am a big advocate when it comes to minimizing waste, and Beauty Cleanse Skincare ensures that the impact of their products (from ingredients to packaging) is not contributing to the global crisis.  They hold by their values by crafting versatile treatments that come housed in recyclable, upcycled or biodegradable packaging, with final products being made up of at least 60-80% recycled materials.  Plus, they work to help reduce the amount of items you need to rely on by formulating multi-tasking marvels.  And in doing so they lessen the burden on landfills - that's pretty great if you ask me!

In fact, they are doing some pretty cool stuff over at Beauty Cleanse Skincare when it comes to sustainability...  From reducing the size of the protective recycled pulp fiber boxes to using what they call rock waste paper labels (using marble mining waste to produce the sticker on the bottle), they really are taking all the steps to try to decrease any potential impact on the environment.

Beauty Cleanse Skincare Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover sitting on top of golden pothos plant and surrounded by greenery

Cabbage + Cranberry + Hemp Anti-Pollution Deep Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover Review:

Yes, you read that right!  Cabbage, cranberry, and hemp - those are the star ingredients in this anti-pollution cleansing oil!  Created to be for all skin types and as a gender neutral treatment, this multi-purpose product is like a juice cleanse for stressed out skin.

Packed full of powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory oils, the cleansing oil is ideal for replenishing, soothing, and protecting the face.  You'll find a blend of cold pressed grape, sunflower, and cabbage seed oils alongside Vitamin E, bisabolol, and upcycled (yes, UPCYCLED!!) cold pressed hemp and cranberry seed oils - that's a whole lot of goodness in one bottle!  And all of these gorgeous plant based ingredients work to melt away makeup, SPF, sweat, city pollution, and more.

Beauty Cleanse Skincare Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover box sitting in snow in front of an icicle

"Our Hemp Seed Oil is made from a low-THC hemp variety which has been selected due to having the highest CBD content in the seeds. It comes from a responsible source in the UK. The seeds are harvested by hand, which are then pressed into oil for resale to the food industry.
Unfortunately, a large proportion of these seeds are rejected as they are deemed out of spec for food use. Instead of these nutrient-rich seeds going to waste, we upcycle them; resulting in a sustainable hemp seed oil with natural CBD."

The Anti-Pollution Deep Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover really does a great job of removing daily dirt , and I find I can fully lift away any buildup on my skin with ease.  The silky oil spreads across your face so nicely, and it's so calming to massage it in at the end of the day.  And the best thing??  It leaves absolutely NO greasy residue or oily finish behind once you rinse!  That's because Beauty Cleanse Skincare have formulated this treatment to emulsify, transforming from a lush oil into a light milky texture, meaning you can simply rinse it away when you wipe with a wet cloth or splash with warm water.  For someone who struggles to fully embrace oil cleansing because of the feeling it leaves behind, this is perfect!!

I actually got to test an early sample of Beauty Cleanse Skincare's latest launch, and as much as I enjoyed that I have to say the finished product is even more special and I'm so happy I get to experience the oil-to-milk formula once more.  The colour is so stunning, with a rich golden hue that looks so comforting and nurturing, and the scent is just as lovely as I remember - a slightly sweet subtle aroma that captures the innermost qualities of the ingredients and is soothing on the senses.  There are no essential oils to be found in the Cabbage + Cranberry + Hemp makeup remover, just gentle ingredients selected to clean the skin without stripping moisture or causing irritation.

I continue to be impressed by the texture, as it's smooth and full and slightly different from other cleansing oils I have used.  It's medium bodied, and works so well for my fussy congestion prone skin - and the fact that it moisturizes, calms, and softens without feeling too heavy or leaving any slippery texture behind is just so fab.

Beauty Cleanse Skincare Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover glass bottle lying down on black and white leaf print background

Beauty Cleanse Skincare has crafted a lovely multi-tasker with the Anti-Pollution Deep Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover, and it's a product that has certainly made a great impression on me.  From the frosted square glass bottle and the option to buy without the pump (meaning it can be plastic free!) to the emulsifying action and sustainable use of materials that would otherwise go to waste...  This has a lot going for it, and I have to applaud the innovation.

Have you tried Beauty Cleanse Skincare yet??  I'm a fan of the rest of their range as well as their cleansing oil, but I would love to hear what your number one pick is so far.  Or, if you haven't tried yet, what product would you be keen to experience first?  Let me know! xx

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