Eco Traditions: Natural Spa Supplies Review

Searching for a British brand that specializes in time tested ingredients that are wild and raw and ethically made?  That's the mission of Natural Spa Supplies!

"We provide the most effective, natural and quite often the most historic washing and cleaning products. // We focus on the unprocessed, raw products of nature, some from volcanoes and others directly from plants. // Nearly everything that we sell has been used for thousands of years, across many cultures … and there is a wealth of experience and recommendations to draw on. It helps that I have a background in archaeology and anthropology!"

Based in Norfolk, Natural Spa Supplies offers a wide range of eco friendly beauty and personal care products, all of which are based in long held traditions.  Customers will find pure carrier oils, pieces of alum, natural henna, raw dyes, floral waters, dental care, and more - there is a little bit of everything so you can take care of all your needs in one place!  I love a one stop shop, so of course I was intrigued (especially when I saw they also carry soap nuts!).

Founded by Sally in 2008, this ethical business is dedicated to sharing information about utilizing natural resources in everyday routines as well as supporting endangered craft skills, respecting heritage, and providing biodegradable products that are kind to both skin and planet.  This is a brand that is full of passion and kindness, but also one that values reuniting people with nature.

Natural Spa Supplies believe that a lot can be learned about natural washing techniques by looking back on historical practices and observing the methods of both our ancestors and the animal kingdom as a whole.  The focus on such traditions lends itself to minimizing waste and harnessing the powers of the earth, and the knowledge Sally draws on allows for each and every product to become a multi-tasking marvel.   I find this approach so thoughtful, and I really appreciate the care that has been taken to bring eco friendly beauty techniques to a wider market.

I was kindly gifted a Small Face Care Kit, one of several collections they offer, and from the very start I was nothing but impressed.  The package arrived quickly and the materials used in shipping were all plastic free.  Plus, it was wrapped up so nicely, with each item protected by card so they wouldn't get bumped about in transit.  My kitties also ended up getting a treat as they became totally obsessed with the string that tied everything together - happy cats = happy me!

The Face Care Kit contains a selection of their multi-tasking green goodies.  The edit has been put together to pamper the face and neck, and inside you will find five natural wash products that help exfoliate, cleanse, detox, and moisturize the skin - it's seriously a full spa treatment in a bag!

So what's in the bag??

Natural Spa Supplies Rhassoul Clay

Ever wonder why cats, birds, and other animals seem to love rolling in powders or wet muddy patches?  Well, Sally shares this habit is a natural exfoliation technique as well as a method of cleaning and detoxifying, and it is one that people have adopted since prehistoric times.

Not only is clay found worldwide, making it an abundant resource that can be enjoyed across the globe, it is incredibly versatile.  Medicines, masks, shampoo...  This potent powder can tackle just about anything!  And Natural Spa Supplies specially selected Moroccan Rhassoul as their star.  They claim that as this particular type has a "strong negative charge" it can draw up lymph fluid and pull out toxins which help boost the skin's elimination process.  It's also pretty gentle, making it suitable for all skin types!

While this kit is specifically for the skin, I love that I can use the pouch of clay to wash my hair as well as a clarifying treatment for my face.   It has a finely milled texture that is airy and light, and I find it blends so well and doesn't feel too gritty when activated which makes it great for just about anything.  An effective multi-tasker is fab to have, and this one certainly proves to have a ton of uses.  And since it is pure (no added extras - just raw clay!) I can customize it fully, adding in oils, butters, or other ingredients to create a unique targeted formula if I wish!

Natural Spa Supplies Hemp Oil Wash Soap

Next in the bag is the Hemp Oil Wash Soap, a recreation of the original 12th century British soft soap which was a staple in cleaning and industrial services.  This three ingredient formula is truly something to wonder at, with over 1200 uses and powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  I think this is a testament to how incredible eco traditions can be, and it is definitely a product to respect!

We actually are familiar with hemp oil soaps, as Tim picked one up at a Christmas market many years ago and was wowed by how effective it was for shaving.  This was before I had managed to convince him that natural creations are just as good if not better than high street treatments, and he was surprised that his skin got on so well with the 'strange' gel-like soap he had picked up on a whim.  And let me tell you, this Hemp Oil Wash Soap is a must for anyone who struggles with shaving!

This fragrance free formula is great for sensitive skin, and helps reduce friction so you experience less razor burn, nicks, and irritation.  Plus, it is super versatile, meaning you can use it in the bathroom then take it to the kitchen to help clean off roasting tins and then pop some on your nails for some needed TLC!  It gives a mild lather, and doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped at all - just clean and fresh!  I don't know of many products that can promise so much and actually deliver, but Natural Spa Supplies has certainly developed a special one with this soap.

Natural Spa Supplies Organic Pure Rose Water

I adore a good hydrosol, so of course I was pleased to find a bottle inside the Face Care Kit!  This rose water contains no preservatives (so do make sure you keep an eye on how long it has been in use!), and has a subtle but fragrant aroma that is blissful and alluring.  The scent is not too heady, rather it is full, freshly floral, and calming on the mind and spirit - it's a joy to use, and has a surprising amount of uses too!

The benefits of distilled rose for the skin are great, as the water is anti-inflammatory, helps prevent acne, works to balance the natural oils of the skin, rejuvenates, hydrates, offers anti-aging properties, stimulates the cells, and is just harmonizing overall.  In terms of wellbeing, it is therapeutic as it helps relax your senses, and the lightweight mist feels so lovely on hot, tight, or irritated skin.  Whether you need a cooling refresh, a setting spray for makeup, or a gentle rub for lips, this is a lovely product to have on hand.

Natural Spa Supplies Organic Argan Oil

I know argan oil is a beauty staple to this day, but I actually have never been a super fan when it comes to using this as a facial moisturizer.  However, I was very much interested in putting this nourishing oil to the test, and letting it pamper my hair, skin, and nails.

"The high levels of vitamin E, naturally present in the argan oil provide some protection from sun damage. Renown also for the high levels of anti-oxidants, it is no wonder that regular usage reduces skin damage and skin aging. Argan oil is also used to reduce the appearance of scaring. essential fatty acid improve the structure of the skin reducing sagging and wrinkling."

Argan is certainly a powerhouse, and I do find this cold pressed oil sinks in fairly quickly and doesn't clog pores or lead to congestion.  I love the scent of it - in fact that may just be my favourite thing about this single ingredient wonder!  It has a nutty, rich, almost coffee-esque aroma that I find so comforting and warming.  It's familiar and soothing, and so I found myself drawn to using this as a hair oil so I could catch a whiff of the gorgeous smell throughout the day.  I love how this helps tame frizz, protect my locks from environmental damage, and gives a lovely shine.  And while I still don't love argan oil on my face personally, it does make an exceptional body treatment!  This is a perfect allrounder, and one I could see myself enjoying for many years to come.

Natural Spa Supplies Sea Sponge

The final part of this kit is actually three items - Greek sea sponges!  You get one large super soft sea wool sponge and two smaller silk fina sponges designed for removing makeup.  Each one is unbleached and hand harvested by specially trained licensed divers, plus the way they are 'picked' is fully sustainable as a new one grows from the root.

"Sponges have been collected for thousands of years for cosmetic, personal, household, animal, medicinal and craft uses. They are valued for their incredible water holding capacity, for their long use lives and for the ease with which they can be cleaned. Humans have always marveled at the beauty, special feel and the unique properties of natural sea sponges."

All three sponges are soft, gentle, and easy to use, and I like how they provide a very mild exfoliation as you massage across the skin.  I find my skin always looks and feels so soft, and I really like how they look on the side of the tub - they're pretty and give a beachy vibe to the room which is very much welcomed this time of year!

Overall I have been impressed by Natural Spa Supplies and their Face Care Kit, and I am keen to put in an order later this year.  I will definitely be picking up some soap nuts as well as looking at the other floral waters and another pot of the Hemp Oil Wash Soap.  There is just so much to check out, and the knowledge behind each product makes me excited to try more.

Do you like using raw ingredients or traditional eco techniques?  I would love to hear what your experience is, and what your favourites are.  And if you have tried Natural Spa Supplies I would be keen to know what you think I should try next!

And if you're ever looking for wild and raw treatments, do check out Natural Spa Supplies - I know you will be just as impressed as me, and I would be so excited to hear what you pick up! xx

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