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With lockdown 3.0 now in full swing, having sanitizers and purifying products on hand to keep safe remains a priority. But what natural options are out there, and can an eco friendly sanitizer be affordable??

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Organii Everyday Organics is a budget friendly green brand that I have talked about many times here on The ecoLogical, and today I am excited to share my review of two new products in their range – the Purifying Hand Gel and the Purifying Surface Spray. Both of these eco friendly goodies are perfect for on the go or for use in the home, plus they are cheap as chips while promising quality results and natural ingredients. But do they deliver on these claims?

After testing out both since they arrived on my doorstep, I have to say that YES Organii fufill their promise of high performance ethical products at a low cost! Let's take a closer look and see what makes these natural sanitizer staples stand out, and you'll see why I am happy to have them ready to use during this current lockdown.


Packaging – Plastic (PE-HD/PETG)

Price - £3.95 

Active Ingredient – 60% alcohol (denat)

Size – 75ml/80ml

Not only has Organii created two products that are incredibly necessary at this time, but they have ensured that the bottle is small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag, made the application easy and mess free, and ensured the final formulation of their on the go hand gel meets expert's guidelines.

Did you know that for a sanitizer to be effective at killing germs it needs to be a minimum of 60% alcohol? While there are many alcohol free products on the market advertised as sanitizing sprays or antibacterial gels, these are not actually within the safety guidelines set by world health organizations, including the NHS, WHO, and the CDC. They may be gentler on the skin, but they do not eliminate the nasties that can lead to illness.

Organii Purifying Hand Gel:

Organii combines their 60% alcohol base with plant based glycerin, organic aloe and organic tea tree, hydrating and purifying ingredients that compliment the product. Since alcohol can be pretty drying, especially on hands that are already being washed more frequently and are exposed to cold winter air and indoor central heating, the addition of a more soothing component really helps keep irritation down. While this is not the gentlest, it does not sap moisture from your skin like many other alcohol based sanitizers I have tried, and I really appreciate the no nonsense approach.

For a gel that has a fairly wet consistency when you first apply, Organii surprised me by how quickly the product dries down. It goes on as you would expect, as a medium bodied solution that transforms into a light liquid as you rub it between your hands, but despite the initial wetness it sinks in fully within seconds and does not leave any sticky or slick residue on the skin. It's ideal for someone like me who wants to use a sanitizer and then keep on going with my day – no wait time, no faff!

Since this is an alcohol based sanitizer, it does have a fairly strong spirit scent, however the tea tree offers some balance so it isn't purely antiseptic. There is a light tang to the aroma that makes it softer on the nose, and that is something I am thankful for. It's not overpowering, and fades after a while so I am not left smelling of sanitizer all day.

Overall this is a good grab and go natural hand gel to have at the ready, and the price point is unrivaled!

Ingredients: alcohol denat., aqua, aloe Barbadensis leaf juice*, glycerin, melaleuca alternifolia oil*, xanthan gum, cocamidopropyl betaine, limonene

Organii Purifying Surface Spray:

A product I didn't know I was missing until I had it in my hands, the Organii Purifying Surface Spray is a multi-tasking mist that tackles all your needs both in and out of lockdown. While the formula is simple, containing primarily alcohol and organic tea tree oil, it serves its purpose and acts as a straightforward cleaner that can be used in so many situations.

"ORGANii’s Surface Spray is perfect for cleaning surfaces when you are out and about, from shopping trolly handles, ATM surfaces, hand rails and door handles, to highchairs, tables and toys. Made with alcohol from vegetable origin and organic tea tree essential oil for its naturally broad spectrum anti-microbial, antiseptic and anti-bacterial effects."

This does not specify a percentage of alcohol, so I use this mainly as a supplementary product meaning it is extra protection that I use alongside the Purifying Hand Gel. I personally love this for spritzing countertops after cooking, wiping down surfaces that other people may have touched recently, cleaning off the tops of cans before drinking from them (yes I am THAT person), and disinfecting any items I think might need that extra reset.

The spray itself comes out in a fine even mist, making it ideal for applying over large or small areas and ensuring nothing gets too wet. It evaporates pretty quickly too so you can keep on going with whatever task is at hand. The smell is more citrusy than the hand gel, so you get a little boost of positivity when you use this, and who doesn't need some added joy in their life in 2021??

I am definitely enjoying the Organii Purifying Surface Spray, and could see this becoming a staple in my cleaning routine or in my backpack essentials.

Ingredients: aqua, alcohol denat., citric acid, coco-glucoside, melaleuca alternifolia oil*

Organii has created two natural sanitizers that work so well alongside one another, and I really am impressed by the quality at the price point they are at - these are less than a fiver, and offer protection and peace of mind, and for that I am thankful. Plus, with my budget being so tight currently I have to be extra grateful that an affordable eco friendly sanitizer is available!

The Purifying Hand Gel and Purifying Surface Spray are both helping out a lot right now, and the fact that they fit so easily in my pocket, backpack, or tucked alongside the coffee machine makes them all the more convenient. These natural sanitizers are definitely welcome, and I can see myself turning to them throughout 2021!

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