Best Reusable Water Bottle?: Ohelo Review

Looking for the best reusable water bottle on the market?  You're in luck - today I'm sharing my favourite eco friendly and plastic free option that I carry everywhere with me.

New year, new sustainable and ethical content - the lockdown won't change that! And I'm kicking off 2021 with the next installment of The Snapshot Series!  Today's review takes a closer look at the best reusable water bottle I have ever tried, and explores the beauty of Ohelo.

One concern on my mind a ton lately (along with 1030582350 things) is plastic pollution.  Lockdown has decimated so many industries, but it has also led to a HUGE surge in disposable waste - single use items and a sea of plastic have been an invisible pandemic hot on the heals of the global health crisis, and while the safety of others is of the utmost importance I can't help but worry about all the bits and pieces tossed aside on the ground, thrown in the bin and sent to landfill, and washed away into the oceans...

We can all take simple steps to be more mindful and sustainable, and today I'm sharing one: opting for reusables.  I'll focus on water bottles, but there will be more ideas to follow.  So cozy up, and get ready to see what sets Ohelo apart from all the other water bottles out there!

The Brand: Ohelo in Review

London based Ohelo works hard to fight against single use plastics.  Co-founders Katy and Alex have combined their love of travel with the drive they got from watching Blue Planet 2, and in doing so these Oxford graduates created a range of reusables that all can enjoy.  Not only that, but Ohelo donates 5% of all profits to charitable organizations and are a member of Surfers Against Sewage 250 Club (an effort to clean up the seas and fight against plastic pollution!).  That's pretty special, and it's what makes a business I am happy to get behind.

Ohelo set out to craft uniquely designed, aesthetically beautiful, and top of the line reusables that could suit the busy commuter, travelholic, on the go parent, mindful student, heavy duty hiker, and anyone else who needs a drink during the day.  They wanted to provide an experience that captured the eye, inspired, and kept people coming back to their reusables. 

The brand currently offers two staples, a reusable tumbler and a reusable bottle, both of which come in a variety of designs and colours.  And today I'm sharing my thoughts on what I judge to be the best plastic free water bottle I've ever had the joy of using - 'The Blue Swallows' design from their 500ml bottle range!

The Product: Ohelo Reusable Bottle

Did you know that 7.7 billion plastic water bottles end up being used and tossed each year in the UK alone?  So to cut down on all that waste, why not pick up a reusable bottle?

Plastic ones may be cheap, but they can melt in the dishwasher or even contain potentially harmful chemicals which is not what you want from a product you are drinking from.  Glass is gorgeous, but super heavy and incredibly fragile (just ask Tim who has shattered not one, but TWO of my poor bottles).  Metal is a great in between, but even these have their drawbacks with many leading to a tinny taste which I just can't abide.  It's all about finding the perfect balance, and that is what I find in Ohelo.

"Like your water to stay refreshingly cold as you stroll your favourite City neighbourhood? Like to have your commute coffee look just as trendy and stylish as you? Like a cool thirst quencher when you are hard at it at your yoga class? Or, when you brave your favourite hike despite the inclement weather, and reach “THE SPOT”, do you want your tea to still be steamy hot? Want to feel like you are helping in the fight against single use plastics, and feel awesome as you do? We wanted that too. So, we created Ohelo; hot at keeping things hot, cool at keeping things cold. Helping you to stay Happy and Hydrated."

The Ohelo bottle is made with double walled high grade 18/8 stainless steel that is vacuum insulated to help keep warm drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold ones cool for 24 hours.  The twist on lid is totally leak proof, plus the inside is electropolished which helps keep bacteria and corrosion at bay!  This is a surprisingly lightweight product that gives no metallic tang to the water, keeps it chilled all day long, and is really ergonomic.

I was kindly sent "The Blue Swallows" to test, and I was immediately struck by how beautiful the design was.  It's a lovely shade of powder blue (think Pantone 2128C) that captures the freeing vibes of cloudless skies, fresh air, the warmth of summer, and a light breeze.  I adore it!  And the laser etched birds are the perfect touch that brings this bottle from "super cute" to "positively perfect" for me.  The design is inspired by swallow murmurations according to Ohelo, and honestly that just makes it all the more wonderful - they go above and beyond with every little element, and I just love that even the aesthetic has a story behind it.

Plus, while I often I find water bottles are too big for my hand or clunky to carry around, that's not the case here.  I have been toting my Ohelo bottle around with me EVERYWHERE.  If I move to a different room in the house, it comes with me.  If I go for a walk, it's hanging in my fingers from the comfortable carry strap.  Obviously I'm not doing any traveling right now (or anytime soon!), but I have still been getting so much use out of this fab product.  I've also found myself drinking more water too which is a huge plus!

Picking a reusable bottle is all a matter of preference to be honest, but whatever you choose you can be sure that you are saving a whole lot of waste from heading to landfill.  And with Ohelo you can know you're getting a lifelong bottle that will be perfect for at home, travel, the gym, commuting to work, and more!

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