PHB Gentle Moisturiser Review - The Snapshot Series

Seeking a gentle moisturiser suitable for sensitive skin?  PHB may just be your solution!  If you have been around for a while you will know that I am a big supporter of this ethical business, and today I'm sharing some further thoughts on their revamped Gentle Moisturiser.

The Brand: PHB in Review

PHB is a vegan friendly natural British beauty brand that offers a wide selection of affordable ethical products.  Not only have they set a mission to provide pure and effective creations that are free from synthetics and animal derived ingredients, but they promise to only use ethically sourced materials.  PHB states that "minerals in our cosmetics are sourced without the use of child labour. And we always ensure our ingredients are sustainably sourced and organic where possible."  While the brand is super budget friendly, they don't cut any corners and ensure that the quality is top notch!

I have been a fan of PHB for a long time - they have been a staple in my makeup and skincare cupboard for years now!  So when they re-branded and launched their updated range last year I was excited as it meant I had new formulations to discover as well as improved favourites to try.  I love the more environmentally friendly packaging (most of the plastic bottles were switched to lovely frosted glass or fully recyclable tubes!) as well as the higher proportion of organic ingredients.  Plus, there are treatments for all skin concerns, from eczema and stretch marks to scarring and pigmentation.

The Product: Gentle Moisturiser

I actually used the previous version of the Gentle Moisturiser many years ago, and so when I first got a bottle of the updated creation I was intrigued to see how it compared.  And guess what -- those who were sad or upset that their favourite moisturizer was disappearing were shown there was no reason to fear!  This is pretty spot on with the original, just updated to better represent the ethos of PHB.

The moisturizer is on the richer side, but less so than the original formula.  While I am not usually super keen on consistencies like this, I do find this one compliments the healing benefits of the ingredients.  The cream continues to surprise, as once you massage in it absorbs really well and feels much lighter - it doesn't cling or feel too heavy at all.  And it doesn't leave a white sheen or anything either - just a face that feels replenished and calm.

I don't find this intensively nourishing, so if you have dry skin you may want to pair with an oil or serum to really lock in all the moisture and hydration.  However, it gives a good boost and does not cause congestion or breakouts which is a huge plus for someone with fussy skin like mine.  Plus, I really appreciate that PHB has avoided including coconut oil in the Gentle Moisturiser as that tends to give me issues.  Instead, they've opted for aloe, shea, apricot, and sunflower to soothe and soften the face.

As this is created for sensitive skin, the product is free from essential oils.  The hypoallergenic formula does not have a strong smell at all, but what little scent is given by the natural blend of oils and butters is vaguely sweet and nutty if you breathe in deeply enough.  It's comforting, and I find it a great match for the qualities the moisturizer brings to your skin health.

Another bonus is the updated formulation no longer contains phenoxyethonal so it is gentler than ever before, and I can use it without worrying about irritation or sensitivity occurring.  I really enjoy this, and find it a great way to get a silky smooth face and restored complexion.  I think when paired with the other green goodies in the Gentle range from PHB this would make for a staple routine for sensitive skin types.

Ingredients: Aqua, Aloe barbadensis** (Organic Aloe) leaf extract, Helianthus annuus** (Organic sunflower), Butyrospermum parkii** (Organic Shea Butter), Cetearyl alcohol, Stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol, Veg Glycerin**, Prunus Armeniaca** (Organic Apricot) Kernel Oil, Phenethyl alcohol, Caprylyl glycol, Glyceryl stearate, Coco glucoside, Tocopherol, Phytic acid, Benzyl alcohol, Sodium Bicarbonate. **Certified Organic Ingredients.

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