Recycle Week - 3 Tips For Going Green!

Recycle Week may be at an end, but that does not mean the discussion should be over! Far from it -- and so today we have a fab guest post written by the lovely Emma Carney from the MC&T team. She is here to chat all about her personal journey with living more sustainably, and is sharing her top three tips for going green. It's a great reminder that we all can start somewhere and that making small changes can lead to long term habits!

It was recently Recycle Week and this has got me thinking, just what I can do personally to do my bit for the planet? The recent lock down has made me even more aware of many bad habits that I wouldn’t have been aware of if I hadn’t been at home rather than commuting into the office. Below are some simple changes that I have done to help be kinder to the planet and live a more sustainable life.

We need to talk about work day lunches: 

It wasn’t until I was home so much that I realised just how much money I was spending on lunches when I was at work. On top of that, the amount of waste those lunches/mid afternoon snacks were creating. As a single gal I never really cooked that much - I mean why when there is Deliveroo and Uber Eats? Plus, I would always make too much of whatever I was making and so often it would go to waste.

Not anymore. Now this Queen cooks her big meals and takes the leftovers for lunch over the following days. Not only am I saving money doing this, I am actually eating healthier as it’s always something home cooked with fewer preservatives rather than the naughty fatty ingredients that most convenient foods are offering. To top it all off, as I use reusable containers I am no longer creating waste by purchasing things surrounded in single use plastics. Nice. 

[Blogger Note: There are so many great reusables for grab and go lunches as well as home storage for food - from silicone bags with airtight seals to washable bento bags... Just check out NetZeroCo or Marley's Monsters for some ideas!]

When it comes to tech - I now Choose Refurbished 

I was absolutely distraught when I read that globally there is over 50 Million tonnes of e-waste created a year. A year, and yes, just E-waste - the amount of all waste is far more depressing. A recent survey by giffgaff reveals that 83% of the UK is concerned about e-waste which is good news as according to the Global E-waste Monitor report, the Brits were the second bigger generator of e-waste after Norway. Ekkk. As a tech head it really opened my eyes to just how much I have been contributing to this pile. 

The refurbished industry has come leaps and bounds and you can even get the very latest tech for a fraction of the price...Top tech for less and being kind to the planet? I am in. It's not just about purchasing tech either, we all have those drawers at home full of old tech items and phones that are no longer needed. Well, you can actually prevent these from ending up on a landfill and get some extra pounds in your pocket by selling them!

No, really! If you want to do even more good deeds for the world, charities such as lives UK accept donations of old devices. 

Purposeful purchasing, ahoy! 

As I’ve started my sustainability journey I have found that my purchasing habits have naturally changed as my mindset has become more aware of each product's journey. For example, I have now stopped purchasing disposable cotton beauty pads - I mean they are so convenient to have around, but what happens to them after I pop them into the bin do they end up in a landfill? How much energy was consumed to make them and the packaging? How much fuel was used to transport them to the shop? I began to ask myself... A quick Google allowed me to find a perfect solution in reusable cotton pads which you can wash and reuse. Hurrah! A better product and eco friendly? I’m in! 

I’ve also started changing my grocery shopping habits- I now try to shop local and buy what I need for the next day or two so nothing goes to waste. I don’t need 10 carrots wrapped in plastic, I just need 2 which I can buy singularly. Not wasting food has been an amazing feeling as I hated having to throw veg that was turning because I decided to do one big grocery shop rather than do it day by day.

My journey hasn't stopped at food and beauty habits either. I have always been a huge fan when it comes to shopping in charity and vintage stores but I have also recently discovered great apps where I can sell my clothes online to be recycled such as Vinted, thredUP, Poshmark and Mke. I can make a few extra pennies too - always useful! 

[Blogger Note: When it comes to shopping more sustainably, be sure to think about the three big issues: packaging, location, and ethical impact.  Is it using excess or unnecessary plastics?  Where was it sourced from and how far has it traveled?  Are the workers paid fairly or animals harmed in the making?  These can help you decide if the purchase is one you want to make, and if the business you are paying is one you want to support!]

Have you been changing your habits and planning to lead a more sustainable life? If so let us know below or on our social channels!

MC&T can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, and be sure to show Emma some support -- I always love hearing about everyone's personal journeys, so I am very thankful for her sharing about her top tips and what she is doing to lead a greener lifestyle!

And if you want to learn more about GiffGaff and their refurbishment, or just want to discover more content about Recycle Week, sustainability advice, and DIYs, head over to their website now! There are loads of brilliant articles featured right now, and who knows... You may see a familiar face joining those pieces soon! ;)

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