Faff Free Skincare - Kri Unveil Oil-To-Milk Cleanser Review

Who is ready to say hello to the new kid on the block from Kri Skincare??  Welcome Unveil Oil-To-Milk Cleanser!

You all know I love Kri (formally Guiltless Skin), so whenever I hear a new product is landing I am immediately excited because I know I am in for gentle, effective, affordable, and healing green goodness.  Every creation is made with intention, so you know your skin is in for a real treat - and that's just what Unveil offers!

Kri Unveil Oil-To-Milk Cleanser Review

"Unveil Oil-to-Milk Cleanser cleanser gently but effectively lifts makeup, SPF and daily impurities.  //  When activated with water this unscented cleanser transforms into a light milky emulsion and easily rinses off without stripping natural moisture. Leaves skin clean, fresh and nourished with no dryness or irritation.  //  Free from essential oils and fragrance. Suitable for use around the eyes."

I do love a good oil cleanser, especially if I have been wearing sun cream or makeup as it melts away all the product and leaves me with a truly clean slate.  However, I admit I am not as keen on the actual residue that often comes with the territory.  And that's why I was so excited to try Kri's latest launch...

This oil-to-milk formula is designed for those who want an all in one treatment, who don't like the heaviness of oil cleansing, and for anyone who needs a gentle approach to washing their face.  It's like the perfect pick for any skin type, and honestly that is impressive all in itself!

While this does have a plastic top at the moment, I have been reassured that this is only a temporary measure.  Unfortunately one of the many challenges the global pandemic has produced for the beauty industry is sourcing packaging, and the issue has hit small ethical businesses especially hard.  Many formulators can no longer access the resources (including ingredients!) they were using prior to the outbreak, and often face months and months of wait times.  Rather than putting everything on pause, they are having to choose to find new packaging or even opting to forgo creating the product altogether.

"For perspective, I’ve been given a date of 25 September for more pumps to be in stock. I’ve basically been scrambling to just gather whatever I can get hold of, but it’s much more complex than that because the pumps need to fit the necks of bottles, and they need to be suitable for dispensing of the product. For example, Purify cleanser is out of stock indefinitely because it’s such a thick liquid and I can’t find a tube that can draw the product in.  

It’s an added nightmare because we have a large amount of bottles, labels and raw ingredients (all natural and organic so they’ve got a limited shelf life) now sitting around because we don’t have pumps! I’m strongly encouraging customers to hold onto their pumps and order our refills. 

The one good thing that will hopefully come out of this is people will get used to reusing their pumps, which will result in less plastic waste overall."

So if you are someone who is very much concerned about the sustainability of the products you are using (from packaging to ingredients), just know that sadly this just is not readily available at this time.  Businesses are struggling and are doing everything they can do maintain a sense of normalcy for their customers, so do keep this in mind when you see small changes from them during this time.

Kri Unveil Oil-To-Milk Cleanser Review

And Unveil is not something I would have wanted to miss out on - the blend is surprisingly simple, with just six ingredients doing all the work here.  You have non-clogging safflower, camellia, grapeseed, and sunflower oil, all of which work to dissolve excess sebum, foundation, mascara, SPF and more.  You can feel the moisturizing properties as you work Unveil into your skin and around your face, and I find this combination makes for a super smooth and lightweight experience - it seriously just glides across like silk!  These luscious pale yellow oils are also joined by Vitamin E which helps achieve a bit more body with the consistency and also boosts nourishment, protection, and rejuvenation.  Honestly, sometimes a minimalist approach like this is all you need.

But Kri doesn't stop there.  They have added a special touch which sets this cleanser apart, and which has made it an instant hit for me personally - an emulsifier.  This ingredient transforms the slick oils into a milky (but not foaming) wash in an instant, and it is what makes Unveil such a special product.  One of my pet peeves about most oil cleansers is that they can feel pretty heavy on the skin (especially during the warmer months) and so I feel the need to follow up with a second cleanse or at least to wipe away the excess product with a muslin cloth.  And for me, any unaccounted for exfoliation can lead to irritation, sensitivity, or breakouts, so being able to trust that I can splash away the formula really is important!

In terms of scent, there isn't really a strong distinctive aroma.  This is not an aromatherapeutic treatment, but I think that is refreshing from time to time plus it gives my skin a break from strong actives.  Instead, this has a very delicate, soft seed smell, a bit grain-like, but overall it is incredibly subtle and dissipates quickly.  I like that the gentle qualities of Unveil run through every aspect of the formula, from look and texture to smell and feel.

Kri Unveil Oil-To-Milk Cleanser Review
see how milky the Kri Unveil Cleanser  it can get with just a little bit of water!?

Overall, I have to say I have been really impressed by the new Unveil Oil-To-Milk Cleanser from Kri - it offers pretty much everything I want in a treatment like this, and it is incredibly kind to my skin.  Just two pumps is all I need for a thorough cleanse, meaning this generously sized (100ml!) bottle is sure to last ages, and the price is just as affordable as the rest of the Kri range.  And beyond that, I just love that it does not strip my face of its natural oils, but leaves it feeling totally refreshed and clean all the same.  So if you have a sensitive, dry, or congestion prone face this is certainly a product for you, but it will be a lovely treat for any and all skin types.

I have been using this both morning and evening, and find you can tailor how you use Unveil based on your needs, massaging the oils in to break up any makeup and SPF before then rinsing, or applying directly to wet hands for a quick and easy wash when you wake up.  I personally find myself more and more drawn towards this cleanser when I first get up as it has such a light touch.  I like how it immediately gives my skin a little boost, and find it the perfect way to kick off the day!

I've also found that since starting to incorporate Unveil into my routine that my skin has been so happy. It's noticeably calmer, with less redness and irritation, and I think a big part of that is due to the cleanser's ability to emulsify.  I do not have to scrub or over-work my face at all, and can just gain the benefits from the soothing oils.  It's perfect for me, and it has certainly become a firm favourite formula from the Kri range already.

Kri Unveil Oil-To-Milk Cleanser Review

Have you tried Unveil yet?  What did you think??  Are you as happy with the results as I am?  Let me know, as I always like to hear how your experience compares with mine!

And if you have not yet tried Kri, remember you can grab £10 off your first order.  With how reasonably priced all the green goodies are, this savings can really help you dig into the lineup offered by this wonderful natural beauty brand.  If you want any recommendations let me know, as I have tried a fair amount of their products (some which I have reviewed and others I have sampled).  Or, head over to my previous Kri Skincare reviews to check out my full thoughts! xx


  1. sounds like a really ace cleanser, I haven't heard of the brand before so it is always good to find out more!

    1. Kri is lovely - I've enjoyed everything I have tried from their range! x

  2. I love the fact that its super gentle. I have sensitive skin so this would be perfect for me


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