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I'm feeling pretty stressed out lately I will admit, and blogging has felt a little harder with everything that is going on.  But today I thought would be the perfect time to try to lighten the atmosphere and share some fabulous green beauty formulas that are ideal for springtime.

I've picked out the five best products for the season, all of which bring special aromas that capture the aura of these months of rebirth and renewal.  The ingredient blends all scream spring, and I find them perfect for this time of year!

So without further ado...

Best Green Beauty for Spring - Smells of Spring Review

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1] Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub
While it may not be the first thing to come to most people's minds, when I think springtime, I think about my herbs slowly coming back into full swing.  The Rosemary Chi scrub from Bodhi & Birch reminds me so much of that time, and for that I find it a top product when it comes to the smells of spring.

The aroma of rosemary envelops me, along with the delightful notes of geranium, petitgrain, cedarwood, red mandarin, clary sage, vetiver, and tea tree.  This is a blend that grounds me, revitalizes my sluggish mind, and brings me back to earth.  It really brings to mind the return of dainty little blue flowers on my rosemary bush and the reawakening of all the plants in the garden - it's divine.

The scrub itself is the perfect grain - the salts are fine, making for a gentle exfoliation that buffs away old skin without being too rigorous or scratchy, and the many oils within the formula make this an exceptional body treatment.  Shea, grape seed, squalane, sweet almond, apricot, and Vitamin E all work in tandem to provide nourishment and to soothe, and I find it provides a balanced approach that leads to smooth, soft, and glowing skin all over.  Bodhi & Birch have created a lovely detoxifying salt scrub, and it is one that I find particularly suited for this time of year if you are one who feels connected to aromatic rituals.

Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub Review

2] Inner Senses Greenhouse
I've raved about Inner Senses Greenhouse cleansing oil before, but what better time to put this beauty in the spotlight than springtime??  This is the ultimate fresh scent for the season, with notes of rain showers on open earth, sweet newly pulled vegetables, and light renewing air that sweeps across you when you enter a garden center.  It's stunning and so so unique!

Like I have said previously, the blend of  carrot root, carrot seed, and tomato seed oil, along with tomato leaf absolute is what gives this oil its special scent, and it perfectly captures the atmosphere of a greenhouse, bringing all those feelings of homeliness, warmth, and peace that working with your hands in earth inspires.  Inner Senses' cleanser is just so fresh in every sense of the word, and it helps uplift your complexion and your mind.

This oil is nourishing, replenishing, and works to remove all residue and makeup, plus it feels so soft and silky on the skin which is lovely.  It's gentle, but packs such a punch - just like the early blossomings that occur throughout the spring months!  Great for the skin and for the senses, and that is exactly what I look for when it comes to my beauty routine.

Inner Senses Greenhouse Renewing Oil Cleanser Review

3] Bloomtown The Spring
I've been a fan of Bloomtown and this mask for a few years now, and so when I was thinking about the best green beauty for the season of course The Spring came to mind!  This facial treatment is a delicate and soothing sensation that works to hydrate and detoxify with the help of blue bentonite clay, radish root ferment, indigo leaf, nettle root, coconut extract, plant based glycerin, and probiotics.  Allergen free and super gentle, this is a face mask not to miss this spring.

The non-drying formulation goes on so smoothly, with a thick texture that is unlike anything else I've used.  There is a very slight grain to the mask when you first apply, but it does not irritate your face at all, instead delicately buffing away dead cells and leaving you with soft radiant skin.  And since Bloomtown uses glycerin and blue bentonite clay for their base, the mask itself is actually pretty hydrating.  It's exactly what I need this time of year.

The mask has an almost 'cotton fresh' sort of scent.  You know what I mean?  Like laundry straight out of the drier, or linen hanging on the line with a breeze trailing by.  It isn't artificial at all, just very reminiscent of washing powder in a comforting and calming way.  I find myself quickly unwinding when I use The Spring, which is a huge bonus, and I find it so fresh and renewing - it truly brings the season of rebirth to mind!

Bloomtown The Spring Face Mask Review

4] Geranium Essential Oil

I have some wonderful essential oils from TisserandSOILPure Anada, and Mystic Moments, including one that I am not usually all too keen on - Geranium.  However, I have really been playing around with some fragrance blends to see if I can find one using geranium that I like, and I finally stumbled upon a winning mix!  I'll be doing a full post soon with all of my springtime scent blends, but for now I wanted to put this one in the spotlight:

2 drops of geranium
3 drops of lavender
2 drops of ylang ylang
1 drop of orange

This blend captures the new blooms of springtime, and is the perfect way to bring the beauty of fresh flowers indoors!  It's a lively yet calming mix, and I find it really eases my mind and reduces tension.  I can't help but feel lighter when breathing in the gorgeous aroma, and during this chaotic time that's all I could ask for.

Tisserand Geranium Essential Oil Review

5]  Antipodes Nirvana Body Wash

With notes of mown grass, damp hedgerow, and a hint of earth, this body wash is most definitely a green beauty treatment that captures the smells of spring!  Antipodes blends spearmint leaf, wild blackcurrant, parsley seed, cardamom, chamomile, kiwi fruit, green tea, and hibiscus, all of which combine into a distinct aroma that is one of a kind.

Not only that, but it lathers up incredibly well, offering a foamy experience that easily cleanses our skin and washes away the day.  Nirvana leaves my skin feeling refreshed, clean, and smelling fab, and it never feels dry or irritated.  Despite all the suds, this formula from Antipodes remains gentle as it uses a mild surfactant rather than anything harsh.

I love using this as a body wash, as a hand wash, or even as a way to get some nice bubbles in the bath at the weekend, and the multi-tasking powers of the gel make it a great pick for those wanting an all in one treatment!  And the huge bottle size means it lasts absolute ages - what more can you ask for??

Antipodes Nirvana Body Wash Review

What do you think of all these springtime formulations?  Fitting for the season??  I would love to see what your favourites are, or if you have any other products that you would say fit the bill for the best green beauty when it comes to smelling like spring!  Let me know in the comments below.

Sending you all calming and positive vibes, and hoping you are all keeping well.  All my best beauties xx

Best Green Beauty for Spring - Smells of Spring Review

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