2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards - My Top 5 Memorable Winners

Who's excited to chat about 2020's Beauty Shortlist Awards??!

On Monday there was tons of excitement over at The Beauty Shortlist as awards day marked ten years running -- and what a brilliant time it was!  2020 is a milestone, and also saw in the second year of the Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards along with loads of new categories like packaging innovation, value skincare brand, and even a whole host of CBD awards.  And like every year, it was certainly a day of surprises, joy, and community building for all the winners, judges, and followers!

There were so many ethical, sustainable, vegan friendly, and all natural brands and products recognized in 2020's awards, and I was super pleased to see so many of my favourites featured.  From Inner Senses and Beauty Kubes to Mallow + White and Okoko Cosmetiques, it was brilliant to find out that their fab formulas took home wins!  And I was also so thrilled to see who else brought in awards, as I got to help judge a great bunch of products.

Face masks, flower essences, moisturizers, vitamins, mascara, serums, protein powder, and more - there were so many goodies to try, and a lot of them really ended up wowing me.  With a record amount of entries, this year the competition was especially fierce!

2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards - Judge Favourites Review

I wanted to feature my top pick from the whole list of winners, but honestly it is impossible to pick just one favourite.  Instead, what I can try to do is share some of my top products that I helped judge.  Even this has been incredibly difficult, as there truly were tons of stunning formulas I tested over the months.  I have narrowed it down to five of the green goodies I gave top marks that were also really memorable or unique, but just know there were many more I fell hard for.  And since there were so many special creations, I will be cheating a bit and sharing a few bonus picks at the end of this post!

I have so much respect for all the winners, so this definitely won't be the last you hear about BSL entrants!  Don't worry, I will definitely be reviewing more of the stand outs soon, and as always, if there is something you would love to hear more about just let me know.

But for now, let's focus on a handful of this year's stars!

Here it goes... My top 5 most memorable beauty and wellbeing products from the main category winners that I had the joy of judging from 2019's BSL Awards!

Leafology Anti-Blemish Face Mask:
One of my top finds from 2020's Beauty Shortlist Awards comes from plastic free and vegan friendly brand Leafology.  Founded by Ella in 2017, the focus stems from "a vested interest in beauty that is pure, plant sourced and full of natural abundance," and I have to say I find the entire range truly embodies this approach.  Created in fresh batches, each product contains only all natural scents and colours from pure plant-based ingredients, and all include the nutritional powerhouse that is tea in some way.

Which brings me to the award winning Anti-Blemish Face Mask.

Recognized as the Best Face Mask for blemish and breakout prone skin, this "Mermaid Magic" formula contains green tea, an antioxidant rich and antibacterial ingredient that helps calm the skin and fight against spots, along with cooling cucumber, anti-inflammatory turmeric, antiseptic fennel, vitamin packed mint, healing marshmallow root, protecting spirulina, detoxifying clays, damage preventing kelp, and more!  It's a fabulous formula, and one that quickly won me over with its effectiveness.

This face mask is a beautiful pistachio colour, capturing both the pure nature of the ingredients as well as the mermaid vibes of the sea-savvy formulation.  It's such an inviting colour, and hints at the deep level of healing TLC this powder to paste creation will provide.  These qualities continue into the smell, with Leafology's mask having a scent that is a mix of antibacterial and medicinal, providing an aroma that is clarifying, bright, and herbal.  I find this ideal for a mid-week pick me up or a total reset at the weekend, and every single element helps make a beneficial experience.

The Anti-Blemish Face Mask is a lovely treatment, working gently but efficiently to banish acne without drying out the face, and I really like how this offered a more comprehensive approach as it doesn't just zap blemishes or help clear the complexion.  Rather, it helped reduce redness and tighten pores while providing a deep cleanse for the skin.  This face mask is exceptional, and I have really been enjoying incorporating it into my weekly routine and love the results I've gotten.

2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards - Judge Favourites Leafology Anti-Blemish Face Mask Review

O Moi Plump It Up Face Cream:
Looking for something totally unique when it comes to a face cream?  o.Moi certainly delivers with their Plump It Up daily moisturizer!  Founded by Kristèle, this Danish brand has been turning heads for many years now and has consistently been scooping up BSL awards since 2017.  As for the driving force of this all natural range, it is all captured within the name itself: "a contraction of the French words "Oh Moi", grounded on the philosophy of making time to take care of oneself - having some "Me Time" from the stress of everyday life."

This is the approach I take to beauty, viewing products as more than just skincare and practicing rituals as selfcare, so the brand really resonated with me from the start.  And once I opened up my jar of the Plump It Up Face Cream for testing, the exceptional qualities of O.Moi continued to impress.

The cream is rich, but surprisingly light on the skin, not feeling at all heavy or greasy.  It doesn't clog pores, nor did it leave me with any breakouts which really surprised me as usually products as initially thick as the Plump It Up formula lead to spots over time.  Instead of blemishes, I was gifted with an instant plumping effect and skin that feels nourished, silky soft, and looks so healthy.  And that is not all.

O.Moi has created something really unique with almost colour shifting properties to it - the cream starts out as an almond shade and looks as though it may be an exfoliating cream due to little speckles that appear throughout the product, but as you begin to massage the moisturizer in, it transforms.  The cream undergoes a metamorphosis, turning white as you slowly blend it in before finally turning totally transparent as it sinks into your face perfectly.  The smell is almost as transfixing as the appearance - such an uplifting and calming aroma, with notes of neroli shining through.  It's delicate, creamy, and comforting, and simply perfect for bringing positivity to your morning or giving your senses a little hug in the evening.

This is a face cream that leaves my face feeling nurtured and revived, looking healthy, and providing a rejuvenated, glowy, and restored finish.  It's no wonder O.Moi has won so many awards for this beauty!

2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards - Judge Favourites O.Moi Plump It Up Face Cream Review

Aquis x Poosh Rapid Dry Hair Turban:
You all know I have been struggling with my hair for some time.  Well, a product I helped judge that I have found incredibly helpful and practical is the Aquis x Poosh Rapid Dry Hair Turban, an ultra-absorbent hands free tool that offers friction free drying as well as overnight protection.

Made with proprietary wicking fabric on the inside and a super smooth charmeuse on the outer layer, this hair turban is actually a great little multi-tasker.  You can use it to dry your hair without exaggerating frizz, split ends, and breakage, to plop if you are following the CG method, to help encourage bounce and volume, and to promote stronger, smoother strands.  And that's just the start of it!  By flipping this handy hair "towel" inside out, you transform the drying tool into a silky soft sleep mask that protects against bed-head, static, lint, and overnight tears!

While the design itself isn't my style, I love the versatility of this product and found myself taking to it very quickly.  The turban became part of my shower routine as I found it so useful for keeping my wet hair off my back and shoulders which is a huge benefit during the cold winter weather.  It easily fit my long hair, and I was happy to find my super fragile, brittle, thin locks coped well -- no damage during use, and most definitely gentler than a towel dry!  The Aquis x Poosh Rapid Dry Hair Turban absorbs the majority of moisture and draws it up without any rough patting/handling, and I was pleased to find that the turban itself stays dry on the outside which I really like as I don't like handling damp material.

This certainly is one of the most useful day to day solutions I discovered while judging products for 2020's BSL Awards, and I will be using this for a long time to come.

2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards - Judge Favourites Aquis x Poosh Rapid Dry Hair Turban Review

Dr Jackson’s Relaxing Tea:
Like anyone else, I love a good cup of tea, but I try to avoid extra caffeine since I am also a coffee drinker.  Cue Dr Jackson's Relaxing Tea, a calming treat for body and mind!

This drink is packed full of soothing ingredients, including valerian and lemon balm.  Now I have to admit, I don't usually enjoy valerian tea, as the taste just isn't my favourite.  I find it intensely woody, and I just can't stomach a whole mug full.  But Dr Jackson has expertly blended herbs and fruits to create a delicious, perfectly balanced flavour that is actually really pleasant and enjoyable!  The tea has a freshness provided by peppermint, and subtle sweetness from aniseed, orange rind, and passionflower - it's truly lovely and has a surprising lightness to it that is really refreshing.

The Relaxing Tea is great for a dose of calm during the afternoon, and it helps settle your thoughts and ease tensions brought on by the stress of work and daily life.  I find it especially useful as a way to transition from work mode to chill out time, and can slowly sip on the warming liquid and feel the anxieties fade away.  I also find this adds a feeling of tranquility and it quiets my brain so I can properly rest without the thousand plans, ideas, and passing thoughts zooming around in my head.  This proved to be an effective blend, and delivered on all its promises.

Alongside the soothing benefits this brings, the tea contains vitamins A, B9, and C, is certified organic, has a vegan friendly formula, and has completely biodegradable packaging.  The glass jar is beautiful, and I know it is one I can reuse for future projects, and I was happy to discover that even the tamper seals are made from eco friendly material, an "extruded cellulose that originates from sustainably sourced eucalyptus wood pulp. This material is FSC and PEFC certified and is sourced from trees that are grown in areas that practice sustainable forest management."  All in all a brilliant wellbeing treat!

2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards - Judge Favourites Dr Jackson's Relaxing Tea Review

Skin Alchemists The Humble Warrior Complete Cleansing Oil (afflink):
I've actually tried Skin Alchemists pretty extensively in the past, and so I was already familiar with The Humble Warrior when it arrived on my doorstep for testing.  However, when judging for the BSL Awards I approach products with a fresh perspective, and so I went into trying this cleansing oil with an open mind and critical lens.

But I continued to be impressed by this multi-tasking marvel.  The blend of large and small molecule oils works so effectively, and everything about this is exceptional.  The consistency is thick and nourishing yet not overly heavy on the skin and does not clog pores, the smell is subtle and not at all overwhelming, and the feel on your face is super silky and luscious.  It's divine.

With 18 active botanicals including omega rich hemp seed, restorative andiroba seed, protective praxaci (an oil high in behenic acid which acts as a barrier against environmental stressors), and balancing marshmallow root extract and black cumin seed, Humble Warrior is truly a force to be reckoned with.  The oil glides across your skin, and no pulling or tugging is required when it comes time to rinse - it just melts away dirt, makeup, and grime and leaves your skin looking and feeling soft, smooth, hydrated, and replenished!

However, this has proved to be a wonderful product beyond rinsing the day away.  You can turn this into a hair mask for deep conditioning, an anti-frizz treatment for smooth and shiny locks, a massage oil, a body moisturizer, a beard softener...  Whatever you think of, you can try!  Skin Alchemists has created an all-in-one super formula that can help reduce waste, cut down on clutter, and highlight the magic and might of nature.  How amazing is that??

2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards - Judge Favourites Skin Alchemists Humble Warrior Review

As for some of my other favourite finds from judging, well there were quite a few actually!  I'm obsessed with:

  • the powder formulas from Guy Morgan, especially the Facial Cleansing Powder which is super gentle on the skin. 
  • the stunning Golden Oil from 79 Lux which has a bright, unique aroma and leaves your skin glowing thanks to collodial gold
  • all the Tisserand pure essential oils which offer so much versatility and are really well priced - my favourite has to be the Ylang Ylang bottle
  • The Eye Set, a handy duo of eye and lip contours from Le Pure that works in combination to smooth, repair, plump, and protect the delicate areas of your skin
  • the ultra velvety dry oil from Valeur Absolue - the Rouge Passion blend is incredible, intoxicating, sensual, inviting, and complex as the aroma evolves and develops
  • SKN-RG, especially the their Pure Serum Concentrate which leaves my skin with a vibrant dewy glow that really makes me look totally fresh faced

And that is just a taste of some of the green goodies I fell for during 2020's Beauty Shortlist Awards.  There are so many more that I am loving, and I discovered so many new brands that I was well impressed by.  Pamoja, Micheline Arcier, Nami Naturale, L'abielle, Mauli, Kyushi...  All with beautiful ranges that I was so happy to delve into!

2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards - Judge Favourites Review

It was brilliant getting to take part in judging for 2020 's Beauty Shortlist Awards, and while the process is always challenging, fairly stressful, and requires so much organization, I would happily do it all again.  Despite the massive time commitment, it is such a rewarding experience, especially on awards day itself when all the excitement came to a head!  I love witnessing brands' happiness as they learn their products have been recognized, and it is such a joy seeing the support throughout the day from followers and beauty enthusiasts.

Monday was just so uplifting and positive, and I hope I can participate again in future!  Either way, I will always be following The Beauty Shortlist as they provide such an extensive list of the best of the best, and I know that I can trust their picks.  Plus, they offer some pretty fantastic insights throughout the year, so the fun doesn't stop on Awards Day!

If you are a brand who is interested in entering for next year, you can keep up to date with all the deadlines and dates over at The Beauty Shortlist.  And do keep in mind that 2020's Mama & Baby Awards open 1 April (closes 8 May), and entires for 2021's Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards opens 1 September 2020.  So if you are thinking 'hey, maybe I'll enter!' then head over to get more information!  These awards put all brands, big and small, new and long established, on an equal playing field, so this is a great way to get international recognition in a fair and trusted way!

And if any of you lovelies are super keen to hear more about any of this year's award winners, let me know!  I would be happy to share my thoughts on any of these amazing products!  Or, if you have tried and tested any of them yourself, let me know what you thought and what your favourites are!

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