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Love natural products but looking for something totally unique??  Koti Lifestyle is a green beauty retailer with a very special take - all of the products featured on their online shop are from Northern European organic brands!

"Koti Lifestyle was born when two Finns living in the UK were trying to find similar organic skincare that they could get back home in Finland. It wasn't an as easy task as they thought so after carrying stuff in their overweight luggage after the trips to Finland or ordering abroad, waiting for weeks for the delivery to arrive, they decided they can do it themselves.

Nordic people have a special relationship with nature. Nature has provided the living for us for centuries, and we are taught not to forget that. Not that we would want to, either! For many people, the forest is still the place to escape when life gets too hectic. Nature heals, it recharges, it calms you down. Nature also provides such powerful ingredients, although we sometimes tend to forget them in our chemical-infused lives. Nordic nature is known for its purity and cleanliness - and as such, it's an excellent base for creating beautifully simple, yet effective skincare."

Currently there are five brands to choose from on Koti Lifestyle: Flow, Frantsila, Hetkinen, Kivvi, and Senja.  I love the focused approach here, and how easy it is to browse the products based on lifestyle requirements.  You can search by vegan friendly formulations, type of product, or even by packaging if you are trying to go plastic free!  There really is something to suit all needs, and because there are so many amazing looking green goodies that are all new to me I found it tricky to narrow down what I was going to try.

Koti Lifestyle Green Beauty Retailer - Senja and Hetkinen Review

Eventually I did choose two products though, and I'm really pleased with both so far!

I picked up the Senja Nordic Nectar Toner Essence as I loved the sound of the ingredients and was intrigued to see what it smelled like and how it performed, and I also chose to try the Hetkinen Hand Balm because the blend of birch and peppermint sounded brilliant and I was needing an intensive treatment to protect my skin on my walk to work.

Both arrived quickly and bundled up well to buffer against any bumps or accidents in transit, and I appreciated that packaging was minimal as that is important to me.  But enough about that for now...  Let's jump into the products themselves!

Transparency Key:
* This post contains gifted products
No matter how I have received a product, whether it has been purchased with my own money, gifted by a brand, been subsidized by a brand, won, gifted by friends/family, or purchased with a gift voucher, my approach is always the same -- honesty, integrity, and highlighting both the good and the bad.  You can find more information on Disclosures and Privacy here.

Senja Nordic Nectar Toner Essence:
Based in Finland, Senja is a natural beauty brand that specializes in three skincare steps: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.  They draw on the potent power of plants, and are all harvested from one of the cleanest countries on the planet.

Senja skincare products are developed and manufactured in Finland using local ingredients. Raw materials are picked from the clean Finnish forests. Due to short summer, Finnish berries and herbs are packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Senja uses these uniquely potent berry and herb extracts and oils to achieve maximum efficiency - 100% naturally.

I almost didn't pick this one up, as I am trying to minimize plastic packaging in my life, but honestly I am SO happy I did choose to try Senja's Nordic Nectar Toner Essence.  This is such a special formula, and really unique compared to other toners.  Not only are the ingredients totally different, inspiring thoughts of fresh air, rolling hills, and crisp mornings, but the consistency of the liquid is brilliant as well.

The Nordic Nectar is fuller bodied yet still feels lightweight, and it instantly soothes the face with its ultra-hydrating ingredients.  Plant based glycerin, nutrient rich birch sap, antioxidant packed blueberry extract, softening cottongrass, and other supercharged ingredients all work together to provide a conditioning treatment that really helps restore and balance your skin.

Koti Lifestyle - Senja Nordic Nectar Toner Essence Review

This absorbs quickly, and I love how it transforms my post-shower face that is slightly irritated and flushed to be me calmer and less tight.  I also find that my other skincare goodies are more effective when following Senja's toner essence, and my skin ends up being much more radiant throughout the day and first thing when I wake up.  This is definitely not your average floral water or facial mist!

And I haven't even mentioned the smell... It's so enticing!  Like a sweet, sticky syrup tinged with honeyed fruits and tart undertones - this is a bright, juicy aroma that is so deliciously moreish I find myself looking forward to the next time I can apply the nectar.  I find it such a cheerful, energizing, mood lifting aroma, and it is most definitely one I appreciate during the dark, cold winter days.

The Senja Nordic Nectar Toner Essence is such a special treat, and one that I am so pleased I chose to pick up despite the plastic packaging (which is recyclable, or can be reused for travels as it is 100ml). This has proved to be a fantastic formula, and one that my face (and senses) is very thankful for!

Ingredients: Betula Pendula (birch) Sap**, Aqua*, Glycerin*, Vaccinium Myrtillus (blueberry) Fruit Extract*, Eriophorum Spissum (cottongrass) Flower/Stem Extract*, Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea (lingonberry) Fruit Extract*, Urtica Dioica (nettle) Leaf Extract*, Empetrum Nigrum (crowberry) Fruit Extract*, Acacia Senegal Gum*, Xanthan Gum*, Sodium Levulinate*, Sodium Anisate*, Lactic Acid*, Phenethyl Alcohol*, Parfum (natural)*, Linalool*, Limonene*, Benzyl Salicylate*, Geraniol*
*Natural ingredient
**Ingredient from organic farming

Hetkinen Birch & Peppermint Hand Balm:
Another brand I decided to try from Koti Lifestyle is Hetkinen.  Based in Finland, this eco-minded business crafts products that capture the idea that the essential is simple.  The focus is to use only pure and minimal ingredients, all of which are 100% natural, plant based, and highlight the beauty, power, and importance of trees.

"Our company believes that living in harmony with nature is one of the greatest commitments we can make in our lives. We love the forest and its trees, and it is the biggest inspiration when we create our products. Our philosophy is to bring the people who use these products closer to nature in their busy everyday lives.

We respect the wisdom of Northern wilderness, and the health benefits it can offer us. The knowledge of healing properties of different trees helps us create balanced mixtures for natural skin care. These nourish, refresh, calm, and complement skins of all ages."

All of Hetkinen's products are housed in plastic free packaging made from beautiful Finnish pine.  I love that you can see and feel the grain of the wood, and I do think this adds a whole other level to the experience as it brings you even closer to nature.  The jars get you thinking about where the rich balm inside came from, and the incredible benefits offered by raw materials you might not necessarily always appreciate.

I decided to try out the Birch & Peppermint Hand Balm, as I liked the sound of the intensive treatment and the blend of extracts, plus my staple hand cream recently ran out and I was excited to try out something new.  The balm has a base of shea butter, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E, and it has been designed to efficiently moisturize, target wrinkles, and enhance your skin's health.  The combination of nourishing substances work to protect against cold and dry weather (perfect for winter!) as well as the sun, and as it is a waterless formulation it should last you longer than other lotions on the market.

Koti Lifestyle - Hetkinen Hand Balm Review - Birch and Peppermint

This is definitely a rich treatment, but it is not feel overly heavy - and it didn't congest my skin at all which I was happy about!  The balm is ideal for those needing TLC, who have very dry skin, or who are out in the elements frequently and need a effective barrier against the elements.  This definitely has been a great addition to my routine, as I walk to work and find the wind bites at my hands and leaves them feeling irritated and depleted.  By massaging this in right before I leave, I was able to shield them from the worst of the biting air!  Plus, the balm leaves my hands feeling super soft right after use which is a lovely bonus.

I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed in the smell, as I was expecting a gorgeous birch aroma infused with minty freshness.  Instead, when I opened the lid I was met with the strong scent of citronella.  To me, this reminds me of camping, warm evenings in summer, and fending off mosquitoes.  However, I do appreciate that the distinctive bite of citronella is softened by the creamier tones of Finland's national tree.  The birch leaf extract definitely balances the aroma out a bit, but I can't help but wish it was more prominent in the profile.

That being said, the scent is definitely one that boosts clarity, lifts the mood, and adds a dose of positivity to the day.  It brings sunshine to mind, and I'm always thankful for even the hint of that lovely golden glow!

Overall, Hetkinen's Birch & Peppermint Hand Balm is a potent hand treatment, and the plastic free aspect elevates this even further for me.  I love how it restores and heals, and while the scent is not my favourite, it is certainly unique and unexpected.  This is definitely a product to check out!

Ingredients: Vitellaria paradoxa butter, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed oil, Betula bendula leaf extract, Tocophehyl acetate, styrax benzoin gum, Mentha piperita oil, Cympopogon Winterianus oil, *Limonene, *Linalool, *Citronellol,*Eugenol, *Geraniol, *Farnesol (*essential oil component)

Koti Lifestyle Review - Senja and Hetkinen Finnish Beauty Brands

I have been loving the products I chose from Koti Lifestyle, and am beyond impressed by the quality of the formulas as well as the service experience.  When I had a question about packaging, Jenny got back to me so quickly with an answer that helped me choose if an item was suitable for me.  I also found the delivery time to be fast, and for someone who struggles to wait this was a huge plus!

Koti Lifestyle is most definitely a green beauty shop I will be shopping from again, and I already have my eye on a few more products that look stunning - the Flow Chamomile & Probiotics Facial Mist and the Lingonberry Bright Mask in particular sound right up my alley!

If you are looking to try out Koti Lifestyle, you can grab 10% off your first order by signing up to their newsletter.  They also run promotions on occasion (including one last week for 20% orders!), so it's well worth following them on Instagram to keep up with deals as well as new arrivals, product tips, and giveaways.

What products would you be keen to try from Koti Lifestyle?  Any brand call your name, or a formulation look like it would be perfect for you??  Let me know, as I would love to know what you're thinking!  And if there is anything else you would like to see me review, tell me in the comments xx


  1. I love the ethics behind all of these brands and the pure ingredients of the products. Next time I need to stock up, I’ll have a look at Koti Lifestyle.

    1. they have some really great stuff, and super unique as well which I love! you'll have to let me know if you pick anything up x


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