Bye Bye Bottles - My.Haircare Shampoo Bar Review

Looking to ditch the plastic in your life?  Shampoo bars are a simple swap that can be made, saving you money, time, and the planet all in one easy step!  And My.Haircare has developed a vegan friendly range of luxury handmade shampoo bars that target all of your possible needs: meet Rescue My.Hair!

My.Haircare Rescue My.Hair Shampoo Bar review - Pollution Patrol featured

Late last year I was introduced to a selection of shampoo bars from the My.Haircare line, and quickly discovered why this brand was making waves in the beauty world.  Made using waterless technology, meaning you're reducing both your plastic waste AND water usage, these cold pressed bars are cruelty free, vegan, and are truly biodegradable.  Plus, each formulation is free from parabens, silicones, palm oil, harsh detergents like SLS and SLES, and artificial colourings.

The shampoo bars from the Rescue My.Hair range are all soap-free, so they do not contain lye or sodium hydroxide, both of which are high pH substances and can actually cause damage and frizz, or bring about an irritated itchy scalp.  In fact, this line of shampoos has been created to bring balance to your hair - with a pH of 5.5, these bars are gentle to use and as close as possible to your hair's structure!

I was sent two types to try out initially, both based on my hair needs at that time: Hydrate and Smooth.  I voiced my initial thoughts in my Plastic Free Bathroom Essentials Edit, but today I'll be bringing you all the details on these two bars.  And guess what -- yesterday I was sent one more bar to test, meaning you'll get even more shampoo bar goodness in today's review as I take a look at the intriguingly named Pollution Patrol formula!

So let's discover the full Rescue My.Hair range, shall we?

My.Haircare Rescue My.Hair Shampoo Bar review

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Hydrate is a bar designed for rejuvenating and "has moisturizing and hydro-active properties" that work to revitalize both the scalp and hair.  With aloe vera, prickly pear, and carob seed extract (along with vegan friendly glycerin), this creation brings a dose of moisture and hydration that helps refresh dull, damaged, and dry locks.  This bar has a potent fragrance of bergamot and rose that sticks around through the day, giving your hair a perfumed quality that many are bound to enjoy.

Smooth, a formula that is ideal for those with dry hair, contains a synergistic blend of five natural oils that work to tame frizz and give your locks a polished silky finish.  With the help of wild rose seed oil extract, olive oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, and corn germ oil, this shampoo bar turns out to be an answer for "untameable" hair.  It reduces flyaways, but also adds shine!  Again, while I did find the aroma strong, this one is much more subtle and actually adds a sense of calm to the day.  It is a nice perfumed, with sandalwood and patchouli, and the scent lingers in your hair.

Pollution Patrol is the latest arrival for me, but is already proving to be the favourite of the bunch!  This bar has been formulated to purify the scalp, rid the hair and skin of daily nasties, and soothe irritations caused by city living.  Enriched with oat protein, Pollution Patrol is able to thoroughly cleanses your hair, removing any and all buildup and pollutants, and in doing so leaves your locks feeling lighter, refreshed, and healthier.  This creation smells so lovely (though still very potent), with cucumber and violet - a summery duo that is uplifting and cheerful.

Volume is the only bar I have not tried for myself yet, but it sounds just as good as the other three.  Fragranced with cherry blossom and lotus, this formula was designed to "enhance hair health and volume with extracts of Soja germ extract, fava bean extract, pea extract, kidney bean extract."  Sounds pretty good, yes??

Overall, I really like the no-soap approach to the My.Haircare shampoo bars.  Unlike other solid shampoos I have tried out, the formula from My.Haircare did not leave my locks heavy or looking greasy and clumped together, nor did these bars make my already stressed out hair feel like straw.  Many products like this I find to be incredibly drying, but I was pleased to find that wasn't really the case here.  Instead, these bars proved to cleanse really well and produce tons of suds without the harshness of SLS.  Plus they are all super easy to handle!

I personally still need to follow up with a conditioner as my hair is quite brittle (stress induced, but it is slowly recovering!) and requires as much TLC as possible at the moment, however, Tim was often able to skip this step.  In fact, these are currently his go to for shampoo!  Twice a week he lathers up and is treated to fresh, revitalized hair that looks and feels great.

And I have to say I am already really enjoying my latest arrival.  The Rescue My.Hair Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar is just so full of sunshine, with a powdery sweetness that I can't help but find delightful.  The light green shade is so welcoming, plus it looks super cute on the soap dish next to my shower!

My.Haircare Rescue My.Hair Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar review

I find this suds up so well, making it easy to apply throughout my long locks and to know that I haven't missed any spots, and while it bubbles generously it doesn't feel like it is stripping my hair or drying it out at all.  Then when all has been rinsed and dried, my hair looks clean and restored.  It's so great how feathery light it feels, like all the weight of the world has been washed away, and it looks glossier than ever.  I can't wait to see how I get on with this longer term!

Have you tried out any of the Rescue My.Hair shampoo bars yet??  I would really like to hear your thoughts and know what you thought about the experience.  And if you haven't used these handmade treatments yet, which would you be tempted by?  Let me know in the comments below xx

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