Kri Skincare Review - Bakuchiol Benefits (and a Brand Reborn!)

You all know my love for the green, clean, and budget friendly brand Guiltless Skin...  Well, today I've got a special review that shares not only the recent rebranding of one of my staple indie beauty brands, but also a new launch to their range!

The beautiful Guiltless Skin has metamorphosed after a long and thought out consideration of what they want to stand for, and after shedding their already marvelous skin, they evolved into Krī Skincare!

Kri Skincare Review

Krī, meaning 'to make, to do, to prepare' in Sanskrit, was chosen in the drive to become more accessible and welcoming to all customers, and it perfectly encapsulates the ethos of this gorgeous green brand.  They're about skincare and the process of creating highly effective products that deliver results without a mile long ingredient list.  They're about preparing formulas that are safe and suitable for all skin types as well as the planet we all live and rely on.  They're about quality, integrity, and personal touches...

And that is why I fell for this brand at the start.  From my very first experience with one of their skincare products, I was impressed by the amount of care invested in every detail.  Krī Skincare is no different, as is very much a natural step for them -- it's like version 2.0, with elevated design, extended commitments to being as eco friendly as possible, and a steady growth to a range of already amazing formulations!

The first to be added to the line?  Bakuchiol Antioxidant Oil!

Kri Skincare - Bakuchiol Antioxidant Oil Review

Bakuchiol is a natural, plant-based alternative to retinol (a chemical compound of Vitamin A), and is much more gentle than the popular "anti-aging" ingredient.  Unlike retinol, bakuchiol causes no peeling, nor any irritation, yet it helps boost collagen and elastin production all the same.  Research shows both ingredients work to improve pigmentation, redness, fine lines, wrinkles, and firmness, and the stats are so close that even dermatologists couldn't tell the difference between the two!

"This botanical ingredient is a relatively new kid on the block in the skincare world, and it's been described as a game-changer.

A double-blind study of volunteers using either bakuchiol or retinol found that both groups saw a significant reduction in wrinkle surface area and hyperpigmentation, with no statistical difference between the two compounds. However, the retinol group reported more scaling and stinging. (Source: British Journal of Dermatology)

Pronounced back-ooh-chee-all, it's ideal for those that can't tolerate retinol or are looking for a natural alternative. 

Don't be fooled by poor quality cheap substitutes flooding the market: there is only one genuine type of proven bakuchiol under the trade name Sytenol ®. We've sourced our bakuchiol directly from the official supplier."

When I heard Krī was introducing a new product to their range, I was excited, but when I heard what the product would be I was even more intrigued.  I have used formulas that contain bakuchiol in the past, but never a single item designated for a step in my skincare routine.  I wanted to know what results I would see, how it worked, what it would smell and feel like, and how my semi-sensitive and easily irritated face would react!

And today I'm happy to finally share!

In terms of the texture, colour, and smell, Krī's Bakuchiol Antioxidant Oil is lovely and light in every way.  Kalahari watermelon seed oil (the base of this product) gives the blend a nice shade of pale straw, a comforting and warming tone that is so welcoming and hints at the gentle qualities housed within the bottle.

Kri Skincare Bakuchiol Antioxidant Review

The Bakuchiol Antioxidant Oil doesn't have a super strong scent, as there are no added essential oils and Kalahari watermelon seed oil has a very mild aroma rather than anything in your face or overly fragrant.  That being said, since this is more of a layered product and has to work in tandem with other formulations, I love that it is not heavily fragranced.  I need all my steps to jive together, and scent profile is something I really think about when deciding my routine -- if this had a strong aroma, I wouldn't find it as versatile as it is!

Consistency wise, this is a delicate oil, not heavy at all which makes it great for a multi-step skincare ritual.  I find it absorbs well, and is not overly oily or slick on the face which is great.  Now the weather has turned even colder, I like applying Bakuchiol after my serum, then finishing up my pre-bed routine while it sinks in so by the time I have finished all the little tasks my face is ready for the final application of moisturizer.  It works really well, and has made sure my skin doesn't look or feel dry at all despite the chill, but also has proved lightweight enough to not cause me any breakouts.

After five weeks of testing, both on myself and on Tim who has skin a bit more suited to the effects of bakuchiol, I thought it was time to offer an initial check in for the results.  Of course, ingredients like bakuchiol take upwards of twelve weeks to show comprehensive results, so I have a while yet to go before I can give full thoughts, but I have to say there has already been movement!

For me, fine lines and pigmentation is luckily not a concern I have.  However, I do have redness and during winter my complexion becomes a bit dull and in need of TLC.  I have noticed since introducing Krī's Bakuchiol Antioxidant Oil into my ritual that my face is noticeably smoother and retaining the summer glow much longer than usual.  Even after having been poorly for a week and not taking care of myself as much (couch bound to recover - it works for me!) my skin is still looking pretty great!  I also like that the Bakuchiol blend helps soften skin and balance natural oils, as my congestion prone face struggles to adapt to any changes.  This product is simple yet effective, and my fussy skin has accepted it and is loving the gentle touch!

Kri Skincare Review - Bakuchiol Antioxidant Oil

For Tim, the results are even more noticeable.  He has very dry skin, and because of that he has more fine lines that have developed from years of not properly taking care of his cells.  Well, this oil is definitely helping reverse some of that damage!  Let's get one thing straight -- wrinkles don't just "disappear."  They can be minimized, but you can't turn back time.  Nor should you in my opinion.  Lines show character, and a life fully lived.  But when it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines caused by dry or dehydrated skin, a product like Krī's Bakuchiol Antioxidant Oil can be a savior in time.

I try to help Tim maintain his skincare routine, but it's tricky as he doesn't always want "the potions" as he calls them.  But even with inconsistent application this oil has helped plump up his skin, particularly his forehead area, and fill in some of those more prominent creases.  I can't wait to see what even more time shows, and I know he is happy with the results as he has been asking more frequently for his "makeup" (he literally has no idea what things are which is both so funny and sweet).

Overall, I've been impressed by Krī's latest launch, and I'm loving the added moisture and freshness it adds to my face and complexion.  I also really appreciate how versatile this is, as I can add it after serum or just mix it directly into my moisturizer if I am in a rush, and the lack of noticeable fragrance really helps make this a "ghost" that works tirelessly behind the scenes.  It's special, subtle, and totally in line with the Krī Skincare line!

Kri Skincare Awake Eye Cream and Purify Cleanser Review - Samples

As are the adorable new minis they have released -- I was so happy to be sent samples of both the Awaken Eye Cream and the Purify Rosehip Cleanser, both of which I had yet to try for myself, and I was surprised by how generous the sizes are.  Each bottle contains 10ml of product which is more than enough to thoroughly trial the formula to see if it works for your skin.  In fact, I've already determined that I would like to pick up full sizes of these when my stash dwindles!

The eye treatment is nourishing without being heavy, plus it doesn't leave that white residue I so dread with creams, and the cleanser is great on its own or as a second cleanse meaning I can use it both morning and evening!  I'll be sharing a bit more about these over on Instagram soon, but do let me know if you'd like a full review as well!

And of course I was pleased to find that these minis are in glass (with pipette or pump dispensers) -- another brand doing samples right.  Love that they #SkipTheSachet and opt for better alternatives!

Kri Skincare Samples Review

I think the Krī Skincare design is perfect, crisp, and captures the all embracing approach of the brand so well, but how are you liking the new look?  Do you love it??  And what about the new launch?  I would love to hear your experience with bakuchiol, and if you have tried Krī's latest launch specifically.  Have you used for the full twelve weeks, and what results did you see??  Do share your thoughts in the comments!

And if you haven't tried anything from the Krī Skincare range yet, or you're looking to place your first order with them, you can grab £5 off your first order by using my link!  Find some of the green goodies I have tested from them here, or of course I'm happy to give recommendations based on your skin type and personal preferences.  Just let me know if you need any guidance! xx


  1. I've never heard of this brand but I love the meaning of the name. I have dry skin as well so the oil could be good for my skin too x

  2. I could really do with trying this antioxidant oil at the moment. My skin is struggling with the cold


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