My Followers' Summer Eco Favourites! *

As August is drawing to a close, it's time to talk summer selections!

Over the course of the summer I've shared various green goodies I've tested, but I think it's just as important to hear what all you eco-lovelies are enjoying - and not just when it comes to beauty products.

So today I'm rounding up what some of you, my incredible followers and readers, have been loving this summer season!  Skincare, drinks, food, makeup, personal care, sun creams, and more... You beauties are using some great stuff and I'm so excited to share everything here on The ecoLogical.

Plus, I'll give a quick look into my own summer favourites at the very end!  I spent just over four weeks in the US with my family, so many of my staples were products I brought with me or bought while visiting.  Find out what made the cut, and what I wish I packed more of!

Transparency Key:
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some of these items have been gifted
No matter how I have received a product, whether it has been purchased with my own money, gifted by a brand, been subsidized by a brand, won, gifted by friends/family, or purchased with a gift voucher, my approach is always the same -- honesty, integrity, and highlighting both the good and the bad.  You can find more information on Disclosures and Privacy here.

"The most important summer essential for me is a sunscreen, of course. Over the years I've tried many natural sunscreens and I always keep coming back to Green People's sunscreens as they are really effective and don't leave any white cast. I've never burnt when using these and my partner loves them too and doesn't want to use anything else. I also love Madara's Age-Defying Sunscreen as it softens my fine lines and prevents further skin damage.

Apart from sunscreens, a natural deodorant is a must for me. I normally go with Weleda's deodorants but have also found Clean Deodorant Balm from The Natural Deodorant Co. great." - Petra K

Green People Sunscreen - Eco Summer Favourites

"My summer favourite this year is Depop! I've only recently dived headfirst into eco friendly living, and I've gained some weight since last summer, so I've been on the hunt for ethical summer clothing. Having a really simple app to find high quality secondhand clothes has been so helpful, and I've even sold some of my own old pieces on there, so I know they've gone to a good home. I'd definitely recommend Depop for anyone looking to update their wardrobe - it's a great way to find new pieces and ensure your old items are reused!"  - Kiah

"My favorite eco friendly beauty product must haves for summer are Luk Vanilla Chocolate Lip Nourish, Wonder Seed cleanser, Andalou Body Lotion, and Sea-el DIY Superfood Mask, as they all help keep me nourished and protected.  I'm also loving my reusable Strawsome straw,  Dandelion and Dreams Buzz Off Big Spray, and Om Nohm which I got at the Ellicottville Farmer's market (light and delicious! their Slytherin cookies= yum!). - Liane M

Thyme Out - Eco Summer Favourites

"My top summer product is ‘Thyme Out’ an amazing Thyme tincture that pretty much sorts out any skin irritation you can think off! It’s an indispensable item for my first aid kit. Brilliant for insect bites, sunburn, eczema, acne and so much more." - Petra R

"Elsa's natural deo for sure! [...] The tins are plastic free and it really works.  Helps me stay fresh all day.  Currently using the ocean scent" - Siobhan G

Wow! So many amazing goodies, and some that are totally new to me so I will have to check them out.  It seems like nourishing but lightweight formulas are a big hit right now, along with plastic free staples and ways of limiting waste.  Loving it, and loved hearing about some of you eco-beauties favourites!

As for my favourites, I still am loving many of last year's favourites, like the Alteya rose water which is an all year round necessity, but I also have a handful of 'new' green goodies that became summer essentials!

Earthwise Beauty Thelma Lip Treatment
A gorgeous lip butter that is incredibly healing and nourishing, and perfect for keeping your lips full and smooth throughout the summer weather.  It smells a little nutty and earthy, making this such a calming product to use day or night, and I love how easy it is to apply.  I got a sample with my latest EWB order, and it's lasted so long since you only need a tiny amount.  Thelma saved my lips on our flight home, and during the cold I picked up -- my cracked lips healed pretty much overnight once I popped some of this balm on, and I will definitely be ordering a full size soon as it will be great for the dry and cold winter season too!

Alteya Organics Face Sunscreen
I love that this sunscreen is non-greasy, leaves my face looking just as it did prior to application (so not oily or shiny at all!), and has a nice rosy tint to it that gives me an additional glow.  It's perfect for summer, and so handy as I can just leave it in my bag and apply when needed.  I didn't get a single sunburn this summer when using Alteya's formula, so I will definitely be repurchasing for next summer!  Read more about this beauty here.

Okoko Cosmetiques Summer Mist
This is such an interesting, unique, and special product that it quickly made it onto my summer essentials list.  I mean, I have never experienced anything quite like Summer Mist before!  Okoko Cosmetiques created a facial spray that does more than just cool your skin and hydrate your face -- Summer Mist protects against sun exposure, working in tandem with your sunscreen to keep your skin safe from UV damage.  A heat activated micro-algae provides this defense, kicking into gear to prevent premature aging, damage, and skin dehydration.  It's seriously mind blowing how much of a difference this can make!  The smell is super intriguing as well (it has the signature Tresor aroma!), though it did take me a while to grow to love it.  Refreshing, sun protection, and totally innovative, Summer Mist of course became a fast favourite of mine this summer.

Inner Senses Tranquil and Dream Body Oils
You all know my love for all things Inner Senses, but what you might not know is that I use their body oils primarily for their aromatherapeutic properties.  The fact that they are so moisturizing is just a bonus for me!  Since we have had a chaotic/sad/stressful time of things lately, I brought my samples of Tranquil and Dream along for our visit to the US, and I am so glad I did.  They ensured we released any tensions before bedtime, and helped lull us to sleep when we were having trouble dozing off.  Plus, they kept my skin super soft all summer long!  Read more about these oils here.

P.s. remember you can get your GWP over on Inner Senses website by using Brand Ambassador code BRYANNA at checkout!  Just pick your sample of choice, add it to your cart, pop the code in, and you'll be able to try another blend free of charge!

David's Tea Lock Top Travel Mug and Pokito Coffee Cup
I managed to pop into a David's Tea in Toronto during our family getaway to Canada, and lucky me it was their summer sale!  I grabbed this super cute gradient style travel thermos as it has a built in strainer for tea, and it's been in my hand pretty much constantly ever since!  It's so good for iced tea, as it keeps your drink cold for hours on end, plus it is so durable and pretty to look at.  I also have used my trusty Pokito all through the season, mostly with iced coffee since the weather has been so warm.  I love this poppable mug as it is so convenient for when you're on the go, and I have to say it is the best reusable coffee cup I have ever come across.  Three years old now and still going strong!

Eco by Sonya Personal Outdoor Spray
I picked up my first bottle of this insect deterrent last year, and I wouldn't go on holiday without it anymore.  It's super effective, smells amazing, lasts ages, and is free from the usual nasty ingredients found in most bug sprays.  I spray myself down (and sometimes my blanket too if I am out at a campfire in the evening), and don't have to fret about being bit up by pesky mosquitoes or flies.  Seriously, I got maybe two bites the entire four weeks I was in the US!  My parents live basically in the woods, so that's incredible.  Read more about this bug spray here.

Maison Meunier Purifying Face Mask
Funnily enough, I found this super hydrating mask ideal for summer rather than winter!  Don't get me wrong, it's great no matter the weather, but for some reason my skin really responded to Maison Meunier's mask more in the heat than it had previously.  The Purifying Face Mask offered everything I needed: hydration, moisture, a clarifying treatment, and added radiance.  I popped some on once a week (in between my more intensive spot treatment mask), and it totally reset my complexion and kept me glowing through my whole trip.  And it smells so delicious that I found myself transported to magical fields of flowers every time I used it!  Read more about the mask here.

Ursa Major Go Easy Shampoo and Conditioner
I picked up another sample set from Ursa Major as I didn't want to travel with full bottles this summer, and I have to say the Go Easy haircare duo continues to impress.  The shampoo totally cleanses my hair, leaving it fresh and renewed, and the conditioner helps nourish and keep my long locks bouncy and shiny.  My hair is pretty damaged from stress at the moment, but this helped keep things ticking along and protected it from the chlorine in the pool too.

Green Beauty Summer Essentials - Okoko Cosmetiques, Inner Senses, Maison Meunier, Earthwise Beauty

Of course I have other natural products I loved this summer, but these are the ones I used most frequently and couldn't imagine having gone without.  They kept me going through the warmth, protected me against the sun's strong rays, helped me stay hydrated, and had my skin glowing through even the worst heat waves!

What were your go to products during the sunny season?  I would love to hear what your summer staples were and what got you through the last few months, so be sure to leave your favourites below!  xx


  1. Thanks so much for including my favourites here Bryanna! It's so interesting to see other people's favourites. Thyme Out sounds really really good, never heard of it before but now that I know about it I definitely want to get some, what an amazing product! Some other products also caught my eyes so I will definitely check them out.

    1. yes I love hearing what others are loving! so fun and a great way to discover new goodies that may become favourites x

  2. Oh my gosh, so many beautiful things, where do I start? Maybe by adding all of them to my wishlist :) Thyme Out being first!


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