Top Five Summer Skincare Essentials: Plastic Free Edition

Guest Post - Top Five Summer Skincare Essentials: Plastic Free Edition

by the lovely Emma from Beauty Folio

The Summer has finally arrived here in the UK and even though the sunshine certainly brings a lot of happiness, it also means that the amount of single-use plastic goes up thanks to endless water bottles, sunscreen tubes and travel sized minis which are perfect for your summer vacation - but detrimental in their impact upon the environment.

Plastic Free summer essentials

Thankfully, as it’s Plastic Free July, there will be a heightened awareness about plastic pollution and some single-use plastic habits will be broken this month. Sometimes, it’s the small changes that have the biggest impact which is why I wanted to share my top five summer skincare essentials that are completely free from plastic packaging - and instead are housed in aluminium tins which are lightweight and won’t break, making them perfect for travelling and on-the-go application.

  1. Sunscreen - Shade: All Natural Sunscreen SPF 25

The number one summer essential has to be sunscreen, and although we should be using it in our skincare routines all year round, it is vital in the summer when we spend more time outdoors for longer periods of time.

Plastic Free summer essentials - Shade sunscreen review

Shade SPF 25 is suitable for all skin types and has an all natural formula comprising of Shea Butter (36%), Coconut Oil (36%), Beeswax (10%) and Zinc Oxide (18%). Shade is a broad spectrum sunscreen, protecting the skin from UVA and UVB rays which prevents premature aging as well as the most common types of skin cancers.

The texture initially feels a little drying on your fingers but as soon as you begin to rub it in it absorbs quickly, leaving behind skin which doesn’t feel chalky and has no white cast after use. I found it easier to apply from the tin than those housed in plastic bottled and tubes as I could correctly gauge how much I needed to apply to avoid product wastage.

After using this on multiple occasions, it is no surprise that it’s a multi-award winner, recently scooping Gold in The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2019. So far it hasn’t caused any irritations or breakouts like sun creams I've used in the past and I haven’t experienced any sunburn at all. The best news is that it’s incredibly affordable and comes in various sizes so not only can you try before buying full-sized, but there’s no excuse not to keep one in your handbag to top-up throughout the day.

2. Deodorant - Elsa’s Organic Skin Foods: Lemon Ice Crème Deodorant

Deodorant is an essential item anytime of the year but it is certainly a must during the summer months. I’ve been using Elsa Organics’ Lemon Ice for a while now and not only does it capture the scent of Summer with it’s zesty, refreshing fragrance but it also keeps me smelling fresh throughout the day.

Plastic Free summer essentials - Elsa's natural deodorant review

Application is simple and effective, as the deodorant rubs into the underarms with ease and hasn’t caused any irritation so far. It is a very concentrated formulation, so a little product goes a long way, making this more affordable than it’s plastic counterpart. The best news is that you can apply Elsa Organics’ Crème Deodorant anywhere on the body that requires odour control whether that be on the back of your neck, between toes or anywhere in between; it is gentle enough to use wherever you feel you need a little more odour protection.

3. Calming Salve - The Ilex Wood: Calendula Salve

When it comes to skincare essentials, it doesn’t get much better than The Ilex Wood’s Calendula Salve, as it is my go-to product for any skincare emergency.

Plastic Free summer essentials - The Ilex Wood calendula salve review

Calendula Salve has been formulated with all skin types in mind however is beneficial in targeting dry, sensitive and irritated skin; calming rashes, soothing eczema, calming bites and even healing burns (including sunburn). Thanks to the Calendula, this all-purpose salve is also antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory so is great for use on blemishes and sweat rashes too. What I love most about the Calendula Salve is that it is safe to use on children and pets alike, so it  really is a summer essential for the whole family.

The Ilex Wood have formulated the salve with beeswax, so it has a slightly firmer texture and is great for use in the summer as it doesn’t melt quite as quickly. If you prefer a vegan friendly option, the salve also comes in a soy wax formulation that is softer and more balm-like in its consistency. I have to say that I am never without Calendula Salve in my beauty stash as it really is a skincare saviour that I couldn’t be without.

The Ilex Wood: Calendula Salve - £12.00/100ml (Also available in a vegan formulation here).

4. Lip Balm- Soap Folk: Rose Geranium Lip Balm

There’s nothing worse than dry and chapped lips, especially in the Summer when the sun and air conditioning have an extreme drying effect on our pout. Thankfully there are a lot of great lip balms on the green beauty market but unfortunately, not all of them are completely plastic-free.

Plastic Free summer essentials - Soap Folk lip balm review

I’ve recently been loving Soap Folk Lip Balms as they are nourishing, easy to use and inexpensive - plus their formulation of cocoa butter, carnauba wax and jojoba oils gives the balm a firm texture which makes them less likely to melt, but rather soften, during the warm weather.

My personal favourite at the moment is the Rose Geranium flavour, as it smells like an English country garden on a summer's day. The organic and vegan-friendly balm gives lips a silky, glossy finish which makes for a great substitute for gloss and lipstick. The balm is relatively long lasting and comes in an array of flavours to suit any preference, making it the perfect solution to keep your lips in tip-top condition this Summer.

5. Body Scrub - The Salt Parlour: Lime and Avocado Energise Salt & Sulphur Scrub

Our final Summer skincare essential has to be a body scrub, as exfoliating the skin has a wealth of benefits from improving skin texture to boosting circulation which can improve cellulite and the general appearance of our skin. As well as this, exfoliating will give you better tanning and hair removal results as body oils and butters can penetrate deeper, giving you long lasting moisturised results.

Plastic Free summer essentials - The Salt Parlour energize scrub review

The Salt Parlour’s Lime and Avocado Energise Scrub is perfect for summer time as lime has antiseptic properties to battle pimples and acne while the addition of avocado oil is nourishing on dry and itchy skin. The zesty scrub has a unique texture that I haven’t experienced in any other scrub or polish, as it has a gritty texture which is gentle on the skin and not too abrasive. This makes for a great scrub to use a few times a week to reduce spots that appear thanks to perspiration and leave skin silky smooth and glowing as we bare more of ourselves as the weather gets hotter.

The Salt Parlour: Lime and Avocado Energise Scrub - £16.95/100g (the scrub featured in this post is a Mini Tin and not full-sized)

Plastic Free summer essentials

Whatever you’re doing this Summer, I hope it is full of glorious weather and happiness - whether you are travelling to warmer climates, staycationing at home or exploring the world, I hope you have an amazing time.

Have you used any of these products in your skincare routine? Let me know your Summer skincare essentials in the comments below.

Take Care,

Emma @ Beauty Folio x

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