May Empties 2019

Another month, another beauty empties roundup!

This is the month of 'B' businesses it seems, as I finished up products from seven brands starting with my namesake letter - how funny!  I also made my way through a fair amount of bath and shower formulas, as several had been on the go for ages.  Unfortunately our bath is currently out of order (you may have seen my complaints on social - ughhh!) so I can't use many this month.  Sad!

May Beauty Empties - Natural Skincare + Wellbeing Products

But it was a great May full of lovely skincare, makeup, and wellbeing treats, and there wasn't really anything I hated.  Sure, there were a few flops, but nothing that was out and out bad.  The only thing I was a bit meh about was the packaging, as it showed me I do still have quite a lot of plastics lurking in my cupboards.  I'm just happy that all of them were recyclable, and many of the more eco friendly packagings I have actually kept to reuse in the future.

Now just check out my thoughts on all these green goodies:

Benecos Natural Mascara Vegan Volume (10ml):
Enjoyed?: yes!
Positives: great shade of black, volumizing, doesn't smudge, lasts most of the day
Negatives: flakes a tiny bit
Buy Again?: yes

Tisserand Rose & Geranium Leaf Body Wash (200ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: smells lovely, lathers well, non-drying
Negatives: plastic bottle, alcohol denat
Buy Again?: maybe, esp if they switch from plastic

BAO Avocado Orange Face Polish (50ml):
Enjoyed?: mostly
Positives: fairly gentle, didn't break me out, unique scrub overall
Negatives: I didn't love the smell after a while, sometimes a bit too scrubby
Buy Again?: I'm keen to try their new version

Myroo Superfood Balm Raspberry & Cucumber (~3ml):
Enjoyed?: mostly
Positives: great for dry spots - super moisturizing, smells lovely
Negatives: a little too slick, feels a bit heavy on skin
Buy Again?: I'm not sure yet. Maybe for winter!

Burt's Bees Lip Crayon in Sedona Sands (3.11g):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: beautiful colour, glides on so smoothly, lasted ages, moisturizing
Negatives: doesn't last all day (or even a few hours) as it slips off
Buy Again?: no, as I'm not comfortable with their CF status (they lied for a long time)

Bodhi & Birch Chinois Blue Body Oil (15ml):
Enjoyed?: yes!
Positives: gorgeous scent - delicate, sweet, and full of life; not greasy on skin, sinks in fully, moisturizing, works great in bath/shower too
Negatives: it's a bit out of my usual price range (but worth it!)
Buy Again?: yes, once I save up / finish up some of my stash

Elemental Herbology Moisture Milk (15ml):
Enjoyed?: no, it just didn't work out for me
Positives: fully absorbs, great for daytime & humid days, lightweight
Negatives: phenoxyethonal, too liquidy
Buy Again?: sadly no

Bespoke Aroma Refreshing Facial Mist (30ml):
Enjoyed?: yes!
Positives: so uplifting + energizing, perfect for mornings, awakening peppermint is potent and so lovely, mister works great and sprays evenly and lightly
Negatives: none
Buy Again?: yes!

Odylique Coconut Candy Scrub (~3ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: smells yum!, nourishing and gently exfoliating at the same time
Negatives: a bit heavy, coconut oil breaks me out - I can use this on my legs, but not elsewhere
Buy Again?: I already have another to use up, so will report back after that!

Tropic Frangipani, Star Anise and Tiare Flower Body Wash (50ml):
Enjoyed?: yes/no
Positives: smell is incredible (so full, fruity, tropical), moisturizing
Negatives: seemed to irritate my arms a bit, but was fine for other areas
Buy Again?: no, as I prefer my other soaps (though LOVE this scent)

Zuii Organic Flora Gradual Tan Body Lotion (1.5ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: non drying, no weird smell, works quickly, non streaky, tan lasts a decent time
Negatives: needs quite a bit to get a noticeable colour
Buy Again?: possibly, if I need a self tan

May Beauty Empties - Natural Skincare + Wellbeing (plastic packaging)

Lilfox Flowerball Heart Chakra Body Nectar (50ml):
Enjoyed?: yes, and working on a full review
Positives: luscious in every way, gorgeous jasmine scent, so nourishing but not heavy, sinks in fully and quickly, so calming
Negatives: price point is high, but worth it in my eyes
Buy Again?: I would if I could - sadly this was a limited run product

Ooh! Oils of Heaven Tamanu Oil (15ml):
Enjoyed?: yes/no
Positives: love the scent (I think it is sweetly nutty, Tim thinks it smells of curried steak), not too heavy, healing, helps smooth everything out
Negatives: a little clumpy, hard to get out of the bottle, too heavy for day
Buy Again?: maybe the full size

Bloomtown The Spring Soothing Mask (3oz):
Enjoyed?: yes (and planning a brand spotlight)
Positives: calming on skin, unique texture (thick but smooth, not heavy), moisturizing + detoxifying, doesn't leave me breaking out next day, gently exfoliates
Negatives: scent isn't my favourite
Buy Again?: already have one!

Luna Kloris Go for the Glow Facial Oil (~3ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: non-greasy, absorbs well, smell is uplifting and juicy, gives dewy glow
Negatives: hard to purchase - have to contact via email
Buy Again?: unsure right now - have so many oils to work through!

Juno Skincare Joie Day & Night Face Oil (~1ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: the scent is one of my favs in a long time (sooo dreamy!), incredibly nourishing
Negatives: a little heavy for my skin personally and didn't sink in fully - however, Tim's skin drank it up!
Buy Again?: maybe in the future as it smells gorgeous and feels lovely

Konjac Sponge Co Bamboo Charcoal Pore Refiner:
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: great for hard to reach spots like corners of nose, gentle on skin
Negatives: none
Buy Again?: yes

Meadow Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm (10ml):
Enjoyed?: yes, find my full review here
Positives: smells lovely (uplifting and soothing), very moisturizing, removes all makeup, applies so smoothly, only need a tiny amount
Negatives: may prove too heavy in summer
Buy Again?: yes - but I'm still working through the full size!

Georganics Natural Toothpaste in English Peppermint (60ml):
Enjoyed?: mostly - working on a full review of this range
Positives: totally plastic free, not gritty, cleans teeth well
Negatives: taste took getting used to as baking soda is v strong
Buy Again?: possibly, but I think I prefer Truthpaste

Walden Castles in the Air Perfume (5ml):
Enjoyed?: yes!
Positives: gorgeous scent - it's a mix of vanilla + floral notes, lasts a decent time
Negatives: none
Buy Again?: definitely!

Old Faithful Beard Oil in Wabi Sabi (30ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: so silky, moisturizing, great for shaving, no irritation after use
Negatives: none
Buy Again?: no, but I will be looking for their shave oil!

ISUN Lemon Balsam Creamy Facial Cleanser (~10ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: incredible scent (almost like a soft vanilla mixed with creamy lemon - reminds me of something out of childhood and was so moreish), rich so good for removing makeup, easy to apply and rinse
Negatives: it's hard to tell with such a small sample, so I'm not sure yet
Buy Again?: definitely, once I save up for it!

Bloom Remedies Hydrating Floral Toner (100ml):
Enjoyed?: yes
Positives: lasts ages, refreshing, lovely rose scent, fab for after cleansing
Negatives: hard to use as there is no spray and I'm a clutz
Buy Again?: maybe, I do love floral waters

May Beauty Empties - Natural Skincare + Wellbeing (eco packaging)

Overall it was a great month of products, and it was fun using up so many minis that I had been holding onto for a while.  I had a few fab surprises, like how delectable the ISUN cleanser smelled and how juicy the Luna Kloris face oil was.  And I also loved using some tried and trues again.  It's always great revisiting products I have enjoyed in the past!

Have you tried any of these beauty products??  And what did you finish in May?  I would love to know what your favourites and steer clear of items were! xx


  1. Love reading about all your used up goodies. Great inspiration! With you on Burt's Bees but it's a real shame as they have some nice stuff.

    1. yes - BB lost my trust a long time ago, and I won't be buying from them again sadly. their lip crayon is so lovely so it's a shame x


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