Guiltless Skin Endless Moisture Face Cream Review

You lovelies know how much I like Guiltless Skin, and I highly recommend their range to anyone who struggles with skin sensitivities or maybe is looking for a budget and skin friendly selection of products that is gentle but effective.  So when I received a bottle of their newly released Endless Moisture Face Cream in the post I was so thankful and excited!

Guiltless Skin Endless Moisture Face Cream Review

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 This post contains gifted products

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First, I want to wish Guiltless a huge congratulations on the new product - it takes so much time, energy, expertise, and perseverance to create a great formula, so I applaud you for doing it not once, but over and over and over again.  And all the hard work has brought lovers of this amazing green beauty brand a new product to enjoy: Endless.

Snapshot for ADHD-ers and on the go readers:

Packaging - glass bottle with pump
Ingredients - cruelty free, natural, vegan, contains organic ingredients
Essential Oils? - no
Price - ££
Shelf Life - 6m
Skin Type - ideal for dry, dehydrated, dull skin

Guiltless Skin Endless Moisture Face Cream Review

This moisture face cream was designed to deliver hydration and a silky smooth finish, and that's exactly what I've experienced with Endless.  You all know my recurring complaint with most moisturizers - they leave me with congested pores, feeling a bit greasy, annoyed with the tacky or slippery feeling left on my skin, or sometimes even breaking out after a few days.  Well, I never have that worry with Guiltless.  I had a great time with Timeless, their daily moisturizer that offers a matte finish, and Endless is no different in terms of effectiveness.

Endless contains hyaluronic acid for a super boost of hydration, squalane to replenish and soften, and jojoba oil which moisturizes even further!  This formula may look simple but it is oh so effective and well thought out. Plus, it is fragrance free and is of course organic, vegan, and cruelty free like their whole range is.  And despite the super boost to the skin, there are no unpleasant side effects (like clogged pores) to be frustrated about!

My skin feels nourished but not weighed down when I incorporate this moisture face cream into my skincare routine, and since it's so gentle I can use it even when my face is feeling extra fussy!  I have to say this in particular is brilliant.  Since I test so many products, there are times when an unlisted ingredient (a huge pet hate of mine - ingredient lists need to be comprehensive both online AND on the box/packaging!!) causes a strong reaction and sensitizes my delicate facial skin.  I can strip my lineup right down, but still get all the protection and healing qualities necessary thanks to Endless.

The cream isn't rich per se, but does have a fullness to it when first pumped out.  But don't let that deceive you, as once you massage the product in it becomes like second skin rather than something that sits on top.  Endless will surprise you with how light it actually feels, especially when you see the results it offers.

Guiltless Skin Endless Moisture Face Cream Review

This is the most intensive face cream I've used in relation to how it sits on the skin - after about thirty seconds you don't notice you have anything on, yet you can feel the difference in your skin's texture.  It offers almost a velvet touch, and brings an immediate lift to the area.  I can see this product absolutely saving my skin come winter, and I know it will be a staple in my aftersun routine for summer.  Already it has come to my rescue after I spent a wee bit too much time outside -- it was like a thirst quenching drink, but targeted to my skin!

When I first got Endless in the post from Guiltless Skin, I found it worked perfectly for me, restoring the more delicate skin on my face and leaving it soft and replenished.  However, as the weather changed and became more stable, and as the heat of the day slowly increased I did find I had to adjust my routine.  Right now I find this can be just a tad too much for me as a daily cream.  My skin is congestion prone and also tends to become more on the oily side come warmer weather.  So, when I try to use regularly for my AM routine I find it kind of 'melts' off after a few hours and leaves me wanting to wash my face.  Because of that, I have switched things up and have been using Endless mainly as an overnight treatment and as an aftersun moisturizer, both which do me so much good.  When I incorporate into my evening skincare lineup I can feel my face almost giving a sigh of relief (especially after a shower, as our hard water can leave it feeling tight), and when I wake up I have such smooth skin -- it's a lovely way to start the day!

As for Tim, of course his skin always responds better to thick or rich products than I do.  Even though Endless isn't heavy, it does give a big dose of hydration and moisture, so his dry skin reacted incredibly well, drinking it up right away.  You could see a difference in his complexion after application, and his face overall just looked fuller and healthier as Endless helped plump his dehydrated cells and smooth out any of the finer lines.  This will be the perfect face cream for him year round, especially if I pair it with a serum when he has his little pamper sessions.

A big question I have been seeing is 'what's the difference between Endless and Timeless?'

Guiltless Skin Timeless VS Endless texture review
T-B: Endless, Timeless

Well, you might remember my review last year where I explained the benefits and texture of the daily moisturizer -- this is a facial product ideal for oily and combination skin, as it is super lightweight and soothing.  It dries down matte, and absorbs so quickly.  It battles redness, guards against the elements, blue light, and UV, and locks in moisture for speedy skin revival.  Timeless is a protector.

Endless, on the other hand, is fab for dry, dull, and dehydrated skin, as this is more of a restorative formula.  It's super silky, and works to soften and smooth the surface to produce more supple looking skin.  The goal here is to heal and to hydrate.

Both products are exceptional, but when used in tandem as part of a full day and night routine you really begin to understand the magic delivered by Guiltless Skin.  But the great thing is that they both work so incredibly well all on their own too - Guiltless offers products that are totally customizable and doesn't have you reliant on using a set lineup of products if you don't want/need to.

Guiltless Skin Endless Moisture Face Cream Review

Have you tried either of these facial treatments yet??  I would love to hear your thoughts on both, but especially on Endless as it is one of the newest additions to the Guiltless Skin range.  I've been really impressed by its' performance so far, and both Tim and I will continue to enjoy the silky satin finish and the gentle touch it offers.

If you haven't tried anything from the Guiltless Skin range yet, or you're looking to place your first order with them, you can grab £5 off your first order with Guiltless Skin by using my link!  Find some of the green goodies I have tested from them here, or of course I'm happy to give recommendations based on your skin type and personal preferences.  Just let me know if you need any guidance! xx  

Ingredients: Aqua; Simmondsia chinensis seed oil* (jojoba oil); Squalane (vegan, from olives); Glyceryl stearate (plant-based emulsifier); Glycerin* (from rapeseed oil); Cetearyl alcohol (plant-based emulsifier)
Sodium stearoyl lactylate (plant-based emulsifier); Sodium hyaluronate (skin hydrator); Gluconolactone (skin conditioner); Citric acid (ph adjuster); Sodium benzoate (preservative); Calcium gluconate (skin conditioner)     *certified organic ingredient.


  1. My skin is really quite dry especially on my forehead, I'll have to try this to see if it helps replenish the moisture

    1. it should do! we saw results really quickly :)

  2. I have combination/oily skin so often have to ensure creams aren't too heavy or thick because I turn into a sweat box x

    1. I tend to use oils during the day more than creams come summertime, as I find most 'sweat' off otherwise. but as an overnight treatment this is doing wonders, and on cooler days it's great for day wear x

  3. I think this face cream would be perfect for my sister who has dry and sensitive skin but even I may consider using it in winter when my skin needs a little bit more nourishment. Something for my wish list for sure!

    1. glad to hear that! I love Guiltless products, as I never have to worry about a formula irritating my skin :)


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