Plastic Free Swaps - Mallow + White Soap Review

Looking for plastic free products for your bathroom?  Need an eco friendly hand or body bar?  Look no further than Mallow + White and their range of amazing artisan soaps!

Mallow + White soaps review

I have tried a fair amount of soaps in the last few years, some better than others.  In fact, I'm working on a post rounding up all my favourite natural bar soaps so you lovelies can see what I deem to be the best of the best!  Think of this post as a sneak preview to one of the entries that will be featured in that "Best Of" review, because Mallow + White has created one heck of a soap collection that 100% has earned a spot in my favourites selection!

Mallow + White is a brilliant green beauty brand that handcrafts skincare with six or fewer ingredients.  Founder Joanna has perfected the art of taking simplicity and elevating it into something luxurious and oh so effective.  I have enjoyed their facial oil in the past, then had the joy of trialing more products over the winter and spring period.  Every formula offers a gentle boost to the skin, smells lovely, and feels fabulous, and I have not met one that I haven't enjoyed yet.

In February the brand launched a range of long lasting and multi purpose soaps that are plastic free, cruelty free, and all natural.  I was lucky enough to get to test out a selection of their artisan soaps before launch as part of judging in 2019's Beauty Shortlist Awards, and I actually loved one of them so much I picked it as one of my personal top five winners.  And as soon as these beauties landed in the online shop I rushed to pick up a few more to try out - I couldn't wait to see what the other scents were like!

There are eight varieties, two of which are fragrance free, and six of which are vegan friendly.  Like everything in the Mallow + White range these soaps are free from synthetic ingredients, including SLS, and contain three main ingredients: mango butter, coconut oil, and olive oil.  This ensures each formula is non-drying and leaves your skin feeling soft as ever.  And of course like I have already mentioned each of these are totally plastic free!

Mallow + White soaps review plastic free boxes

Contained inside a recyclable cardboard box to protect the soap from bumps and contamination in transit, these have the cutest bright and cheerful colours on the front of the packaging - so eye catching and fun without any unnecessary waste!  The soaps inside are all hand blended and hand cut, meaning every single one is unique and made with love.  Seriously, the passion and expertise that goes into each formulation really shines through here, and I love the added bonus of being able to see behind the scenes footage of the soap making process over on Mallow + White's Instagram!

So what soaps are there to choose from?

Honey + Coconut milk soap
"This gentle, fragrance-free bar contains the finest ingredients including moisturising honey, mango butter and softening coconut milk."

One of the three varieties I have not yet had the pleasure of trying, the Honey + Coconut Milk bar sounds like a great multi-tasker. Free from fragrance, this option provides nourishment as well as a proper cleanse. If you struggle with strong scents or your skin just needs that extra gentle touch, this could be the perfect pick for you. You can use it on body, hands, or face, so ideal for those looking to dramatically cut down on waste!

Simply unscented soap
"Keep cleansing simple with this unscented, gentle soap with minimal ingredients for sensitive skin."
This is another one I have not yet tried, but it sounds perfect for those with super sensitive skin or who just want to pair back their routine. The unscented soap contains no essential oils, and is sure to be the answer those with reactive skin are looking for. Like the honey and coconut milk option, this bar works for hands, body, or face. Just lather up and use as you desire. And don't be put off by the 'basic' ingredient list - Mallow + White is a brand who knows how to make even simplicity stand out!
Pink clay + Palmarosa soap
"Bursting with cheerful palmarosa and soothing lavender, this gentle yet powerfully cleansing bar is hand blended with pink clay and the finest essential oils." I have actually just ordered a bar of this soap, as it is one of the few I have not tried that sounds perfect for my needs. I like a moisturizing bar in the shower, but I also want it to have gentle exfoliating properties. The pink clay within this particular soap should prove to offer a great experience, and I am so looking forward to the scent which sounds fresh and floral and perfect for a pre-summer pick me up!

Along with the namesake ingredients, this bar includes ylang ylang and lavender, both of which will offer calming qualities to the soap. Since I am such a high anxiety person, this will really do me good. Plus, it says it is ideal for sensitive and dry skin types - the transition from spring has been a rocky one and my skin has been playing up a bit, so I think the soothing and nourishing benefits of this formula will really help balance out those issues.
Mallow + White soaps review Green Clay Avocado Lime

Green clay, avocado + lime soap
"Bursting with zingy lime, herbaceous rosemary and balancing ylang ylang, this gentle yet powerful bar is hand blended with cleansing green clay and the finest natural ingredients."
Good for?: Body, Hands, Face

Smells like: Invigorating, quietly zesty rather than in your face BAM lime, and grounding.  This is great for when you are feeling off balance or like you need a bit of realigning.

"Joanna says [...] I pick up this bar and its scent makes me go aaaaaah. It might just be my current favourite”

Feels like: Silky, but with a very gentle grain that is not noticeable unless you are paying close attention.  The clay within this marbled pastel green soap gives the added benefit of acting as a daily exfoliant.  It's great for keeping your skin super smooth, detoxified, and nourished.  If you have congestion prone skin or just want added softness, this is a great pick.  Overall, this is the best 'all-rounder' in my experience, as it addresses so many concerns all in one bar.

Lasts: several months of regular use!

Black clay + Sicilian lemon soap
"Bursting with toning lemongrass and cedar, this gentle yet powerful artisan soap bar is hand blended with the finest clays and natural ingredients."

Good for?: Body, Hands, Face

Smells like: I need to preface this by saying my bar was primarily black, and I think this affected the scent of my bar.  Mine had only the faintest lemon scent, and was more a crisp woody fragrance than a zesty citrus punch.  It was still fresh and faintly sweet, but much less zingy than I was expecting.  It was still lovely though, and made for a relaxing steam treatment as well as a great hand wash.

Feels like: This is another bar with a lovely gentle grain to it.  It's so fine that it doesn't "scrub" so much as it very lightly buffs the surface, leaving you soft and smoothed.  Plus, the clay helps detoxify your skin and draw out all the impurities - win win!  I would say it is pretty similar to the green clay variety, but with a different aroma and slightly different skin benefits due to the essential oils within.  This one is especially good for normal and oily skin, but I'd say it helps congestion prone types too as the added dead sea mud gives this soap a bit of an extra oomph.

Lasts: several months of regular use!

Mallow + White soaps review Tumeric Citrus Spice

Turmeric + Citrus Spice soap
"Bursting with warming spices, fresh citrus and glow-inducing turmeric, this artisan bar of sunshine is hand-blended with the finest natural ingredients. It’s our best selling soap for good reason."

Good for?: Body, Hands, Face

Smells like: Herbal spice with rich and sweet citrus!  This is an absolute delight to use - uplifting but grounding, rejuvenating and comforting, comforting, and just so lovely all around.  I find this warms my heart, soothes my nerves, and just brings some sunshine to my day even if it is cloudy and grey outside!

Feels like: A good balance between the smoothness you get from the Lavender bar and the gentle grain found within the clay bars.  This is the bar to pick if you need less exfoliation but still want a revitalizing effect for the skin.  The tumeric helps bring a natural glow thanks to the antioxidants in it, and is anti-inflammatory which helps reduce redness and calm irritations.  If you have dull or acne prone skin, this could be a fab choice for you!

Lasts: several months of regular use!

Lavender, honey + hemp soap
"This gentle lavender scented bar is hand blended with the finest moisturising ingredients to cleanse without drying out the skin."

Good for?: In my experience, this bar is best for hands, however if you need to relax just bring this bar in the shower with you, lather up, and enjoy a lavender steam!  So calming, and perfect for a pre-bed tension release.

Smells like: Strongly of lavender, with a hint of sweetness dancing in the background

Feels like: Very smooth.  This is the most "soap" feeling of the Mallow + White bars I have tried.  It's not drying, but I found it did the least for my skin.  It's a fab hand soap though, and leaves your hands nice and clean and smelling like a spa.

Lasts: A good long while - you won't need to replace this anytime soon!

Mallow + White soaps review Coffee Mint Scrub

Coffee scrub + mint soap"Bursting with refreshing peppermint and gently brewed coffee, this exfoliating artisan soap bar is hand-blended with scrubby ground coffee beans and the finest natural ingredients."

Good for?: Body, Hands

Joanna says “ Customers tell me they find that this is a great scrubby bar for exfoliating away rough skin on the body. But the reason I initially created it was as a kitchen soap - it’s great for washing away persistent garlic and onion smells that linger on the hands after cooking."

Smells like: Hopes + Dreams.  Not really, but this soap is by far my favourite scent.  It's the perfect fusion of a strong cup of coffee and uplifting peppermint, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face!  Very reviving and awakening, so perfect for mornings or a mid-afternoon boost.

Feels like: Super scrub!  The coffee grounds in this provide a fantastic exfoliation for the body or your hands (too harsh for face in my opinion, but to each their own!).  You get all the perks of using coffee grounds without the mess that usually gets left behind or any of the potential pipe problems.  It sloughs away dead skin, and is ideal for stubborn areas.  I actually use this to clean my upper arms, exfoliate my back, and cleanse under my breasts (yes lovelies, that's a thing to do!) to make sure my pores remain unclogged - it's perfect for post workout or at the end of a long bra-day, and helps keep your skin fresh and healthy.

Lasts: Not quite as long as the others, but I'm not sure if that's because I love this bar too much or if the coarser grain makes it shrink faster.  Either way, I'd say a month or two of regular use is normal for me.

Mallow + White soaps review plastic free swaps

Something special to note about these plastic free soaps - unlike some other bars, these don't break apart as they get near the end.  They hold their shape perfectly, and just shrink as time goes on.  I love how they are faff free!  Plus, they last for absolute ages, meaning you end up saving money (along with waste!) in the long run.  My bar of Green clay, avocado + lime soap has lasted three months so far and still has about half still to go!

I've loved these soaps so much that I have repurchased twice already -- it's not often I feel I *have* to have a product ready just in case I run out, but with these I am totally hooked.

My favourites?  Well, the coffee and mint for sure, followed by the green clay and the tumeric bars.  But to be honest, they all offer something special!

You can pick these beauties up direct from Mallow + White, or if you are hoping to make a one stop shop to save on postage and packaging you can head over to Rare Beauty who carry this wonderful line.  You may remember my first ever review of this women-led retailer, or perhaps one of my other posts detailing some of the lovely products they carry.  Well, they've done an update and now have launched three of Mallow + White's plastic free bars in their shop just this week!  That's actually where I did my latest restock from, and my order that I placed yesterday has already been processed and is on its way - talk about fast and fabulous service!

You can pick up the Black Clay + Lemon, Coffee + Mint, or Pink Clay + Palmarosa, all of which are currently on a special launch offer for 10% off!  Or, if you come back later and decide you want to try these soaps for yourself you can still save 10% off just by signing up to the Rare Beauty newsletter.

If you do test out any of these soaps, I would love to hear your thoughts.  Do you find them as long lasting as I do?  What's your favourite??  Let me know - we can all share our soap love in the comments below! xx

P.S. let me know if you would like to see a Mallow + White brand spotlight in the future, or if there is a specific product from them you would like to see reviewed!


  1. They look fabulous. I gave up on bars of soap years ago but am ready to reconsider. Delighted to read about this brand. Will try them. Thank you.

    1. I had as well then stumbled upon Friendly Soap detox bar which got me to reconsider, then Mallow + White won me over for good :)

  2. I would love to try these, I love a good bar of soap! They sound really good and it's so good to hear that they are long lasting. They are going on my wishlist now!

    1. they're so good definitely recommend picking one or two up to try when you can - longest lasting ones I've tried I think :)

  3. This is a fabulous round-up of the new Mallow + White range. Soap really is the way forward! A total convert here for showering, second facial cleanse etc etc. Thank you for featuring Rare Beauty in your review too, much appreciated :)

    1. I don't use them as often for face but for body and hands I LOVE them. second cleanse if I'm using an oil one in the shower is so handy though and helps keep my skin from becoming congested xx

  4. These all sound amazing! They are now on my want to try list

    1. they're so fab! got palmarosa in the post yesterday and I'm already loving it - will have to update my post with more details on it x

  5. I'm using cinnamon and orange spice - can't get enough of it, I want to shower two three times a day. It's fantastic


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