PHB Skin Perfector Bio Gel Review

Remember my review of PHB's updated range a few weeks ago?  Well, I'm back with another product insight!  Check out the new Skin Perfector Bio-Gel (†) from PHB Ethical Beauty!

PHB Skin Perfector Bio Gel

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PHB Ethical Beauty is one of my go to brands for cruelty free, vegan friendly, and all natural products, so I was thrilled to find they had come up with a solution for those harmful bio-oils.  High street Bio-Oil promises to treat scarring quickly, but it contains a host of nasties, including mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, artificial colouring, and filler ingredients.  Not only that, but this popular toxic concoction has been linked with potential negative health effects (not to mention clogged pores and massive break outs!).  I had pretty much given up on finding an option that was clean and genuinely good for the skin, and then PHB announced their new and improved skincare range.

PHB's Skin Perfector Bio-Gel is an ingenious answer to those looking for a vegan friendly and all natural "bio-oil" style product.  The gel is a modern (and organic!) solution for those requiring a stretch mark and scarring treatment, and targets skin appearance with a non-greasy, non-toxic formula.  Not only is this product skin-friendly, it is packed full of stunning ingredients that show off the power of clean skincare.  With rose water, rosehip seed oil, sea buckthorn, aloe vera, and more, this creation has been made with healing in mind.

PHB Ethical Beauty box credentials

This skin perfecting Bio-Gel blends the finest quality organic Aloe Vera with pure Rose Oil & Sea Buckthorn in a skin quenching and healing formula. Rich in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help increase elasticity, promote scar healing & improve skin’s appearance and texture.

I've actually been very lucky, as I don't have too much scarring on my face despite having had a terrible habit of picking at my skin and trying to dig at spots when I was younger.  However, I do have some redness in my cheeks, stretch marks in a few spots on my body, and a few scars speckled around from various accidents/operations.  Since PHB's Skin Perfector is multi-functional and suitable for both face and body, I was keen to see how it tackled each problem area.  Would it be successful??

Short answer -- yes!

PHB sent me their natural bio gel in the first week of February, so I have been trialing Skin Perfector for about a month now.  I wanted to give enough time to see progress before giving any impressions, and while I think a few more months will show the full effect, so far I have been pretty impressed.

Let's start with the first impressions:

PHB Skin Perfector Bio Gel

One of my favourite things about the PHB Skin Perfector gel is the scent -- I find it so uplifting!  It's no wonder they call this a "well being blend."  The gel has a lightly sweet scent that is a mix of spring blossoms and citrus fruits, and it just lifts you up and makes you feel less weighed down by the day.  Seriously, just inhale this beauty.  Breathe in the oils, and you will find your mind clearing and tension slipping away.  The product is that nice!

I also love how lightweight the bio gel is.  Unlike other healing treatments, this one has no oily residue, no greasy feel, no heaviness that clogs pores.  Instead, it just blends in easily, absorbs like a dream, and leaves your skin feeling lovely and smooth.  There is no stickiness or tacky texture either.  It's just like your skin, just... better!

The gel gives a boost of hydration and feels very calming, so I have been enjoying this as a sort of serum as well as an acne/scar treatment.  You can feel the benefits of the added rose water and aloe vera, as well as nourishing rose oil, and after a few applications you can see the difference they make.  I did not expect it to be quite as skin-quenching as it is, so this was a lovely extra perk to PHB's Skin Perfector.

PHB Skin Perfector Bio Gel texture on finger

PHB Skin Perfector Bio Gel texture

My face has shown the most results so far, with a more even tone and faster healing for any spots that appear.  Usually I have peeling/dry skin around the area surrounding a blemish when it has finally gone, but PHB's formula seemed to sort that straight out.  The redness I had has diminished, and my complexion looks so much smoother.  I have to say, this product has been a joy to use during this cold and dry season, as I can get a lovely healthy glow even on the greyest days.  Plus, I have found the bio gel is surprisingly hydrating.  Since it contains rose water and several moisturizing ingredients, I can just pop this on without anything else if I am in a hurry.  Or, if I need a bit more nourishment, I add a few drops of lightweight oil or cream on top.  Just be sure to let the Skin Perfector fully absorb and dry down first, as otherwise it has a tendency to pill a bit.

While I have not had as many noticeable results on my body yet, I have to say I haven't given up hope.  The scars I have been applying the bio-gel onto are very old and pronounced, so I think they will need a lot more time to reduce in appearance (and even then, they will still be there -- and I am okay with that!).  This formula has been doing a world of good for my less than stellar areas though, and I'm really interested to see if the stretch marks I have from my weight jumping and crashing (a lovely side effect of stress during this my postgrad studies) are improved.  So far I have noticed a definite softening around my waist in particular.  Only time will tell what the final results will be!  Let me know if you want an update in another month or two - I am happy to share!

I will definitely continue to use the PHB Skin Perfector Bio Gel both on my face and body, and look forward to observing long term benefits.  The formula has done such a stellar job already, I imagine things will just continue to improve!

Ingredients: Aqua, Rosa damascena flower water, Vegetable glycerin**, Biosaccheride gum, Propandiol, Salix alba, Sclerotium Gum, Carrageenan, Xanthan gum, Rosa canina (Rosehip) seed oil**, Aloe barbadensis (Organic) extract*, Coco caprylate, Rosa centifolia (Rose Abs) flower oil, Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) fruit Oil, Rosa damascena (Rose) flower oil, Sodium phytate, Sodium bicarbonate. †Citral, †Eugenol, †Geraniol, †Farnesol, †Citronellol, †Linalool. *Organic, **Certified Organic. †Occurs naturally in Essential Oils.

PHB Skin Perfector Bio Gel

I have been so impressed by the quality of PHB's new additions like the Superfood Facial Oil and the Superfood Brightening Skin Tonic, and now this Skin Perfector Bio-Gel.  The formulas are so effective, and I love the more eco-friendly packaging.  It is great to see such a popular brand like PHB taking actions to cut down on plastic waste, and the fact that their products now contain more organic ingredients is a further bonus!  I can't wait to see how their other goodies perform.  The coffee based exfoliating mask that helps dull and tired skin is probably next on my list, but there are so many fab formulas PHB has released that it will be hard to choose.  They have even introduced shampoo, conditioner, and multi-purpose gels!

What are you most wanting to try from the new PHB Ethical Beauty range?  Any suggestions on what I should pick up next?? Let me know!

You can buy this beauty direct from PHB, and remember you can grab 15% off all of PHB's range using ECOL15.  The code is only valid through March 31st, so be quick if you want to get a great bargain!  Or, if you have never ordered from PHB before you can get a cheeky 20% off using BLOVE20. 

If you have a bunch of green goodies on your list to pick up and need to do a bulk shop, you can always shop at the fabulous Love Lula.  There are always Gift with Purchase offers going on, so I'm sure you can pick up some awesome extras without much effort!

Let me know if you have got a bottle of the Skin Perfector Bio-Gel for yourself, and what your thoughts are on this innovative formula.  Are you finding it helps with your scarring?  Has it cleared up your acne or redness?  Let me know! xx


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