An Ethical New Year - Intentions for 2019

2018.  A year of incredible achievements, horrible lows, lots of lifestyle transitions, losses, breakdowns, exciting challenges, too much coffee, and unbelievable (and absolutely amazing) support.  A year of 120 posts here on The ecoLogical.  A year of amazing green beauty products (and maybe a few flops here and there!), wellness treatments, and vegan eats.  It's been a ride, and I thank you all for joining me through it all.

I'll be rounding up some of my favourites from 2018 next week, but for now I wanted to take a minute to share some changes that I will be making for the second year of the blog, plus a few intentions I have for 2019.

Intentions?  Yes -- because I think making 'resolutions' is a recipe for disaster.  It puts so many expectations on you and adds so much pressure to something that should be positive for your life.  A resolution is something concrete.  Something that 'fails' as soon as you slip up.  An intention is gradual and can be a transition into a long term change, and in my opinion these are goals that end up being more achievable.

So what are my intentions of 2019??

  • work consistently on my PhD (and finish it by the September deadline!)
    I'm guilty of taking one week on, one week off for my PhD, partially because I have started to really resent the entire process, and partially because I find it so difficult to concentrate.  I am really trying to figure out a schedule that works for me and means I get lots of work done without burning out.
  • make more of an effort to choose vegan options
    I have come leaps in bounds over the last twelve months with my food choices, but I want to continue to push myself to opt for vegan friendly meals and products.
  • maintain the balance between creating new blog content and being a responsible buyer
    As a blogger there is such a drive to always be writing about the latest releases and just reviewing as much as possible in general.  But as someone trying to lead a more ethical life, it can be tricky finding that balance between remaining relevant and not being wasteful.  I'll be pausing my purchases whenever I find myself with too many products to work through.
  • continue to cut down on plastics
    In 2018 I had us switch over to soap nuts for laundry, got my partner to love shampoo and shaving bars, made an effort to stop buying any beauty products that came in plastic bottles, bought a GuppyBag, started making multiple shopping trips to find plastic free versions of as many groceries as possible, and continued to use my reusable coffee cup, water bottle, and tote bags.  And in 2019 I want to keep this up and make a few more switches (including finally embracing my bamboo toothbrush)

As for what is in store for The ecoLogical in the New Year, I can promise you there won't be too many huge changes because I think everything is running really smoothly and that all you eco-beauties are enjoying my content overall (right??).

The biggest thing is this -- my PhD is coming to an end (fingers crossed and THANK GOODNESS), but that means it is crunch time for writing up.  I have every intention to continue to post every Monday and Thursday through 2019, and I will be doing my best to do so.  But I do hope you lovelies understand that if I do only decide to post once a week, or if I have to delay at all that it is because my number one priority this year has to be completing my research project.  I love this blog, and I love sharing my reviews and information here on The ecoLogical, and I wish I could devote all my time and energy to creating content for you all, but unfortunately my PhD has to come first.

Other than that, there will be a few small additions/changes in 2019:

1) Subscription Boxes
I featured twelve different subscription/gift boxes in 2018, and wrote about forty full reviews here on The ecoLogical that detailed the contents and my full thoughts on the products.  I'll be continuing to post about ethical subscriptions in the New Year, but expect to see some new names and even some snack options popping up.  And as always, feel free to make recommendations and let me know what you would like to see reviewed.

2) Brand Spotlight
Look forward to a focused review of a single ethical business on The ecoLogical at the end of every month!  Beauty and wellbeing brands, retailers, and subscription services will get a special feature highlighting their range in depth -- I cannot wait to share these spotlights on a regular basis with you throughout 2019!

3) US v UK
As many of you know, I am originally from the States and I usually spend at least four months of the summer visiting my family in Western New York.  I will be organizing more American brand representation during this time, so expect to see some extra exciting content during my travels (and let me know what I should try to include if there is something you're hoping to see!).

4) Socials
I'm going to be trying my hand at more interactive material on Instagram & Twitter, and will also be incorporating InstaStories more often in 2019!  If you aren't following me over there yet, please do so you don't miss anything :)

I'm sure there are more little tweaks and series that pop up over the course of the year, but these are the switches I know for sure I will be making to The ecoLogical from day one.  If there is anything more you would like to see, or if you have any requests at all let me know!  I want us to be a community, so your opinion matters 100% to me.

Keep an eye out next week for my top picks of 2018 and what I'm already looking forward to reviewing in the New Year -- I've got so many goodies in store and I truly hope you enjoy!

Also hoping you beauties had an incredible holiday and start to the New Year, and I cannot wait to spend another topsy turvy time with you in 2019 -- sending you all positivity and love! xx


  1. I'm cutting down on plastics too. It annoys me that when you ask for a glass of water in some coffee shops they give you a plastic cup with a plastic lid and a plastic straw - why!?

  2. I know how you feel with the PhD. Towards the end of mine it was a real struggle. Don't worry - you are not the only one! I coped by setting aside mini slots of time to get things done. Even as little as 25 minutes to read a paper then do something else. Then maybe 30 mins of proof reading. etc. Little chunks really helped me finish.


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