All Natural Muscle and Joint Recovery: Remedies for Aches and Pains *

Suffering from a sore or pinched muscle and looking for a bit of at home all natural relief?  I've got you covered!  We have all been there -- the cold weather, one wrong move, one especially hardcore workout, sleeping in the wrong position, sitting still for too long, an exceptionally bad time of the month, or just plain getting older... and ouch!  Your body is all out of whack.  It can be so uncomfortable and painful, so having easy home remedies on hand for muscle aches is a must for quick relief.

I need to start off this post by saying -- I am NOT a doctor.  I am not a professional.  I just know what natural products work for mild to moderate muscle pain based on experience and on my knowledge of ingredients.  So if you are suffering from a serious condition that requires an actual prescription or therapy, make an appointment via your medical centre rather than trying to heal at home.

That being said, I have had my fair share of muscle aches and pains, and I've got a really good handle on how to relieve the discomfort and promote healing naturally at home.  It's not about having one 'miracle product' that solves it all, as that just isn't feasible, but knowing what ingredients work and having a few highly effective remedies you can introduce for every stage of  recovery.

So what steps do you take for muscle pain??

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Preemptive Healing:
Before and after you exercise or do strenuous activities (like yoga, running, or even moving house!), you should always warm up, stretch, and relax your body.  Give your arms and legs a quick and gentle rub, then work them lightly as this will increase blood flow and get your muscles prepared for what is to come.  Consider applying a dry oil that contains rosemary, lavender, marjoram, or eucalyptus before you start, as these all contain properties that reduce pain and inflammation.  By preparing your body, you are limiting the possibility for pain later down the line.

One of my favourite blends to use before exercising is Inner Senses' Active Oil.  Not only does it absorb quickly, meaning you don't have to wait around before starting your routine (or risk getting your yoga mat all slippery from excess oil -- which has happened when I tried a different product!), but it smells and feels incredible.

The Active body oil is perfect for pre and post workout, as it warms up your muscles and stimulates circulation, plus can help restore strains and aid recovery thanks to the six essential oils within the blend.  One of the main heroes in the formula is black pepper, an oil that was once considered sacred and was used as a form of payment back in ancient times.  This is powerful stuff, as it helps reduce spasms and pain, improve circulation, remove toxins, and protects against damage from free radicals.  Pair this with the additional benefits from ginger root oil, rosemary leaf oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, marjoram leaf oil, and juniperberry fruit oil, and you have a truly magical potion that prepares your body for exertion and preemptively heals your muscles.

This oil is also perfect for the days leading into your period, and can help soothe those cramps and aches which makes many dread that time of the month.  Just rub a little bit of the oil into your lower back and anywhere else that may be irritated, and let the blend do its thing.  Seriously, the Active Body Oil is a total game changer!

Fast Action for Injuries:
Now this is one to remember: Ice is for Injuries // Heat is for Healing

Icing an injury will help dull the agony that comes along with the initial harm that has been done, and will work to decrease swelling and further damage around the area.  As soon as you feel that sharp twinge from a torn or strained muscle, apply an ice pack and let it rest for about twenty minutes.  You should continue to ice the injury every few hours to ensure there is minimal swelling -- plus it will help manage the swift and sudden pain!

However, before you grab that cold pack you need to be sure that the hurt you are feeling is actually from an injury (where the tissue has been superficially damaged) rather than just a sore spot, trigger point, or "normal" pain caused from general wear and tear.  While ice can help sort out issues like runners knee, shin splints, sprains, pulls, or tears, it can actually worsen symptoms for chronic conditions or stress-induced aches -- these kinds of problems do best with heat.

Think of it like this -- if you have your period and your lower back hurts, or you have arthritis and have a flare up, you wouldn't go to the freezer and pull out the ice tray.  You would turn to a hot water bottle, as the warmth helps take off the edge.  Heat is great for more generalized muscle problems, as it works to alleviate stiffness and sore spots, and is just comforting altogether.

Whichever option you need to use, you can pair it up with a potent oil blend to increase the healing benefits.  Remember those essential oils I mentioned before?  Well, these are going to come in handy once you are experiencing soreness or spasms.  Along with rosemary, lavender, marjoram, and eucalyptus, you can search for blends that include devil's claw, ginger, arnica, clove, or black pepper.  One I have found recently that has proved effective is Laboratoire Du Haut-Segala's Muscle Recovery Oil*.

While sharper in smell than the Inner Senses' Active Oil, this contains powerful oils and extracts that promote a speedy natural recovery.  Including organic arnica, harpagophytum (devil's claw), rosemary, and lavender as well as nourishing carrier oils, the Muscle Recovery Oil starts to work just minutes after applying.  And when combined with a gentle heat -- woah baby!  This goes from a gentle tingling warmth to such a soothing treatment, and it really works wonders (especially on the lower back!).

This works similar to heat, but with a few added bonuses.  Having a bit of tub time can help loosen stiff joints and muscles, relax the body, relieve tension, and get the blood moving which increases circulation and aids in recovery.  Who would guess a natural solution as simple as a long soak could have all these benefits?!

And according to many, if you add epsom salts to the mix you can further improve upon the advantages brought on by the warm water.  Epsom is meant to help prevent inflammation, treat damage, soothe strains, and reduce irritation in both muscles and joints due to the magnesium content.  You just add one to two cups (about 273g - 550g) to the hot water, swish it around to let it dissolve, then soak for a minimum of twelve minutes to let the minerals do their work.

Rather not use quite so much salt, or looking for something that targets stress-related aches and pains instead?  My tried and true natural remedy is linked to just one brand -- MOA.  This London based skincare company believes in using herbal folklore to create products for the modern user.  They have a wonderful range, all focused on using natural ingredients to boost wellbeing, improve skin radiance, and teach daily skincare routines.  Their go-to ingredient is UK grown yarrow, a herb they believe has 'magical' qualities.

You may have noticed I included MOA in both of my Christmas Gift Guides this year, and there is a reason for that.  Their products are just so perfect, and while their range is limited, each and every formula works exceptionally well, especially their bath treatments.  The smell of their Fortifying Bath Potion is intoxicating -- the fullness of the peppermint is perfectly complimented by fir needle, fennel, and sweet birch, and the cooling tingles it leaves on the skin is perfect for sore muscles.  Sometimes I just rub a little of this on a particularly sore spot during the day, and then when I shower later in the evening I get that sensation all over again!
And while MOA's Dreamy Mineral Soak has a completely different scent from the bath potion, the mix of lavender, cardamom, pine, Himalayan pink salt, and sea salt make for a perfect fusion of calming herbs and sharper spice.  It truly is a 'dreamy' soak, and you can feel your worries start to melt away once you step into the tub.  A lot of muscle aches are caused by anxiety or high levels of stress -- the tightening of muscles is the bodies reaction to this state, and hyperstimulation of this sort can lead to chronic stiffness and pain.  MOA's mineral soak targets the cause and aims to ease tension by soothing the spirit rather than targeting the muscle itself.  This gentle, cleansing, therapeutic treatment is works to help unwind the mind, and in turn relaxes the muscles after the body releases all its built up nerves and anxiety.

After that soak, see if you can get your partner (or friend -- trust me, it's not awkward at all after the first few giggles!) to give you a relaxing massage.  This is by far the most effective treatment for "normal" aches and pains in my opinion, especially when combined with a warm bath and effective aromatherapy treatment.

Massage is incredibly beneficial, and is a natural remedy for muscle pain and mental stress.  But don't just take my word for it:

"One recent study found that massage therapy can reduce pain, promote muscle relaxation, and improve both mood and sleep quality.  Another study found that after subjects were massaged, the levels of cortisol (a hormone contributing to stress) in their saliva decreased.  One study also found massage therapy’s pleasurable qualities can lead to recipients reporting a better body image, especially for women." (Read the full text here)

An at home massage, while not as in depth or as knowledgeable, is definitely an affordable way of treating regular body aches and releasing anxiety.  Even something as simple as a ten minute shoulder rub can help cut down on tensions!  I've found the Neck and Shoulders Oil* in the body care range from Laboratoire Du Haut-Segala to be really lovely, as the roll-on applicator is easy to use and the formula is super soothing.  This oil is very similar to the Muscle Recovery blend, but the addition of wintergreen, chamomile, and St. John's wort adds a further layer to the recovery process.  Known for its ability to help with depression and daily stress, St. John's wort can lead to improved wellbeing, while the minty qualities from wintergreen stimulate and uplift the mind.  Plus, chamomile reduces spasms and pain, but it also acts as a calming agent, making this massage oil ideal for a more holistic approach to healing.

If you're like me, your muscles begin to ache that little bit more when the cold weather sets in, and it can become distracting as winter drags on (and on and on).  Luckily, there are natural solutions you can take advantage of to ease your pain and reduce tight and sore spots.  Taking steps to reduce anxiety, lift your spirits, and get rid of as much tension as possible is crucial, but so is knowing how to treat the pain when it does creep up.  Simple stretches, aromatherapy treatments, using hot water bottles, soaking in the tub, regularly massaging knots or trigger points, utilizing the power of plants, and strengthening your core all work wonders, and all can be done at home cheaply and without much added effort.

Again, I just want to reiterate this point because it is important -- the internet is not the best place to seek out medical advice.  If you are seriously injured, your symptoms include numbness or dizziness, or the pain has lasted for longer than a week, make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.

But if your muscle or joint pain is considered "normal" (although lets face it, no pain is really normal, is it?), then try these all natural remedies and see how they make you feel -- in my experience, they really and truly help.

Do you suffer from recurring aches and pains?  What at home natural remedies do you use to help ease your discomfort and make it through the day?  I would love to know!  And if you have tried any of my suggestions and found them useful, I would really like to hear your story :)

You can find MOA on both Love Lula and their own website, and Laboratoire Du Haut-Segala is most easily accessible for the UK via Love Lula.  And remember, if you are looking to make an order from Inner Senses you can get a free sample size blend with your full size purchase using my exclusive Ambassador code BRYANNA if you buy direct from their website!


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