October Empties

Time for another empties roundup and review!

October has been a funny month - I was feeling so positive and in control at the start, then after becoming a little disheartened after a not so brilliant meeting everything seemed to get away from me a little bit.  This month has totally flown by, and I was shocked when Halloween came around.  How was it already the end of October???

Despite the ups and downs, it was genuinely a pretty good month.  I finished organizing my Christmas gift guides, arranged some fab surprises for all you eco-beauties (keep posted!!), attended the first London Indie Beauty Expo, and even managed to totally revamp The ecoLogical!

Along with all these achievements, I somehow made my way through a TON of products -- 21 in total!  Granted, some of these were used by my partner, and several have been on the go for months and months, but still!  I was pretty surprised by just how many empties I had collected in October.

Of these 21 products, only one was not recyclable (Kokoglow).  As I've continued to mention, I'm doing my best to steer clear of as much plastic as possible, and if plastic is part of the packaging I try to ensure it can be recycled.  However, every now and again I discover something that can't be, and get pretty disappointed and really irritated to be honest.  Here is to hoping pouches become more sustainable or are phased out ASAP! There is no room for this waste in the world any longer.

Overall it was a great month worth of empties.  I didn't come across anything I outright disliked, and most of the issues I took with items tended to be about packaging.  I also found myself getting pretty creative with uses, taking products designed for one thing and applying them in a new way.  Have you done this before??

So, without further ado... My October empties!:


John Masters Organics Rose & Apricot Hair Milk (118ml): This is actually one from Tim -- he finally finished another product!  He has very dry hair that is coarse and kinky, and a scalp that is prone to flaking and itching.  While this didn't solve all the itches (trust me, nothing will for this guy) it really helped sort out most of the other issues.  The hair milk is very thick and rich, and is best used as a leave in treatment that is then rinsed out -- if you choose to leave it in, the formula makes your hair "crunchy" and hard.  He really ended up liking both the scent (primarily floral) and the results from this hair product, and if it came sans plastic I think we would already have a second bottle ordered.

FreyaLuna Sandalwood & Orange Hair Repair Oil (30ml): I can't express how much I love this oil!!  It smells incredible (so uplifting and fresh!), feels fantastic, and leaves your locks super soft and smooth.  It's not super heavy, though I do suggest using some sort of rinse if you want to ensure you've got that clean shine and not an oily shine.  And it lasted me absolute ages!  Will be looking into getting another bottle in the future for sure.

PHB Hydrating Facial Tonic - Ylang Ylang (100ml): Okay, so this isn't actually a hair product per-se, but that is how I used it!  The tonic works great as a rinse after using a hair oil, so this ended up being my go to in the shower.  It did a great job of keeping my hair shiny and hydrated without looking greasy or unclean, and I think it actually helped lock in the moisture from the oil.  It also seemed to help combat any frizz, so this is something I will continue using for now -- as long as I can find another bottle before PHB finishes transitioning to their new skincare line!

PHB Clarifying Shampoo - Argan & Vanilla (50ml): Okay, so I both liked and didn't like this.  I loved that it wasn't as harsh and drying as other clarifying shampoos I have used previously (like Avalon Organics), but I also found it didn't give the same deep clean feel as those other options.  I found myself having to use a fair amount, I didn't like the plastic tube, and I found the formula pretty runny.  I did quite like the smell though and after a second rinse it worked pretty well. As an every week to every other week treatment, I was pretty happy with how it minimized build up.  This isn't actually part of the PHB range anymore though, so even if I wanted to give it another go I couldn't.

Bath & Shower:

Ooh! Natural Marula Replenishing Face Oil (15ml) & Ooh! Organic Argan Moisture Retention Face Oil (15ml): I didn't love these as face oils -- they were okay, but they didn't wow me.  However, I found they were the perfect supplement to a bath!  If I was using fragrant salts or bubble bath and wanted a little extra hydration without overshadowing their scent, I just drizzled a bit of Ooh! Oil in the water!  They were great boosts for my skin, and not heavy at all!  I will continue using this method with some other Ooh! Oils I have got through the Love Lula Beauty Box.

100 Acres Bubble Bath - Rose & Lavender (50ml): I got this in my lovely Blogger Box from That Natural Hygge and I was very impressed by the sample.  It smells so lovely, feels very gentle on the skin, and creates a nice foamy bath.  Maybe I didn't use enough, but I couldn't get full on bubbles most of the time.  That didn't stop me from wanting to try a full size of this though, and I'm thinking of looking into getting one as soon as my current bubble bath dwindles.

Dr Bronner's 18-in-1 Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap (237ml): My partner used this for his shower gel pretty regularly, and we both used it as an in shower aromatherapy treatment whenever we had a cold, allergies, or a sinus headache.  It's the perfect all in one, but it can be a bit drying so be sure to follow up with a body oil or lotion afterwards!  Will I be buying another bottle?  Not quite yet, as I have three other castille soaps to work my way through first.

Organic Surge Fragrant & Relaxing Foaming Bath (250ml): I initially bought this as a substitute for Tim's not so nice bubble bath, but as he's still hooked on colourful bubble bars, I ended up using the bulk of the bottle.  While not as gentle as 100 Acres, it did foam up and create nice little bubbles very easily.  Plus, the clove, orange, and geranium smelled great and complimented some of my favourite bath oils and salts.  I probably won't get another bottle, but the price is fab and I enjoyed this while it lasted.

Greenfrog Botanic Soapberry Bodywash - Geranium & Peppermint (100ml): I love the hand soap version of this product, but didn't seem to get on as well with the bodywash.  It smells just as nice, and the price is fantastic, but it just doesn't do much else.  It's not drying or hydrating, but somewhere in between, and it doesn't lather as much as the hand wash.  It's just sort of okay.  I've got another bottle to use up, so maybe I will get on better with that.  Will check back in during that empties post!

Kokoglow Pink Kisses Salt Body Scrub (200g): I got this in the June edit of The Natural Beauty Box, and it took me ages to finish using (which is a good thing in my eyes!).  At first I loved this, then wasn't so keen on the coconut oil as it is so heavy, then went back to really liking it.  I even tried this in the bath as well -- used it as a scrub then let the salts mix with the warm water and work extra magic as I soaked!  The smell grew on me too, as the sweetness is so light and summery.  Will be keeping an eye on Kokoglow to see what other products they have, and will be keen to try more.


Green Keratin Lemongrass & Geranium Purifying Facial Toner (100ml): I lucked out with this toner, as it was a total whim that led me to it.  I am part of several swap groups on Facebook, as I hate wasting products and tend to get quite a few that just don't suit me (usually either due to ingredients or formula).  A lovely lady offered this up in return for one of my unwanted items, and lucky for me I ended up loving it!  The spritz is nice and even, and the toner itself is light and uplifting.  My skin got on with this so well that I have found myself browsing Green Keratin's offerings -- who knows, maybe I will end up trying more soon!

Awake Organics Green Tea + Detox Divine Face Mask (30ml): If you remember, I reviewed this beauty back at the beginning of the year.  It's stunning - in smell, texture, and effectiveness.  My skin always looks glowing after a masking session, and I will most definitely be repurchasing in the future.

Awake Organics Frankin-Sense Divine Face Serum (5ml): I used to hate the smell of frankincense until I discovered this serum. I love the crispness of the aroma, and it feels so lush on my face.  At first I thought this would be a bit too heavy for my skin, but it actually wasn't.  I'm currently using Awake Organics' other facial serum (which I'm also loving), but may just find myself coming back to Frankin-Sense Divine -- who can resist that smell???

Magical Tree Flower Power Body Scrub (60ml): I was so thankful when I was asked to review this beauty as part of Magical Tree's body scrub launch.  This is the perfect exfoliant for someone looking for a gentle grain and powerful moisture boost -- the sugar buffs away dead cells and leaves the skin looking radiant and fresh, and the coconut oil helps keep you hydrated and glowing.  And the smell is so lovely and light - just the thing you want if you're missing sunshine and summer!  I will have to try more of their options soon -- maybe Choko Kiss?

Galline√® Hand Cream (5ml): I wasn't too enthusiastic about this when I first saw it in the August Love Lula Beauty Box, but as soon as I tried it out I was sold.  This hand cream may just be one of the most moisturizing hand treatments I've tested (top 5 for sure!).  The little sample did not last me very long, but the full size is not very expensive so I may find myself tempted into buying it.  I just wish the packaging wasn't plastic!

Trilogy Rosehip Balancing Gel Cleanser (30ml): Definite winner here (other than the packaging) -- gel cleansers tend to work really well with my skin, and this rosehip formula from Trilogy was no exception.  I loved how clean it left my skin feeling, how it didn't dry out my face at all, and how I was not left worrying about my skin becoming congested after use.  I already have the full size on my wish list, and just as soon as I've finished my other three cleansers that are on deck, I may just be grabbing this again!  I just wish they would switch to glass.

Elemental Herbology Facial Detox Purifying Face Mask (15ml): This is at least the second sample of this face mask that I have tried, and it is one that I very much enjoy.  It is not super drying on the skin, and does not lead to massive break outs the day after which I appreciate.  I am really interested in getting a full size of this mask actually, as it works really well and does not irritate my skin at all.  Plus, it leaves my face feeling so smooth and looking much clearer and brighter.  Overall, a definite winner!  Now if only they would switch to a glass jar instead of a plastic tube...


PHB Rosemary & Peppermint Soy Wax Candle (120ml): I adore this candle.  I mentioned this in my 8 Ways Clean Living Helps My ADHD post and I stick to what I said -- this helps me focus, clears my head, and is both calming and invigorating all in one.  Just a word of warning though -- like with all candles, keep an eye on them as they get lower in their jar.  This actually ended up cracking and was about to shatter when I luckily noticed.  Whoops!

Holland and Barrett Iron and Vitamin C (30 tablets): These didn't smell as nice as the other iron pills I've tried from Holland and Barrett, but they did the trick.  I absolutely hate how much plastic waste there is with these though -- literally 1/8 of the bottle was filled!  I'm working my way through my other bottles, but will not be repurchasing as it's just too much plastic.

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  1. I like the sound of the FreyaLuna oil! I get annoyed with packaging, too. What it's made of makes a big difference to whether I buy or repurchase a product.


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