Love Lula Beauty Box: September 2018

In terms of brand variety, this may just be the best box yet.  Not only are there three names we have not seen before in the Love Lula Beauty Box, but some of these products are pretty new to the Love Lula family!  I was thrilled to see things mixed up, and for the first time in a long while I was completely surprised by the contents.

The overall worth of September's box was £65, meaning subscribers saved over £50 -- now that is  exceptional value!  I feel like this collection has really put new life into the subscription and has made me anticipate getting my delivery again each month.  That being said, there are still a few minor issues I had -- but more about that in a minute!

The September Love Lula Beauty Box had eight individual items -- four sample sachets, and four full size products.  I have had time to try these goodies out now, and have made up my mind about what I love, and what I will skip out on during my future shops.  Here's the deal:

Kathleen Natural Tonifying Mist:
Kathleen Natural is a British brand that focuses on creating high performance products that are free from synthetic nasties.  Their range of skincare and bath products is hypoallergenic, 100% natural, and contains organic ingredients licensed by Soil Association!

I recently bought Kathleen Natural's Tranquil Fields bath and shower gel and have been loving both the luxurious smell and bubbles it creates for my weekly soak in the tub.  So when I saw the September Love Lula Beauty Box included a full size of their Tonifying Mist I was over the moon.  80% organic and shortlisted for an award last year, I had a good feeling about this!  After a quick check of the ingredients to see if the mist contained primarily floral waters or essential oils (my semi-sensitive skin has issues with sprays that have a lot of EOs), I was set to start spritzing!

The mist has a unique smell that is very slightly sweet which was not what I was originally expecting.  Most products I have like this have very distinct scents -- of roses, or earthy frankincense, or uplifting neroli.  This one is much more understated and hard to pin down, but despite that it is very refreshing and feels nice and light on the skin.

The only thing I would like to see change with the Kathleen Natural range in the future (because come on, they're pretty great overall!) is a switch from plastic bottles to glass.  While the packaging at the moment IS able to be recycled, it is not the best option out there, and more steps could be made to make this gorgeous brand even more eco-forward.

Ingredients: Aqua, organic vegetable glycerin***, organic chamomile (anthemis nobilis) flower water***, aloe barbadenesis extract*, lemon (citrus limon) extract*, benzyl alcohol*, dehydroacetic acid*, benzoic acid*, sorbic acid*, parfum ***licensed by Soil Association *natural plant origin

Inika Loose Mineral Blush:
I adore Inika, both for their certifications (organic AND vegan!) and the quality of their makeup products.  The one and only makeup look I have shared on The ecoLogical used all Inika goodies, and even with my less than adequate skills it turned out amazing thanks to the stellar pigments and formulas.
Top is full pigment, then transitions into a blended out look

I have not actually used an Inika blush before, and while this shade is much too dark for my fair skin, it works pretty good as a contour!  I had never really tried my hand at contouring, but this pot has given me the perfect opportunity to try it out.  I can't promise I will be very good, but if anyone wants another makeup look post let me know and I will share how it goes!!

In terms of blush, I think the Baked Blush Duo in Pink Tickle would be much better suited to my skin tone, and it reminds me that while I love getting makeup in the Love Lula boxes since it is not an item I regularly purchase for myself, I really wish there was an option to choose a shade before the month's edit was shipped.  I know other subscription boxes occasionally offer this feature, and for products that are hit and miss for people based on shade, I think Love Lula should also consider introducing a selection for makeup.  Then, members could pick between Blooming Nude, Red Apple, and Peachy Keen!

And again, not to be repetitive, but I would love to see Inika move towards a more sustainable material in their packaging.  Glass pots, or maybe even a refillable option would be fantastic!

Ingredients: Mica (CI 77019); Zinc Oxide (CI 77947); May contain (+/-) Tin Oxide (Cl 77861), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891); Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Ultramarines (Cl 77007).

The Castilian Soap Company Liquid Soap:
Let me start out by saying this is not just your average soap!  Castile soap is a a vegetable based soap that contains olive oil and other 100% natural ingredients.  They are free from chemical detergents, artificial foaming agents such as SLS, synthetic colours and fragrances, petrochemicals, and harsh antibacterial agents like triclosan, making it gentle on the environment and on the skin.

I could not actually find any information about The Castilian Soap Company outside the Love Lula page, so I am not sure if this is another brand owned by Amarya (like Balm Balm, Glossworks, and Walden) or if they just do not have an online presence.  Either way, I would love if LL updated the brand's page as there is not much there to go off -- I want to know more about their credentials, business practices, and how they got started.  I love hearing from the creators and learning the story behind products, so it was disappointing that I could not do that with The Castilian Soap Company.

The product itself comes in two different sizes (250ml or 500ml) and five different varieties: Fragrance Free, Peppermint, Lavender, Tea Tree, and Rose Geranium.  I got the Fragrance Free one, and I am really happy about that as I always like to have an option available for guests who have sensitivities, allergies, or skin conditions like eczema.  The soap is pretty thick in feel at first, but as soon as you start working it up with water it gets smooth and lathers pretty well.  Plus, it doesn't dry out your hands!

Once more I have to say I would prefer to see a glass bottle instead of plastic.  I do like that the pump can be locked though, making it easy to pack up in your suitcase without any worries of spillage.

Ingredients: Aqua, Potassium Oleate, Potassium Cocoate, Glycerine, Citric Acid

Macho & Bling Face Scrub:
Macho & Bling is another new addition to the Love Lula family, and is unisex, vegan friendly, and made with 100% natural ingredients.

At first I thought this was a sample size product, but after checking the listing on Love Lula I discovered this is indeed a full size!  While I think it is tiny, the price is really pretty reasonable and affordable, and after trying it out on my hand I realized you only need to use a small amount since the formula is really light and seems to spread easily.

I do have to say I am incredibly annoyed with the labelling though.  For me, a brand has to be totally on top of things when it comes to their ingredient lists, and unfortunately I discovered a MAJOR discrepancy.  Their product label contains just one potential nasty (PEG 100 Stearate) whereas the listing on Love Lula contains several more, including phenoxyethonal.  Since I don't want to risk my face burning (which is what happens to me the majority of times phenoxyethonal is included in a product) I will not be using this product, and I hope that some sort of update is made so customers can know what is actually in this face scrub.

Online: Aqua (Water), Caprylic / capric triglyceride (Light coconut) oil, Glyceryl stearate, Peg 100 stearate, Glycerine (Veg), Cocus nucifera (Coconut) fruit oil, Cetyl alcohol, Pumice (Ground) powder , Carbomer, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E) , Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf powder, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin 1, buying option of Lavender, vitamin E or Grapefruit vitamin E


Label: Aqua (Water), 
Caprylic / capric triglyceride (Light coconut) oil, Glyceryl stearate, Peg 100 stearate, Glycerine (Veg), Cocus nucifera (Coconut) fruit oil, Cetyl alcohol, Pumice (Ground) powder , Carbomer, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E) , Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf powder, Vitamin E.

John Masters Organics Hair Care Samples:

Okay, so while I am super excited to try out the Lavender and Avocado Intensive Conditioner (and also enjoy the formulas for the Rose & Apricot Hair Milk, Citrus & Neroli Detangler, and the Evening Primrose Shampoo), I really dislike JMO's sachets as they are not recyclable.  While these are handy for trying out something new or for bringing on checked-bag free trips or weekend getaways, they just don't sit well with me on a packaging standpoint.  So, if you are reading this JMO, please please please switch over to a more sustainable and eco-friendly material!  You have such great size samples, and your (clean version) formulas are fab, it's just a shame they contribute to the plastic problem and go straight to landfill!

Overall I give a big thumbs up to this box, as it ticked so many boxes.  There is a product type for everyone, from makeup to haircare, the sizes are very generous, the savings value is fantastic, and there are some really great quality green goodies included.  However, there is still the issue of suitability when it comes to shades, non-recyclable packaging, and potential problems regarding greenwashing.  I think this is a massive step in the right direction in terms of the contents, as it was unexpected and exciting, but I still think there are a few minor aspects to be addressed.

That all being said, I was really pleased with September's Love Lula Beauty Box, as there are so many new products in there that I have not actually tried out before.  I am loving most of my new goodies, and I am already looking forward to seeing what October's edit brings!

Well, those are my thoughts on the latest collection from Love Lula -- what did you think when you opened your box?  Are you loving the mix this month?  Did everything suit your skin tone and type?  I would love to hear what you think, so as always leave some love below and share your ideas!

And as always, if you are interested in subscribing, be sure to do so before the end of the month if you want to receive the next box!  There is always a great savings to be had with Love Lula (the box is ALWAYS worth more than what you pay) and it is great for anyone starting their journey with more ethical brands and formulas.  You can sign up here for either a rolling sub or a pre-paid plan!

Blogger Note: Every product mentioned in all of my posts are purchased with my own money, are gifts from friends or family, or were won in public competitions unless otherwise stated.  However, my posts may contain affiliate links. This will never change my approach to my reviews, nor will it influence how I represent the products I am writing about, as I only choose to represent or work with brands and companies that I 100% respect and trust.


  1. I've not heard about this box before but it looks like you get a great selection of items and it's always good when you get full size ones too! xo

  2. That looks like a great selection of items. IT's a shame about the labelling, but great you spotted the potential nasties.

  3. Kathleen Natural Tranquil fields sounds lovely. Some products there that are perhaps a bit hit and miss and well done for spotting that labelling!

  4. Wow, that is great value for a beauty box. I do like Inika as a brand - their under eye concealer is really good, well worth trying out if you get a chance.

  5. What a lovely box of goodies - I have never heard of it before. Great value too. Kaz

  6. There are so many boxes our there to try. Some of these products sound interesting, would also love to see more re-useable packaging though.

  7. This looks very good, though I agree with your thoughts regarding both makeup shades and plastic packaging.


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