Alexa Sky Botanicals: Healthy Skin Travel Essentials Kit (+ EXCLUSIVE CODE!)

Guess who is back in the UK!!  I hope you all enjoyed my updates while I was over in America, and that all you eco-beauties had as much fun discovering new US-based brands while I was abroad.  It was great sharing my little hauls, and now that I have rested a bit (or a lot... I slept for about 16 hours - whoops!!) I am ready to get back to things!

Remember my little hint on Instagram a few weeks ago?  Well, it is time for a feature that had been a long time in the making -- Alexa Sky Botanicals!

I discovered ASB back in May thanks to the launch of Rare Beauty, and ever since I have been super keen to try more from this gorgeous brand.  Handmade in Surrey, this small business is focused on creating all natural anti-aging products that are effective and developed especially for those with any skin sensitivities or conditions like psoriasis or eczema.  Alexa Sky Botanicals' range is free from nasties like parabens, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrance, and mineral oils so there is no need to worry about their green credentials, and each distinct formula is charged with crystals to increase their benefit and create a holistic approach to health and beauty.  Plus, each ingredient is carefully selected from organic farmers, local communities, and family run businesses to ensure their formulas are sustainably grown and sourced!

While my skin does not need any anti-aging quite yet, I have found Alexa Sky Botanicals works wonders for my combination/sensitive skin type all the same.  When I started using their Cactus Fruit Eye Serum I was initially nervous about it being entirely oil based, but it feels  super light and is perfect for my fussy skin.  The blend of oils has been designed to target puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines, and I have to say my eye area has definitely been looking less dull and tired since starting to use it.

When I was contacted by Alexandra to see if I wanted to test out the Healthy Skin Travel Essentials Kit I was over the moon, especially since it meant I would be able to take the set with me on my trip to America.  This kit contains four deluxe samples of ASB's range:  The One Balm Original English Lavender, Zen Mist Facial Essence Toner, Phyto Power Complex Facial Oil, and the Rooibos and Roses Bath Oil.  Talk about perfect timing - this has everything you need for a little holiday!

The Balm is "the bomb" I have to say, and it was definitely my most used item for the kit as it has so many different ways it can be utilized. I tried this as a cleanser while at the airport, used it as a makeup remover every evening, popped some on my lips, hair, and in my nose while on the plane to keep things from losing moisture, applied to try spots throughout the month, and even used it on bug bites in a pinch to soothe the itching!  

This balm tackled every issue I threw at it and I was seriously amazed since many multitaskers can only do one or two jobs effectively.  Not the case with Alexa Sky Botanicals' product!  Powerful shea, kiwi seed, honey, and hemp work in tandem to deliver a super moisturizing product that absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't leave you breaking out or feeling oily.  And on top of that, this balm is charged with Rose Quartz, a crystal that is "believed to stabilize blood circulation, improve blood flow and calm red complexions. Boosts self-esteem and self-worth."

This may be the best balm I have tried yet, and I will definitely be looking to buy a full size in the future!  And with the exclusive discount offered for the sale this week, who knows, the future may be sooner than expected!

Ingredients: Shea butter*, Jojoba seed oil*, Kiwi seed oil*, Hemp seed oil*, Rosehip fruit oil, Beeswax*, Honey, Castor seed oil*, Calendula oil*, Carrot tissue oil, Lavender oil*, Kaolin clay, French pink clay, Geranium oil*, Bergamot oil*; Organically produced*

Another hit in this Skin Essentials Kit was the Facial oil.  Packed with wonder oils like spinach, watermelon seed, cranberry seed, and calendula, this product is something else!  I always worry my skin will act up when I introduce something new into my routine, but that didn't happen at all with this Phyto Power oil.

The oil is dark in colour and feels incredibly rich, but it absorbs well and does not leave you feeling like there is a thick residue left behind.  It smells really unique, not quite fruity nor earthy, but somewhere in between that reminds you of being outdoors on a summer's day as a child.  I absolutely love this product, and used it almost every night while away.

Since I was out in the sunshine loads while in America I think consistent use of this really helped keep my skin healthy and radiant despite all the heat.  Plus, I could rest easier knowing that the spinach oil contains a high amount of Luetein, a pigment that naturally helps to "protect skin from potentially damaging effects of the sun and artificial light exposure. This pigment has the capability to shield blue light from electronic devices."  What an important component in today's day and age!  I was shocked to discover this amazing benefit of spinach oil and couldn't help but wonder why it is not in more skincare products.

The oil from Alexa Sky Botanicals is definitely another new favourite for my skincare routine and I will be really sad when my bottle runs out.  I love the ingredients as well as the fact that it is charged with Malachite for grounding, strengthening and emotional healing.   This is at the top of my 'oils to rebuy' list for when my stash starts to dwindle, but until then I will continue to enjoy this fab formula!

Ingredients: Watermelon seed oil, Rosehip fruit oil, Cranberry seed oil, Tomato seed oil, Spinach seed oil, Marigold flower oil*, Pumpkin seed oil*, Sea buckthorn fruit extract*, Sweet orange oil*, Frankincense oil*, Bergamot oil*, Benzoin resin extract; Organically produced * 

Next up is the toner, and you eco-lovelies know how much I love a good misting product.  Unfortunately this one does contain phenoxyethonal, which is an ingredient I am sensitive to, and while the toner did not cause my face to go red or to burn like usual, I did end up passing this on to my partner just in case.  He, however, loved it despite his antipathy towards anything wet that gets put on his face.  

A few spritzes of this on a reusable cotton pad is all you need to feel clean and refreshed.  This was the perfect quick fix for flying since you don't have full facilities on a plane, so he ended up using this as a cleanser and tone.  It smells lovely thanks to the citrus and floral notes in the formula, and my partner looked all the brighter after using this, possibly due in part to the Rose and Selenite Gem Essences that are infused in the liquid, both which help "bring a sense of calmness, relaxation, deep peace and tranquility."

Ingredients: Citrus aurantium amara (NEROLI) flower water*, Rosa damascena (ROSE) flower water*, Glycerine, Rosa canina (ROSEHIP) fruit extract*, Allantoin, Aqua, Symphytum officinale (COMFREY) leaf extract*, Inulin, Benzyl alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium sorbate, Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide (PREBIOTIC), Helianthus annus (SUNFLOWER) oil, Rosmarinus officinallis (ROSEMARY) leaf extract, +Linnalol
+Essential oil component *Organically produced

Last in the set, but certainly not least, is the bath oil sample.  One of my favourite types of products is bathtime related ones, so I was thrilled to find this included in the Healthy Skin Travel Essentials Kit.

Luckily my parents have a bathtub so I was able to enjoy this luxurious oil while abroad, and let me tell you, after our long journey there it was a much needed treat!

The oil is exactly what my body and mind needed in terms of smell and moisturizing qualities.  It had a lightly floral scent with just a hint of citrus that is so calming and rejuvenating.  I was able to just lie back and relax and soak in the peaceful setting after such a long and stressful journey.  The crystal used to charge this also lends itself to a sense of peace, as Amethist "is known to promote awareness, peacefulness and contentment. Great for relieving tension headaches, soothing itching and other skin irritations."

The formula itself has achieved the perfect balance, so your skin is hydrated without being left slimy with oil when you get out.  I will definitely be looking forward to getting a full size bottle of this and sharing the longer term benefits, as the essential oils and carrier oils have so many incredible qualities I am sure there will be loads to talk about!

Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil*+, Avocado oil*, Calendula oil*, Argan oil*, Neroli oil*, Frankincense oil*, Bergamot oil*, Orange oil*, Sandalwood oil, Rooibos leaf*, Polisorbate 80, Roses; Organically produced* Nut derived ingredient+

I knew I could expect greatness from Alexa Sky Botanicals, especially after being so impressed by their Cactus Fruit Eye Serum, and I was not disappointed!  The Healthy Skin Travel Essentials Kit contains everything you need for a journey abroad or a short trip away from home, or is perfect for anyone just wanting to test out a sampling of the ASB range.  I personally have found three new favourites thanks to the set, and they are all on my list for repeat buys.

I would love to hear from anyone who has tried Alexa Sky Botanicals before, but don't worry if you haven't yet!  ASB has a special offer for anyone reading The ecoLogical-- if you would like to try the Healthy Skin Travel Essentials Kit for yourself you can use code TRYASB20 to score 20% off these minis!  But be quick, this exclusive offer only runs from tomorrow (the 28th) until the 30th!

Let me know how you love this set when you get it, and remember to share the love -- you can RT our post on Twitter or share it to your IG stories!


  1. Such gorgeous photos Bryanna! The products sound absolutely lovely too :)

    Kayleigh x

    1. Thanks Kayleigh! :) yes they really are I am so thrilled to have discovered ASB earlier this year! x

  2. I love the idea of a travel set to take away, so many great products!

  3. That's good that it works for your combination skin as I always worry that with oils that it will be super oily x

    1. most oils work great with my skin, but ocassionaly you find one that just sort of sits on top and never sinks in. Alexa Sky Botanicals' is fab :) x

  4. I've not heard of ASB products before but they sound great and especially that balm. I must investigate it. Mich x

  5. These products love interesting, I love the image of the bottle in floating in the water. I love natural products.


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