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Wanting to take part in #PlasticFreeJuly but unsure where to start?  I have created a long list of common items that can easily be switched to a plastic free alternative - by making even just a few of these to start with you could drastically cut down on your plastic waste footprint!  For example, by changing to my reusable Pokito coffee cup I saved nearly 1000 disposable cups from going into landfill last year.

This week I want to challenge all you eco-beauties -- pick one plastic item from the following list and make the switch to a plastic free alternative!  Let me know which item you have chosen in the comments, and then next week when I come back with more #PlasticFreeJuly content I would love to hear an update on how your challenge is going!  Who knows, maybe at the end of the month I will even pick one lucky person to send a little prize to!

Things to switch:

- takeaway coffee cups
- water bottles
- shopping bags
- toothbrush
- clothing (rayon/nylon/polyester/microfiber/etc)
- bedding
- furniture coverings
- shaving razor
- beauty products
- toiletries
- period products
- cling film
- toilet paper
- packaged grains (pasta/rice/granola/etc)
- laundry pods
- garbage bags
- food containers
- mobile phone case
- baby bottle
- tea and coffee
- disposable party plates and cutlery
- pens
- makeup wipes
- bottled drinks
- ice cube trays
- chewing gum
- sponges and scrubbers
- lunchbox
- zip-lock baggies
- nonstick cookware
- toys
- gift cards
- CDs/DVDs

Shocked at seeing some of the above are made of plastic?  Let me know what surprised you and I will try to explain!  Or, if there are any alternatives you would like to read more about, write it down in the comments below and maybe it will become a featured #PlasticFreeJuly switch!

One thing to remember when looking for an alternative is to search for materials that can be sourced sustainably:  glass, rubber, wood, hemp, cotton, ceramic, iron, wax... Or, for goods that do not require a physical presence, you can always go digital!

Eco Zone soap nuts, reusable cotton round, wooden spoon

As for things to say goodbye to entirely?  There are not too many, as most items can be replaced with a plastic free alternative.  However, the following are simply just too wasteful and should be ditched as soon as possible.

Things to ditch:

- shrink wrapped foods --> Head to the market or green grocer, or check out your favourite supermarkets' range of fresh breads, loose fruits and veggies, and deli selections.  Try to cook from scratch whenever possible, as this will dramatically cut down on the amount of plastic you are responsible for.  There are loads of quick and easy recipes out there, and home cooking tends to be cheaper in the long run than ready made meals!

- fruit punnets --> Again, check out your local market or green grocer for loose berries and other yummy fruits.  And, as someone recommended on Twitter, you can always bring your own container to store them in so they don't get squished!

- "package savers" --> You know those little plastic 'tables' inside of takeaway pizza boxes?  When you place your order request them not to use one, or make a note online for your delivery information!

- packaged ice lollies --> Did you know it is super simple to make your own ice lollies at home?  You can buy a reusable silicone mold and make as many as you would like!  Plus, you can get really creative with flavours -- no artificial flavourings, excess sugars, or plastic required.

- mailing lists --> All those little booklets you get in plastic covers and all the bank statements and credit card applications that come in envelopes with plastic windows?  Opt out!  You can still choose to receive them online if you wish, but cutting out the physical post can really help reduce your plastic waste.

Have any other items you think should be switched or ditched?  Already made changes yourself??  Leave your ideas and stories in the comments and let us work together to reduce plastic pollution!  And remember to let me know which item you have chosen to switch or to ditch!  One person may just find themselves getting sent a little gift at the end of the month for the eco-warrior work!


  1. These are such good tips, I'm definitely trying to cut down on the amount of plastic I use!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. These are some wonderful tips, I think we should all try and make the switch as much as we can across the board. I definitely need to think about new ways to ditch it for myself as well.

  3. What amazing tips and ones we can all use in our lives, even if we just start out with a few and build up to them all. It's a fab campaign!

  4. Great ideas. It is absolutely shocking how much unnecessary plastic we waste!

  5. This is such a good campaign to get behind. We try our best to limit our plastic use, but it really isn't easy.

  6. So may things that you'd possibly not consider in your list. I think the key thing is to start making a difference, and add something else you can change in time. Little by little it will make a difference. Great campaign and great to pass the word on.

  7. So many great tips to reduce the use of plastic. I have been trying to reduce how much we use and also to recycle any plastic, paper and glass that we use.

  8. We're making our own ice lollies at home too and have already started to reuse our plastic bottles and ditch the plastic bags and buy less wrapped items x Hopefully #PlasticFreeJuly will make a diference

  9. Looking at your list I think I have done well this month, except for using zip lock bags twice as there was no more available tupperwares. Proud to say we do bring our own bags, food containers as well as travel mugs to reduce waste.

  10. I love the idea of switching but it's a lot harder than it seems. For example I couldn't switch my razor and when it comes to shopping I don't have easy access to markets so have to rely on supermarkets. If companies change it wouldn't be such a challenge x

  11. Such an important topic, thanks for sharing these tips.

  12. I live in a small village so it's not easy to switch unless I start doing crazy amounts of online shopping, which would probably result in even more packaging which would kind of defeat the object. Although even though my water bottle is plastic, it's one that I use all the time rather that using disposable ones, so it might not be ideal, but it's not the worst alternative out there.

  13. this is such a brilliant post, I'm trying to make small changes like taking my keep me cup out in case I need a coffee but I've bought so much bottled water lately in this heat when I'm caught out! I feel so bad about that! x


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