May Empties 2018

I thought I would end up using less this month, but turns out I had a lot of full size products that were nearly empty!  I ended up finishing 32 items in the month of May - woah! 

Foreo Night Cleanser (100ml): I really liked this, and found the formula incredibly unique.  It contains meteorite powder (yes, you read that right!) which helps detox the skin and gives the cleanser its gorgeous shimmer.  The formula turns milky with water, making it super silky when applying and rinsing off.  Definitely a product I will be trying again at some point.

Esse Refining Cleanser (5ml):  This is still a favourite of mine, and I am sad to say I am almost out of samples!  The smell is so uplifting and you only need the smallest amount for your whole face.  I will have to get the full size, as it really helps my combination skin and keeps my hormonal acne under control.

Esse Gel Cleanser (10ml):  Again, a favourite of mine!  I love this stuff -- everything about it is seriously great.  The smell is minty and fresh, the gel consistency is perfectly smooth, and the formula helps keep my skin clear and radiant.  I will be buying a full size in the near future, as it is too good not to have on hand!

Kimberly Sayer Gentle Face Cleanser (1.5ml x3): I liked this slightly more than the light cleansing lotion, as the consistency was nicer (a bit creamier).  The smell was really light, and the formula felt like it was hydrating as well as cleansing.  It was super gentle, and my skin seemed to like it, so I will definitely be looking into buying a full size to try in the future.

AA Bergamot & Chamomile Cleanser (4ml): I adored the smell of this, and really liked the consistency.  It filled my shower with such a relaxing scent, and calmed both my nerves and my skin.  It was the perfect gel cleanser, and helped clean and refresh my face.  This one is especially suited to problem skin or as a preventive cleanser, so it is one to check out if you suffer from unruly spots or hormonal acne.   Will definitely be buying a full size soon.

Elemental Herbology Facial Detox Mask (15ml x2): This mask is one of my favourite ready to use clay masks, as it dries down quickly, does not suck the moisture from your skin, and is effective without being harsh.  It is designed to purify and improve radiance, and I find it works perfectly in both areas.  This is one mask I will continue to use!

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash (50ml):  This is one that is both hit and miss for me -- the smell is so odd and not entirely pleasant (I think it is the potato starch?) but the formula does leave your face feeling clean and fresh.  If you are looking for an inexpensive option, this is definitely a good one, but if you are fussed about scent there are other options out there.  I probably won't buy this again, but it did the trick while I used it.

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum (7ml x2):  A recurring favourite in my empties posts, this is my go to daily spot prevention treatment.  I find it super effective and keeps my hormonal acne to a minimum.  It is really gentle so it does not dry out the skin like other spot treatments, and lasts quite a long time I find.  Will continue to use and buy!

Christopher Courtney London Antioxidant Chocolate Face Repair Balm (5ml): This balm smells incredible - literally a chocolate lovers dream - and it is much lighter on the skin than I expected.  I used it as an overnight mask a few times, and it did not leave my skin with any spots which a lot of products tend to do if I leave them on for long.  I have one more sample pot, but once that is gone I have some thinking to do about whether or not I want to splurge and get the full size jar -- it is pricey, but it does do a great job at replenishing and nurturing my face.

Voya Dusk To Dawn Night Cream (50ml): While this was a little too rich and heavy for my skin, it was incredibly moisturizing and would be great for mature skin or anyone wanting something to regulate excess oils.  It is also meant to be ideal for helping with sensitivity, and I have to say it did soothe my skin after I had a terrible experience with a high essential oil product.  This is on the more expensive end for what I usually pay, but it would have been more than worth it if it was more suited to my skin type.

Human + Kind All Hair Types Conditioner (200ml): I genuinely loved this conditioner, as I found it incredibly rich and perfect for my dry ends.  It rinses out well and did not leave my hair feeling heavy or gross at all.  I actually used this in place of shampoo occasionally when I felt my hair needed a break from regular washing, and it worked fab.  Will be checking out the other versions soon.

Human + Kind In-Shower Body Moisturizer (250ml): When I first got this I had no idea what to expect from it, and was not entirely sure how to even use it, but it turns out to be a great hydrating shaving lotion -- at least that is what I mainly used it for!  It left me with no bumps and helped keep my legs soft and smooth.  Plus, it is so affordable!  I probably won't get it again anytime soon as I have a fair amount to use up, but perhaps in the future.

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath and Shower Oil (55ml):  As I have mentioned before, I started out loving Aromatherapy Associates, but I have lost some of that in the last year.  The scent of this is really lovely, and I did find it helped relax sore muscles, so this is a good bath and shower oil, but it is not as moisturizing as I would hope and the company's CF status is currently questionable.  I will use up the bottles I have, but will not repurchase for the time being.

Friendly Detox Bar Soap (95g): My favourite bar soap I have tried to date, and I love how effective it is as both a detoxifying soap and gentle exfoliant.  It costs less than a trip on the underground, and lasts for about four weeks the way I use it.  Have already repurchased.

The Salt Parlour Hydrate Scrub (20g): Every salt scrub from this brand I have used has been fabulous, and this one is no different.  The Seaweed & Cucumber one is great for giving a deep cleanse and a hydration boost, and while it is not my favourite scent, it is a great exfoliant!  I have a full size one to use up, so won't have to repurchase for a while.

Naobay Moisturizing Peeling (100ml): To be perfectly honest, I am still not sure what this product was meant for.  The instructions on the bottle were vague, but I ended up using it as an all-over body exfoliant.  I am not keen on using most physical exfoliators on my face, as I find them a little too harsh, but my arms, legs, back, etc are another story.  This worked alright, but it was not anything special I found.  I probably would not buy this again, as there are better things on the market.

John Masters Organics Scalp Stimulating Shampoo (60ml): I have used a few samples of this shampoo in the past, and I adore it.  The smell is so refreshing (it is spearmint and meadowsweet) and it makes my hair so clean and feel really healthy.  I only have to use this twice a week, as that is enough to keep my hair looking fresh.  I panic bought all the bottles I could find that used the old formula when I found out it was changing, so I have several 60ml sizes and one full size to get through.  However, after that I think I will be sticking to plastic free so I probably won't repurchase.

Apple & Bears Luxury Body Wash (50ml):  I mentioned this in my Apple & Bears post, and it still remains one of the best smelling body washes I have ever tried.  This is the honey and hemp one which is my favourite of them all as it is so sweetly fragrant, and it is really gentle, moisturizing, and incredibly luxurious.  I think I will buy this again at some point as a one off treat, but as I am trying to cut down on my plastic use I will probably stick to other products.

Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash (100ml):  As a body wash, this is pretty average, but it does the trick.  I like that the formula is gentle but still allows a bit of bubbles when it is added to a bath, and the smell is really relaxing and lightly floral.  If you want an affordable product that is natural and good for either a bubble bath or a body wash, this is a solid option, but if you want something a bit more nourishing then perhaps go for something else.  That being said, this is an older version of the product, so the new one might be a lot better (it is in a glass bottle by the looks of it, so that is a great improvement!).

Balm Balm Rose Floral Water Hydrosol (100ml): A staple in my beauty stash, I have gone through a few minis of this before and will continue to buy the full size as it is organic, reasonably priced, and in a glass bottle instead of plastic.  The smell is very light, the water is refreshing, and it has so many uses!  One of my favourite products from the brand.

Organdle "Vitality" Focus & Clarity Candle (75g): This is my favourite scent from Organdle, and I can honestly say it helped with my attention problems.  I would start to burn it about 15-20 minutes before starting my work, and it helped get me in the right mindset to sit down and get stuff done.  Will be buying a full size soon!

Imperial Candles Melts (40g x3): As I mentioned in previous empties posts, I am using up what I have left from IC but not buying anymore.  I prefer to buy from smaller companies and from people who source responsibly and ethically.  These scents are lovely (other than Library Book which just was too far off and a bit sickly) but there are so many great places to buy from, I want to give more natural ones my attention and backing.

Pretty Woman Nail Polish in I Can't Deal (10ml): I was absolutely gutted when this bottle broke (it was precariously placed in my cupboard and smashed on the floor one day when I opened it) as it is the perfect shade of grey -- it has an undertone of lilac to it and is so stunning.  I have already bought a new bottle to pick up when I visit my parents in NY in July.

Badger Balm Sleep Balm (21g): Multi-use products are hit and miss with me, and luckily this was a hit.  I found it was great to use on my feet and pulse points before bed, and it did not leave me feeling greasy or gross at all.  The scent is so calming, and it really did help soothe my mind and get me ready to sleep.  Will be repurchasing once I have used up more of my stash.

Jelly Pong Pong Light Pulse Gel Stick Illuminator (3g): This stuff is so beautiful! I think I got a defective product, as I could not get the stick to twist up as it was meant to, but I ended up snapping the bottom off and using a bobby pin to get the remaining product out.  I scooped it all into a tin and used it as and when I needed.  The illuminator gave a really natural glow, though it did have a bit of glitter to it, and I found it was especially gorgeous on my pale as a vampire skin.  I would most definitely get this again.

Overall, I enjoyed almost everything I used up in May, and the only products that did not live up to my expectations/standards were the Naobay peel and the Library Book wax melt.  It was a great month in terms of quality of products, and I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite.  I think my top 3 would be the AA cleanser, Pretty Woman 10-free nail polish, and Friendly Detox Bar.

What did you use up last month?  I would love to hear about your favourites and least favourites in the comments below!


  1. Wow, so many. Is it odd that I love finishing up products? I don't use anywhere near as much as you but I did finish my CK perfume so I need to get a new one. Mich x

  2. The Elemental Herbology Facial Detox Mask sounds really good. I like a good mask but I find many dry out my skin!

  3. I'm pretty sure that I've seen you talk about Balm Balm, I need to check them out!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. yes they're fab! organic and super affordable :)

  4. OMG can't believed you've managed to finish up to 30 products in May, that's a lot to go through, you must look amazing! Do share some photos of yourself next time. Lots of amazing products here, but I love Floral Water the most.

    1. some of them my partner also uses which helps finish up things :) ooh I'll do that next month!


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