February Empties 2018

Another month gone, and another pile of products lie empty!  I am really becoming aware just how much I use in the span of four weeks since starting these empties posts, and not only does it help me keep track of what I loved, liked, and despised, it also makes me more invested in creating as little waste as possible.  While I have not gone full zero waste yet, I have stopped buying certain items based on their packaging.

This month I can happily say I was able to recycle 13/14 of my empties, and the one sachet that cannot be popped in the blue bin I did not actively choose (it was a free sample sent with an order).

So what did I use this month?

RawGanic Pomegranate Facial Wipes: 25 wipes
Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Rose Skin Tonic: 200ml
Dr. Organic Coconut Oil Conditioner: 265ml
Balm Balm Chamomile Hydrosol: 30ml
Balm Balm Neroli Hydrosol: 30ml
Balm Balm Frankincense Hydrosol: 30ml
Trifle Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Jam: 6ml
Evolve Organic Beauty Hair Elixir: 10ml
Badger Tangerine Breeze Lip Balm: 4.2g
John Masters Organics Lip Calm: 4g
Burts Bees Coconut Foot Cream: 20ml
Caudalie Beauty Elixir: 30ml
Laila London Rose Body Oil: 100ml
Jason Rosewater Body Wash: 5ml

For the most part, I wasn't too excited by most of what I emptied this month.  I was just trying to use a lot of it up more than I was actually enjoying the product itself.  There were a few that stood out though, including several close runners up for favourites.

Balm Balm Hydrosols: I have talked extensively about each of these floral waters in my Balm Balm Brand Spotlight, but they continue to hold a special place in my beauty cupboard.  I love how gentle and soothing they all are, and even the frankincense spray has started to grow on me a bit (but only a little!).  I like these so much that I have already bought two new full size bottles!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir:  While I know I have expressed my feelings about Caudalie in past empties posts, I just have to reiterate that this is one brand that I would more fully get behind if only they became properly cruelty free.  This is one of the few Caudalie products I have left from my old mainstream beauty box days, and while I did genuinely like the results I got from this 100% natural pore tightening, complexion brightening spray, I just can't buy another unless the company's ethics improve.

Trifle Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Jam: I wanted to love this product, but I just couldn't.  I actually had to stop using it, as it was really irritating my lips, and on closer examination of the ingredients (which I had somehow not looked over until this point!) I found my nemesis phenoxyethonal.  Other than the pain it caused my poor lips, the colour itself was lovely -- a deep scarlet that then became a more natural tint when dried.  The formula is quite wet, and I found myself having to dab off some extra every time.  I like that the 'jam' is in a glass bottle, and I love the applicator.  I just wish I could have finished using this product!

Jason Rosewater Body Wash: This sachet was just too small to get a full idea of how I like this body wash, but from the single use I got, it smelled good and lathered well.  However, it does contain phenoxyethonal which I have recently learned (through process of elimination) causes me irritation.  Luckily I did not react when using this in the shower, but it did have me deciding that I would not buy the full size.  I know products need a stabilizing agent of some kind, but I really have to be careful about this preservative as it has wrecked my face and lips before, leaving them dry, inflamed, and hurting.

Aromatherapy Associates: I first used this toner after receiving it in a beauty box, and it was *gasp* the very first toner I ever used! After using up my sample, I decided to buy the full size as I really liked the results I was getting -- my skin felt more hydrated and less tight, my complexion was more even, and my skin just looked healthier overall.  This is definitely a good product, and I did enjoy using it while it lasted.  However, I am looking for an organic brand for my next bottle, so I probably will not end up buying this again (at least for now).


RawGanic Facial Wipes: This is by far my favourite face wipe I have used to date.  The wipes smell lightly of pomegranate, are not too wet, and work as a cleanser, toner and hydration boost all in one!  I find I reach for these on my early days, and they really do a great job at cleaning my skin and making me feel fresh, while also waking me up.  Unlike other face wipes, I don't feel like I am cheating my skin when I use RawGanic.  This is my third pack in about twelve months, so they really do last me a while.  And I have already got another pack waiting to be opened -- will definitely continue to buy!

Laila London Body Oil: I have to be honest, I mainly used this oil in the bath as I found the scent subtle enough to compliment other bath products and the formula the perfect balance between lightweight and moisturizing.  The glass bottle and glass dropper are perfect, and I plan on reusing them to try my hand at some DIY.  Oh, and there are rosebuds in the jar which I found such a nice touch!  And when I did use it as intended, my skin was oh so smooth.  After my stash has gotten a little smaller, I will definitely be coming back to this gorgeous oil.

Evolve Hair Oil: This hair elixir from Evolve Organic has converted me, and I might never go back to standard conditioner.  I LOVE this product, and saw and felt a difference after just the first use.  My hair is naturally curly underneath and a weird mix of wavy and straight on top, and this helped develop the curls into something more than just sad limp ringlets.  Plus, it was softer than it had been in years!  It looked so healthy (despite me not having had a hair cut in over a year -- whoops!) and shiny and refreshed.  And did I mention it smells wonderful??  Luckily, I have already got a full size waiting to be opened thanks to The Cruelty Free Beauty Box, but even after that runs out I will be looking to buy another.

Least Favourites:

I have two duds this month, but for very different reasons.  The first is the Dr. Organics conditioner, which I have SO many problems with.  While I appreciate that the brand is doing a great job in terms of visibility, accessibility, and affordability, I do not like that they flaunt themselves as 'organic' when there does not seem to be a single ingredient from organic farming.  Beyond that, there are some questionable ingredients on the label, including several perfuming agents and three types of alcohols.  Even if it were not for those issues, I still would not like this conditioner, as it is thin and did not do anything for my hair.  My locks did not feel healthier or look shinier, and it didn't even smell that good!  Total fail for me.

The second product I had an issue with is the Burt's Bees Foot Cream.  I actually really disliked this product -- enough to know I don't ever want to buy a full size.  I found the consistency more of a thick gel than a cream, and the smell was sickly.  It was not proper coconut, but that fake candied coconut scent mixed with an ingredient I was really sickened to see in this product -- lanolin.  This, paired with BB's uncertain CF future, has me really questioning the brand.

Blogger Note: Every product mentioned in all of my posts are purchased with my own money, are gifts from friends or family, or were won in public competitions unless otherwise stated.  However, my posts may contain affiliate links. This will never change my approach to my reviews, nor will it influence how I represent the products I am writing about, as I only choose to represent or work with brands and companies that I 100% respect and trust


  1. I really love these posts - they're such a great insight!

  2. That's a lot of empties this month, it's good that there were only two duds in the whole lot x

  3. Ah, see I love the Burt's Bees Foot Cream, funny how we are all different. Well done on the recycling front as well. Jo x

  4. surprised about the Burt's Bees foot cream as that is the first one I would have chosen to buy out of all your products. Don't think I will bother now as I had creams that feel like gels.

  5. Wow you used a lot of products this month, I think I only ever manage to use 4 at most!! The Jason Rosewater Body wash sounds very nice but it's a shame that you could have had a reaction to the product, so glad you didn't!

    1. I never used to understand how people went through so much, but now that I have started putting my empties to the side for the month I'm always surprised by how much I actually use! and yes -- it seems like that ingredients only reacts when on my face or lips, but don't want to take many chances as it's quite painful!

  6. good to know about the two products you least liked, as they are both brands that I would normally choose, especially Burt's Bees.

  7. oh i love these posts as it makes me think twice about impulse purchases!

  8. I haven't tried any of these products. I would like to try that Badger lip balm

  9. Ooh the hair and body oils sound interesting, I love a good oil and am looking to try a new one!

    1. can't rate the Evolve hair oil enough - my hair loves it! the body oil is lovely as well. would love to hear what oil you go for next :)

  10. The RawGanic Facial Wipes sound great - where do you buy them from?

    1. they're amazing and actually really affordable (just £3!) -- I buy mine from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Shop as I can get free shipping with my sub box, but they also can be found on Lucy Rose and the RawGanic website :)

  11. I also really love Evolve Hair Oil. This product makes my hard hair soft and shiny. A perfect product!

    1. it really is! I was so impressed by it :)

  12. Same! I am working my way through lots and sorting out my products. I have a pile of empties I need to blog about too. Perhaps at the weekend!

  13. Well done you! I second you on DrOrganic, despite being VERY limited in what I can get locally (Dublin & Ireland have a long way to go still) I am choosing to ignore this brand, I've been saying this for years - they are greenwashing brand, and none of the products worked well anyways. Same with Caudalie - the brand lost my money and respect when they BLOCKED my blogger friend who challenged their CF status. I mean, really? I can't believe when brands behave like this. And finally, if I could give you one piece of advise, is to put bigger pictures in your posts xo


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