Monday, 12 March 2018

I have used the same in-shower face wash by Dr Organic for two years now despite continuing distaste for their greenwashing and growing concerns about a handful of filler ingredients included in the formula (including urea!).   I had initially chose the Dr Organic for convenience and for its claims about deep pore cleansing properties, as I struggle with hormonal spots around my chin and wanted to keep them under control, but to be honest I have not noticed that much of a difference, and if anything the wash has made my face slightly more sensitive.  With 35 ingredients, some of which are completely unpronounceable, I knew I needed to find a replacement as soon as the massive bottle I had purchased was empty, and I knew I wanted a simple and effective item that wouldn't break bank.  Well, I have finally finished my last tube, and I can officially say I am glad to be done with the stuff!

So began my search for a new natural, safe, effective product to use daily in the shower.  I didn't want anything that strips the face of natural oils, as I still do my regular cleansing routine, but I wanted something that gave that 'clean' feeling.  I asked for advice over in the Love Lula Natural Beauty Club, and got so many recommendations, but then when I went to buy one of the suggested products it was temporarily sold out.  This minor disappointment actually ended up being fantastic, as luck led me to choose the Elli Ultra Face Wash* instead.

Elli captures the essence of Africa with its 100% certified organic beauty products, and prides itself on being family farmed and free from fillers -- this means there is no synthetics, SLS, parabens, artificial colours, petrochemicals, preservatives, or water.  The whole range is carefully crafted based on the therapeutic properties of each ingredient, and based on the quality of the Ultra Face Wash, I expect every product is exceptional.

Even before I get into how this works, I have to say the packaging is a huge step up from my previous face wash.  Rather than plastic and plastic coated hardboard, it comes in a tin dispenser within a recyclable cardboard box.  There is minimal print, and the design is both simple and elegant.

I have to admit the face wash was not what I initially thought it to be.  I had not read any reviews before trying, so I was expecting a gel-like consistency that would very lightly suds up while in use.  However, since the face wash is actually entirely oil based, that was not the case.  The product is more related to an oil cleanser than a traditional face wash, and though the description online says to "gently lather" before use, I found I could not get it to do that.

Without the expected lather, you simply apply the liquid to your face.  The oil is really water resistant at first, and gently clings to your skin while you rub it in.  Despite this, I actually found myself loving everything about this face wash.  It smells incredible, with the rosemary, lavender, and sage coming through strongest, and seems both calming and uplifting at the same time.  The oil, while initially being a bit stubborn and not moving, is not heavy and does not leave any residue once rinsed off.  In fact, my face feels more refreshed and fully clean using this than my previous face wash.  And rather than feeling tight and dry afterwards (like was the case using the Dr Organic) I don't feel like I have to immediately apply a serum.  My skin is so soft, smooth, and genuinely moisturized, and it seems to be helping with my pesky spots thanks to the anti-microbial and disinfecting properties of the natural oils.  I would recommend this oil for all skin types, even sensitive and acne-prone!

My one tip for using this face wash is to just put your face in the warm/hot water so the oils can dissolve -- I find I do not have to rub or scrub at all when I use this in the shower, as I can just face the showerhead and let the product melt away.  This also lets you breathe in the steam that carries all the lovely essential oils, and fully embrace the soothing scent.  It's like a face wash and aromatherapy treatment all in one!

If you want to give this fab face wash a try, you can pick a bottle up from Love Lula for £15.95.

Ingredients: Andansonia digitata (Baobab) Seed Oil Sclerocarya birrea (Marula oil) Prunus amygdalis dulcis (Sweet almond) Oil Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) extract Lavandula Hybrida (Lavandin) Oil Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Oil Eriocephalus punctulatus (Cape chamomile) Oil Salvia stenophylla (African mountain Sage) Oil Helichrysum splendidum (African everlasting) Oil Natural Linalool from Lavandin Kaolin

I would love to hear what your favourite natural face wash is -- do you opt for an oil based one like Elli, or do you prefer a gel or cream consistency?  Let me know in the comments below!

*These items were sent to me as part of the Love Lula Accredited Blogger Program.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts, and you can see my Disclaimer Page for more details

Blogger Note: Every product mentioned in all of my posts are purchased with my own money, are gifts from friends or family, or were won in public competitions unless otherwise stated.  However, my posts may contain affiliate links. This will never change my approach to my reviews, nor will it influence how I represent the products I am writing about, as I only choose to represent or work with brands and companies that I 100% respect and trust


  1. I love the sound of this, it is nice to know there are skin friendly facial washes that do not strip your skin of natural oils. I am going to have to treat myself to some x

  2. Sounds like such a great face wash. I love oil based beauty products, they work wonders for all kinds of skin

  3. This is such a helpful review - answering all of the questions I would actually have!

  4. This review is great, completely honest and feel too. I would be confused about it not foaming too! X

  5. Oh now this sounds like an interesting product, I have to admit the no foaming always confuses me at first. I used a shampoo that didn't foam once and I just couldn't get on with it - but I'd definitely be up for trying other things.

    1. yes my first no foam shampoo threw me as well! I found that getting the right formula is key, since your hair has specific needs, but now I have found the right one I love them :)

  6. It’s great that it doesn’t strip your skin. My mummy has a confession to make - she just used soap and water!!! eeeek!

  7. I am really fussy with face wash and there is only one I use, and it is a cream based one. I have started trying new things lately though.

  8. I've been looking for more natural products because I'm so tired of using ones that have loads of chemicals in them. I think this is a must try.

  9. How interesting to read your review on the product. I have never used an oil based cleanser before. So it was good to get a thorough review on Eli Face Wash.

  10. I like the sound of this face wash! I don't think I have ever used an oil based face wash before, and this one sounds very intriguing because of the way it dissolves into the pores and the beautiful aroma.

  11. Organic products are the very best and plus I am really into anything with an oil base. I will have to check out this product for myself!

  12. Oh that sounds like something I need. My cleanser really strips my skin and I feel it at this time of year.

  13. What a lovely product, when it comes to products I use on my face I try as many natural products as I can

  14. I am always on the look for a quality product that I can use for my skin. This sounds really great! Love to check them out!

  15. I love the sound of not having to scrub too hard with it. Maybe I will give it a go!

  16. Oh this sounds interesting. My skin is so dry lately.


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