Natural Nails with Nailberry

A few weeks ago I was feeling the need for a pick me up treat, and as I love doing my nails every week I decided to pick up some new nontoxic polish to try out.  I have tried my fair share of free-from nail varnish brands, but Nailberry definitely comes in near the top of my list in terms of variety, price, formulation, and quality.  When I went to buy my present, I knew I had to try out some more from this fantastic business.

This duo set comes in an adorable little box with a pull out drawer, which is perfect for travel or even reusing for storage.  The box is made of cardboard, and is totally recyclable, so that is a win for me!  But what is inside is even more exciting -- two gorgeous free-from nail polishes from Nailberry.

The set I bought contains shades from the L’Oxygéné collection, a range from Nailberry that is not only vegan and cruelty free, but also focused on making beautiful nail products free from 12 of the most used toxic ingredients commonly found in varnish: formaldehyde, alcohol, formaldehyde resin, camphor, DBP, toluene, xylene, animal derivatives, parabens, triphenyl phosphate, ethyl tosylamide, and gluten. The formula is designed so air and water vapors can still pass through the colour barrier, which means your natural nail health is maintained.  

I am super keen on special effects polishes, so I chose two that I thought would both compliment one another and had a bit more uumph than a standard creme polish.  Welcome 50 Shades and Glamazon!

50 Shades is not described as a special effects polish, but as a "sheer grey-black" shade.  However, there is definitely some reflective glitter running through the formula, as there is a delicate shimmer when the colour catches the light.  The shade is more like a dark slate than a traditional grey, so is ideal for an edgier look or a dramatic statement.

Glamazon is everything.  Think mermaids and under the sea vibes merged with the magic of chrome polish.  It is a lovely pearlescent aqua that subtly shifts between blues and greens, and I absolutely love it.  I usually don't choose to wear a single colour on both hands, but with Glamazon I would not feel like I was being boring or plain as it is just so pretty on its own!

I found that these polishes are opaque in one coat, but for ideal colour you really do need two full sweeps.  Be aware, the more layers you add, the better the effect but the darker the shade becomes, so if you are looking for a more foamy blue or understated grey, maybe only opt for a single coat followed by a solid clear gel top coat.  

I went for the dramatic 'statement' nail with 50 Shades, as I felt it really made the look feel that much more modern.  After staring at my hands for a while, I decided I wanted even more shine (what can I say, Cristine from simplynailogical made me a true holosexual and now I need all the glitter!).  I went back to my own polish mountain, which I may one day share, and picked out another favourite Nailberry shade -- Stardust.  

Described as an iridescent glitter polish, I found out Stardust actually does have tiny holographic glitters within it!  When put over the top of a dark colour like 50 Shades, the rainbows really pop in the light, and I found a quick sweep of the brush over each nail tied the look together and made it much more cohesive and stylish.  I absolutely love it, and will be using all three of these bottles together again soon.

You can pick up your own bottles from Nailberry over on LoveLula, or on the brand's own website.  How would you wear these shades?  Or are there others you think I should buy and try?

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  1. These polishes sound and look amazing! So beautiful. I'm gonna check them out for myself. Thank you for sharing 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  2. Ohh I love these shades, so pretty and perfect for spring. I love nail varnish - such a great way to add a pop of colour

    Laura x

  3. I've never heard of Nailberry before - but these look and sound great, especially as they're full of natural ingredients! X

  4. I haven't heard of Nailberry before but these look great! I love that colour, green is such an unusual nail colour but perfect for the spring!

  5. It's brilliant that they are so opaque - as a busy parent I'm always looking for quick ways to paint my nails :)

  6. Oh I really like the look of these, I paint my nails pretty much constantly to stop me biting them but I've been wondereing about looking for something with less toxic ingredients so I'll have to take a look.

  7. These shades are such a pretty colour! I will need to check out these, I need to start painting my nails more often...

  8. I like the colour, it looks slightly glittery. You would definitely stand out with this nail varnish on

  9. I have never heard of Nailberry before but those colours are amazing! That Glamazon shade is absolutely amazing!

  10. One of the things that puts me of painting my nails is how toxic the polish can be. Nailberry sounds great and I really love Glamazon, it's a colour I would buy

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