The Cruelty Free Beauty Box: January

After December's The Cruelty Free Beauty Box smashed it in terms of value and quality, I really was not sure how this monthly subscription box would top their Christmas collection.  Well, January has brought in both the new year and a new bundle of goodies, and I am well impressed!  Not only can I use everything in this month's box, but the variety of items, quality of ingredients, and the overall value all get top marks.

I know I have mentioned this box in the past, but through 2018 I will be making regular posts about The Cruelty Free Beauty Box, as it is one I have been subscribed to since their launch in early 2017.  While not all of the products included each month are 100% natural, they are always certified cruelty free.  The company ensures ethical practices, and their customer service is exceptional at answering questions and responding to queries.  Plus, I have seen a gradual shift towards more natural products over the last several months, and so for this reason, I will be doing a monthly write-up!

January's box has exceptional value, pricing in at about £40.  Seeing how this box is only 
£14.95, this is a great return!  Plus, rather than the tiny sample sizes that tend to come in less ethical subscriptions (you know which ones I mean!), the new year collection boasts four full size products and one deluxe size sample.  There are no complaints to be made here!

Brand wise, I am happy to see some of my favourites back in the box -- Tisserand, Lucky Cloud, and PHB have all been featured before, and Maggie Anne and Greenfrog Botanic are the 'new kids on the block' for the company.  While I have personally owned three of these products before, and I am familiar with all of the brands, I am actually pleased with the products.  The variety is here (no face oil this time thank goodness!), and everything is useful!

My overall view?  Two thumbs up!

PHB Eyeliner in Brown:

My love for PHB has been mentioned several times at this point I think, but I have to say it again: PHB hits a home-run every time!  Their black pencil liner is a staple for me, and I recently got the brown to test out on my upper lid as well.  

For me, the consistency and pigment are both ideal -- not too creamy, not too hard, and just bold enough in colour to make this the perfect everyday eyeliner.  I find the pencil easy to use on both the upper lid and the waterline, and it lasts all day.  The black is easy to smudge when first applied, but I haven't noticed the same effect with the brown yet.

Grab this from the shop for just 

Greenfrog Botanic Bodywash in Geranium & Peppermint:

This is another product I have used before, and I was happy to find it included in the January box as that means I have one less item on my shopping list!  Rather than using the standard surfactants, Greenfrog Botanic uses Ayurvedic soapberries, a natural soap, to get a great lather and squeaky clean feeling.  I love the gentleness of their products, as they do not dry out the skin or leave any irritating residue.  Plus, the Geranium and Peppermint scent is lovely -- a perfect blend of floral and cooling mint.  While this is the travel size bottle, it is an excellent value for the amount you get (100ml!).

Full size £8.95

Lucky Cloud Lip Butter:

I recently realized that a common skin and hair-care ingredient was causing me strife -- phenoxyethonal -- and I was relieved to see that this lip butter by Lucky Cloud did not include the  irritant.  And thank goodness, since this smells divine!  I am a fan for anything coconut, but this product has a rich sweetness to it added by the cocoa seed.  So far I am enjoying the lip butter, and find it incredibly nourishing.  I was worried it would be sticky or too thick, but the consistency is similar to some of my other favourite balms (like Hurraw) and does not leave any uncomfortable feeling.  If I wasn't already sold, the low price of this cutely packaged product would have won me over.  £4.50

Tisserand Aromatherapy Body Lotion in Neroli & Sandalwood:

I jumped on the neroli bandwagon a few months ago after trying out a few PHB Brightening products (including their facial tonic you can read about here!), so I was so excited to see this body lotion from Tisserand.  Just after a few uses I can say this lotion wins out in all criteria -- scent, texture, moisture, and ingredients.  In between a cream and a traditional lotion, I find this sinks into the skin quickly and effectively.  My arms feel so smooth, and the little cracks that had been forming around my elbow area are completely gone already!  I just finished up my latest lotion, so not only was this perfect timing, but it seems to be more powerful than the Neal's Yard formula I had been using.£10.95

Maggie Anne Nail Polish in Tansy (109):

If you know me, you know I love a bit of sparkle, especially when it comes to my nails.  What I most appreciate about Maggie Anne is they do not skimp on style.  This 6-free nail polish brand has both that smooth gel effect I tend to opt for, but also has a great range of colours and styles to choose from.  The best aspect for me is the no-nasties angle, as this nail polish does not include six of the common chemicals found in most high-street varnish.  One of these ingredients?  Formaldehyde (yes, the thing they use to preserve dead bodies!!).   Maggie Anne offers a product that is healthy for both your body and for the environment, and I for one am all about that!

Tansy is a deep blue that verges on purple in some lighting, although this might be due to the small amount of purple glitters in the varnish.  While this shade has a great amount of sparkle, it is not overwhelming and is still 'appropriate' for the office.  I wore it today, and found myself admiring my hands as I took notes in my meeting!

The applicator brush is ideal for broad, sweep strokes, but the wideness of it makes getting the corners sharp a little difficult.  A few touch ups sorted this quickly though!  I found the polish was a proper one coat deal, and was completely opaque with just one layer.  However, due to operator error, I did end up doing two coats for a few of my nails (I was in a rush, so had to fix a few missed edges!).

If you would like to subscribe to The Cruelty Free Beauty Box (or their specialized Makeup Box!), head on over and gets yours today!  The Beauty Box is just £14.95, and the Makeup Box is £19.95.  Not sure if you want to commit yet?  Try out one of their one off boxes.

I will finish linking to all the products as soon as they are live on The Cruelty Free Beauty Box Shop so you can have a look yourselves.  Keep an eye out for an update!

Blogger Note: Every product mentioned in all of my posts are purchased with my own money, are gifts from friends or family, or were won in public competitions unless otherwise stated.  However, my posts may contain affiliate links. This will never change my approach to my reviews, nor will it influence how I represent the products I am writing about, as I only choose to represent or work with brands and companies that I 100% respect and trust.

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