January Empties Continued

Lavera: My partner used this one, as he has been having trouble sleeping so has 'tired eyes' pretty regularly.  The smell was less fragrant than I anticipated, and didn't really have that 'relaxing' smell of a sleep cream.  The texture was fine -- a little on the heavy side perhaps.  There was not really anything that exciting about this, and it didn't do much for my partner's sleepy face, so would not buy this again.

PHB: I got a few samples of this with the intention of buying the full size if I liked it.  I have been searching for a replacement for the Origins Ginzing eye cream, and while this does not have the light reflecting particles that the Origins moisturizer has, it is incredibly light and works well.  If I had not received this in my January Love Lula Beauty Box, I would have bought this pretty soon.  The gel has an orange tint to it, but goes on completely clear.  The smell is lovely (I mean, it is neroli!), and it really does make under my eyes look more awake and healthy.

John Masters: I actually already own the full size of this, and absolutely love it.  The shampoo smells amazing (peppermint!) and makes my hair and scalp feel completely refreshed without drying it out or leaving it prone to oiliness. I ordered a little sample with my last Love Lula order to see if the ingredients had changed, as there have been switches noticed in many of their products recently.  They have.  Absolutely gutted as this means my favourite shampoo is no longer suited to me, so I will be searching for a replacement.  Would not buy this new formulation.

Caudalie: This was another product for my partner, and this was actually brilliant.  The elixir oil smells absolutely divine, and it really did work well to reduce the appearance of his fine lines (especially on the forehead).  It sinks in really quickly and did not leave any oily look or feel.  If Caudalie was not selling in China (which negates their cruelty free claims), we would consider splurging on this in the sales -- however, it is incredibly expensive so maybe not!

Esse: Yes yes yes! I love this brand now, and the refining cleanser is great.  I was not sure if my skin would be better suited to the gel or the refining formula, and to be honest my skin seems to like both equally.  The refining cleanser is thicker, and almost looks like a mud or clay mask.  It smells slightly fruity, and applies smooth.  I have a handful of samples of this left, and they have been lasting a decent amount of time.  I think the full size would last ages, and I definitely plan on buying either this or the gel one when I run out.

Alba Botanica: I was surprised by this sheet mask.  Originally I was thinking I would not be super keen on it, but it smelled like a delicious cocktail and did not irritate my skin at all.  The fruit enzymes brightened my face, and I did not end up breaking out like I sort of was expecting.  The sheet mask was pure black, and had the usual slightly slimy texture to it, but it didn't leave the stickiness that a lot of other masks do.  I think I would buy this again as a one off, especially since it is so cheap (less than a fiver).

NYR: I got this in a swap, and when I first used it I really did not like it.  I was expecting a richer cream, but this is a relatively thin lotion, and the smell of ginger and vanilla takes some getting used to.  It was okay as a body lotion, and was sort of moisturizing, but I definitely prefer a body butter or balm.  Will not be buying another.

Balance Me:  A staple, as I have posted about this several times before (Empties 1, Empties 2).  Already have purchased the full size, plus have several 7ml samples left from swaps!

Aromatherapy Associates: For a while, I was obsessed with AA, and I ended up buying nearly all of their bath oils on Ebay.  I also got several of these body gels from beauty boxes and swaps, so I have been slowly working my way through them.  I found this body gel a little disappointing, as the actual essential oils are not very fragrant, and after checking the ingredients I noticed a few that I would probably rather skip using.  It did help soothe my occasional aches, but otherwise I did not notice much of an effect, so I will not be buying again once I have used this all up.

Elemental Herbology:  This is a brand that is so hit and miss for me.  I absolutely love some of their products (like the Facial Glow), while others leave me with blemishes as they are too heavy for my skin type.  This Facial Souffle was actually in the middle for me.  I have another little sample of this, so I will pass full judgment after I have used for a little longer.  It is a potential yes, but also a potential no -- will check in next month!

Caudalie:  I wish I hated this.  I wish I did not love this.  Caudalie is a brand that has such good potential, but for me ruins it all by selling in China, thereby accepting animal testing.  I have two full size bottles of this grape water that I bought prior to finding out they sold in China, and when they have ran out, I am going to be so sad to not buy this again.  The grape water really helps soothe my tight skin after a shower (our water is very hard, so my skin gets a bit itchy/tight), and I love that it is a single ingredient spray.  I need to find a replacement, ASAP.

NUXE:  I went through a phase where I absolutely loved NUXE, and I bought up loads of products in their renowned December/January sales.  While some of their products are still high up on my list (I do genuinely rate the perfume and the shimmer oil especially), most of them are quite high in fragrance which triggers my allergies.  That is why I wasn't a huge fan of either of these exfoliants, as they had me in full on sneeze-fests.  Of the two, I mildly prefer the body scrub over the facial one, as it wasn't so near my nose and mouth.  Both products' exfoliation itself is gentle, and works well, but I won't be buying again as I don't fancy shower sneezing!

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  1. I have used tthe serum Balance ME : a very good base for my fresh beauty routine !
    Love it


    PS : i cannot reach the page on "facial one" :( nuxe product


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